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1088Mitaka Named for a little village near Tokyo, the site of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. (H 103)
1089Tama Named for a river near the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. (H 103)
1098Hakone Named for a well-known composite volcanic mountain about 80 km from the observatory where this plane
1612Hirose Named in honor of the Japanese astronomer, Prof. H. Hirose, under whose leadership the observations
1971Hagihara Named in honor of Yusuke Hagihara {1897–1979}, professor of astronomy at the University of Tokyo fro
1999Hirayama Named in memory of Kiyotsugu Hirayama (1874–1943), discoverer of the so-called Hirayama families of
2084Okayama Named for the station of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory at which the Japanese 1.9-m reflector is
2090Mizuho Named by the discoverer in honor of his daughter. (M 4482)
2153AkiyamaNamed in memory of Kaoru Akiyama (1901-1970), professor at Hosei Univer sity, Tokyo, during 1930-194
2248Kanda Named in memory of Shigeru Kanda (1894–1974), a staff member of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory f
2249Yamamoto Named in memory of Issei Yamamoto (1889–1959), professor of astronomy at Kyoto University, director
2330OntakeNamed for the conical volcano near the Kiso station. In October 1979, for the first time in its reco
2391Tomita Named in honor of Koichiro Tomita, astronomer at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory during 1947–1985
2393Suzuki Named in honor of Keishin Suzuki (1905– ), professor of astronomy at Tokyo Gakugei University, an ex
2470Agematsu Named for one of three towns to which the Kiso Station administratively belongs. (M 8912) For the tw
2615Saito Named in honor of Keiji Saito, astrophysicist at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory during 1961–1985
2621Goto Named in honor of Seizo Goto, well-known manufacturer of telescopes and planetaria, founder of Goto
2652Yabuuti Named in honor of Kiyosi Yabuuti, a member of the Japan Academy, former professor of the Astronomica
2667Oikawa Named in memory of Okuro Oikawa (1896–1980), who joined the staff of the Tokyo Astronomical Observat
2767Takenouchi Named in honor of Tadao Takenouchi (1922– ), who worked variously in the Department of Astronomy of
2835Ryoma Named in memory of the Japanese revolutionary, Ryoma Sakamoto (1835–1867), born in the discoverer’s
2838Takase Named in honor of Bunshiro Takase (1924– ), who worked at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory and the
2879Shimizu Named in honor of Shin-ichi Shimizu (1889– ), a pioneer in astrophotography among amateur astronomer
2880Nihondaira Named for a hill and prominent beauty spot in central Japan. Overlooking the city and harbor of Shim
2908Shimoyama Named for the village where the Tokai {see planet  (2478)} station is located. (M 8801)
2924Mitake-mura Named for another of the three towns to which the Kiso Station administratively belongs. Although in
2957Tatsuo Named in honor of Tatsuo Yamada (1923– ), who is a Japanese observer and researcher of variable star
3040Kozai Named in honor of Yoshihide Kozai, astronomer and celestial mechanician at the Tokyo Observatory, wh
3150Tosa This planet is being given the old name of Kochi {see planet  (2396)} prefecture, where the discover
3165Mikawa Named for the district in which the Toyota Station is located. Mikawa, the old name of the district,
3219Komaki Named in memory of Kojiro Komaki (1903–1969), director of the meteor section of the Oriental Astrono
3220Murayama Named in honor of Sadao Murayama, observer of Mars, authority on meteorites, and director of the Ear
3227Hasegawa Named in honor of Ichiro Hasegawa {1928– }, editor of the Yamamoto Circulars, well known for his res
3249Musashino Named for the area surrounding Tokyo that includes Mitaka {see planet  (1088)}, site of the headquar
3289Mitani Named in honor of Tesuyasu Mitani, discoverer of (1619) Ueta and independent recoverer of periodic c
3291Dunlap Named in honor of Larry Dunlap, research assistant at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory who has pub
3295Murakami Named in memory of Tadayoshi Murakami (1907–1985), professor of astronomy at the Hiroshima Universit
3355Onizuka Named in memory of Ellison S. Onizuka (1946–1986), mission specialist. (M 10550) See the comment to
3370Kohsai Named in honor of Hiroki Kosai {1933– }, astronomer at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, outstandi
3379Oishi Named in honor of Hideo Oishi, orbit computer and identifier of minor planets, editor of the Japan A
3383Koyama Named in honor of Hisako Koyama {1916–1997}, staff member of the National Science Museum in Tokyo fo
3392Setouchi Named for a beautiful place around the Seto Inland Sea. (M 11443)
3394Banno Named in memory of Yoshiaki Banno (1952–1991), a coworker of the discoverers and a computer engineer
3425Hurukawa Named in honor of Kiichiro Hurukawa, astronomer at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, known for his
3426Seki Named in honor of Tsutomu Seki, visual discoverer of six comets between 1961 and 1970. He later unde
3431Nakano Named in honor of Syuichi Nakano {1947– }, energetic computer of orbits and identifier of minor plan
3432Kobuchizawa Named for the observing station, 150 km west of Tokyo, at which this minor planet was the first disc
3555Miyasaka Named in honor of Seidai Miyasaka (1955– ), an active observer of minor planets and one of the few o
3569Kumon Named in honor of Toru Kumon, a pioneer in the education of children in Japan and founder of the Kum
3585Goshirakawa Named for the 77th emperor of Japan, Goshirakawa (1127–1192), who reigned from 1155 to 1158. He infl
3626Ohsaki Named in honor of Shoji Ohsaki (1912– ) on the occasion of the publication of his life work of histo
3644Kojitaku Named for Takuo Kojima, who has made more than 1,000 accurate observations of comets and discovered
3686Antoku Named for the 81st emperor of Japan, Antoku (1178–1185), son of Kenreimonin {see planet  (5242)}. He
3774Megumi Named in honor of the discoverer’s wife and observing partner. (M 12977)
3786Yamada Named in memory of Sakao Yamada (1918–1986), an outstanding Japanese engineer who devoted his life t
3814Hoshi-no-mura Named for a small vocational training institute not far from the discoverer’s home. The main purpose
3828Hoshino Named in honor of Jiro Hoshino, an amateur astronomer who has ground more than seven hundred telesco
3867Shiretoko Shiretoko is the name of the peninsula in northeastern Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)}, not far from t
3872Akirafujii Named for Japan’s highly talented and renowned astrophotographer, Akira Fujii of Koriyama. He edited
3878Jyoumon Named for the Jyoumon Era, from the eighth to the third centuries B.C., when the early Japanese peop
3911Otomo Named in honor of Satoshi Otomo, a dentist living in Kiyosato {see planet  (5488)}. Discoverer of nu
3914Kotogahama Named for the beautiful coast situated 2 km south of the Geisei station on the Pacific shore of Shik
3939Huruhata Named in memory of Masaaki Huruhata (1912–1988), director of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory from
3950YoshidaTougo Yoshida (1864-1918), who was born in Echigo (now Niigata prefecture), was a pioneer scholar wh
3957Sugie Named in honor of Atsushi Sugie, who works at the Dynic Astronomical Observatory and who has discove
3994Ayashi Named for the western part of the city of Sendai. The observing station at which this discovery was
3995SakainoNamed in honor of Teruo Sakaino (b. 1917), a glass and ceramics chemist, professor emeritus of the T
3996Fugaku One of the ancient names of Mt. Fuji {see planet  (1584)}, the highest mountain in Japan. (M 34619)
3998Tezuka Named in memory of Osamu Tezuka (1928–1989), celebrated Japanese master of animation. A doctor of me
4002Shinagawa Named in honor of Seishi Shinagawa (1944– ), who was the first to use electronic computers for orbit
4033Yatsugatake Named for a mountain in central Japan, famous for its scenic beauty. The Kobuchizawa {see planet  (3
4039Souseki Named in memory of Souseki Natsume (1867–1916), a distinguished Japanese scholar in English literatu
4051Hatanaka Named in memory of Takeo Hatanaka (1914–1963), professor of astrophysics at the University of Tokyo
4072Yayoi Named for the Yayoi Era, from the third century B.C. to the fourth century A.D., when the Japanese b
4077Asuka Named of the Asuka Era, from the fifth and sixth centuries, when the capital was in the Asuka area i
4094Aoshima Named in memory of Masaki Aoshima (1947–1987), founder of the Shizuoka City Amateur Astronomers’ Soc
4096Kushiro Named for a city of population of 220,000 on the Pacific coast of Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)}. Its
4097Tsurugisan Named for the second highest mountain on Shikoku {see planet  (4223)} island. There is a meteorologi
4100Sumiko Named in honor of Sumiko Hioki (1965– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 34619)
4101Ruikou Named in memory of Ruikou Kuroiwa (1862–1920), a great scholar, translator and commentator of the Me
4106Nada Named in honor of the Nada Junior and Senior High School in Kobe, which is known as one of the most
4127Kyogoku Named for the second discoverer’s birthplace, a town of population 4,000 located approximately 70 km
4155Watanabe Named in honor of Kazuro Watanabe (1955– ), known for his positional measurements of comets, minor p
4215Kamo Named in honor of Akira Kamo (1943– ), who established the Comet Observers Network in Japan, “Hoshi
4219Nakamura Named in honor of Giichi Nakamura, the owner of Mitaka Koki, the leading maker of optical equipment
4256Kagamigawa Named for the river that flows through Kochi {see planet  (2396)}, home town of the discoverer. (M 1
4260Yanai Named in honor of Masayuki Yanai (1959– ), who has since 1987 been an active observer and discoverer
4282Endate Named in honor of Kin Endate (1960– ), a very active amateur astronomer who has been observing and d
4284Kaho Named in memory of Sigeru Kaho (1909–1981), an earnest researcher of variable stars at the Tokyo Obs
4290Heisei Named for the Japanese new era, or “Gengo”, which began on 1989 Jan. 8. Heisei was taken from an old
4291KodaihasuKodaihasu, Japanese for “ancient lotus”, refers to preserved lotus seeds, perhaps 2500-3000 years ol
4293Masumi Named in honor of Masumi Furukawa (1917– ), a board member of the International Foundation for Cultu
4343Tetsuya Named in honor of Tetsuya Fujii (1960– ), active observer and discoverer of minor planets and direct
4350Shibecha Named for a small town, located 47 km to the north of Kushiro {see planet  (4096)}. Its cattle popul
4351Nobuhisa Named in honor of Nobuhisa Kojima (1933– ), who has been interested in astronomy since childhood. Ko
4374Tadamori Named for a Japanese commander of the Heike, Taira-no Tadamori (1096–1153), father of Taira-no Kiyom
4375Kiyomori Named for one of the most brilliant Japanese autocrats in the late Heian era, Taira-no Kiyomori (111
4376Shigemori Named for a Japanese military commander, Taira-no Shigemori (1138–1179), the eldest son of Taira-no
4377Koremori Named for Taira-no Koremori (1160–?), a Japanese military commander who was the eldest son of Taira-
4381Uenohara Named for the small town on the edge of which is the observing station where this minor planet was d
4387Tanaka Named in honor of Yasuo Tanaka (1931– ), Japanese astrophysicist, who organized the first group of s
4402Tsunemori Named for the Japanese military commander in the late Heian era, Taira-no Tsunemori (1125–1185), a s
4407Taihaku Named for the southwest part of the city of Sendai {see planet  (3133)}, a scenic recreation area kn
4441Toshie Named in memory of Toshie Seki, the discoverer’s mother, who encouraged her son to hunt for comets.
4454Kumiko Named in honor of Kumiko Kaneda (1951– ), wife of the second discoverer. (M 19337)
4455Ruriko Named in honor of Ruriko Ueda (1957– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 19337)
4461Sayama Named in honor of a city located in the Musashino hills in the center of the Kantou {see planet  (32
4491Otaru Named for a city of population 165,000, located in Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)} some 30 km west of
4493NaitomitsuMitsu Naito (b. 1925) is the mother of the first female Japanese astronaut, Chiaki Mukai. As “Mothe
4494Marimo Named for spherically-shaped green algae that inhabit Lake Akan {see planet  (4584)} in Hokkaido, Ja
4496Kamimachi Named for the street on which the discoverer lives and from where he discovered six comets, includin
4497Taguchi Named in honor of Takeo Taguchi (1950– ), famous polisher of telescope mirrors and supporter of the
4498Shinkoyama Named in honor of the solar physicist Shin Koyama, who has served as a professor at Kagawa Universit
4505Okamura Named in honor of Keiichiro Okamura (1926– ), a retired junior high school teacher who now gives gui
4508Takatsuki Named in honor of Yukihiro Takatsuki (1952– ), a member of the editorial staff of the astronomical p
4538VishyanandViswanathan (Vishy) Anand (b. 1969) was India's first chess grandmaster. He went on to become the f
4539Miyagino Named for the eastern part of the city of Sendai {see planet  (3133)}, known as “Miyagino” since the
4541Mizuno Named in honor of Yoshikane Mizuno (1954–), who has discovered many minor planets at the Kani {see p
4557Mika Named in honor of Mika Watanabe (1963– ), wife of the second discoverer. (M 20160)
4577Chikako Named in honor of Chikako Mihashi (1950– ), who has for many years worked for the advancement of ast
4585Ainonai Named for a small town (population less than 3,000), situated 10 km west of Kitami in eastern Hokkai
4606Saheki Named in honor of Tsuneo Saheki {1916–1996}, president of the Toa Astronomical Society. An observer
4613Mamoru Named in honor of Mamoru Mohri (1948– ), a professor in the department of technology at Hokkaido Uni
4614Masamura Named in honor of Kazutada Masamura (1920–1998), the secretary of the Oriental Astronomical Associat
4631Yabu Named in honor of Yasuo Yabu (1932– ), longstanding meteor observer, vice-president of the Nippon Me
4632UdagawaTetsuo Udagawa (b. 1947) was engaged in the development of a laser holographic system for precise me
4639Minox Named in honor of the Minox Club, a group of Japanese miniature-camera enthusiasts established in 19
4641AyakoAyako Endate (b.~1971) is the wife of the first discoverer of this minor planet.
4645Tentaikojo Named for a museum of stars and their images, scheduled to be opened in Sapporo in 1993. Originally
4647Syuji Named in honor of Syuji Hayakawa (1958– ), an active observer of minor planets and comets. (M 23540)
4649Sumoto Named for the chief city of Awaji island on the Seto inland sea of Japan. The Oriental Astronomical
4650Mori Named in memory of Kiyoshi Mori (1906–1976), who calculated more than 400 circular, elliptical and p
4670Yoshinogawa Named for the longest river on Shikoku {see planet  (4223)} island, flowing east-west for a distance
4672Takuboku Named in honor of the poet Takuboku Ishikawa (1886–1912), who lived in the late Meiji period in Japa
4675Ohboke Named for one of the valleys of the Yoshino river, famous for its tinted autumn leaves. (M 19338)
4676Uedaseiji Named in honor of Seiji Ueda (1952– ), well known for his observations of comets and minor planets.
4677Hiroshi Named in honor of Hiroshi Kaneda (1953– ), well known for his orbit calculations of comets and minor
4712Iwaizumi Named for a forestry town of population 15,000 in the eastern part of Iwate Prefecture. Birthplace o
4714Toyohiro Named in honor of the journalist Toyohiro Akiyama (1942– ), the first Japanese citizen to travel int
4717Kaneko Named in honor of Isao Kaneko (1918– ), who worked toward social education during reconstruction in
4718Araki Named in honor of Chikara Araki (1946– ), an astronomical photographer in Hokkaido. He has formed a
4719Burnaby Named for the city in British Columbia, Canada, with a population of 150,000. Burnaby and Kushiro {s
4743Kikuchi Named in honor of Ryoko Kikuchi (1964– ), who was backup to the first Japanese astronaut, Toyohiro A
4746Doi Named in honor of Takao Doi (1954– ), a backup payload specialist to Mamoru Mohri {see planet  (4613
4747Jujo Named for the place where the first discoverer works. (M 22829)
4750Mukai Named in honor of Chiaki Mukai (1952– ), a backup payload specialist to Mamoru Mohri {see planet  (4
4767SutokuSutoku (1119-1164), the 75th emperor of Japan, succeeded to the throne in 1123. After his abdicatio
4771Hayashi Named in honor of Kousuke Hayashi (1934– ), currently serving in the Exhibit Planning and Astronomy
4773Hayakawa Named in honor of Kazuo Hayakawa (1919– ), an expert on mineralogy and petrology and professor of en
4795Kihara Named in honor of Hideo Kihara (1911–1993), a founder of the Nayoro Astronomical Club, who establish
4797Ako Named for a city in Hyogo Prefecture and its ancient castle on the Seto inland sea. Ako is famous fo
4799Hirasawa Named in honor of Yasuo Hirasawa (1927– ), a great source of inspiration for the discoverers. An eag
4807Noboru Named in memory of Noboru Yamada (1950–1989), one of the greatest Japanese alpinists. Yamada had int
4812Hakuhou Named for the Hakuhou Era, from the seventh and eighth centuries, when the influence of Buddhism in
4840Otaynang Named in honor of Hanne Otaynang (1935– ), who appealed for the environmental preservation of the Ea
4841Manjiro Named in memory of Manjiro Nakahama, a fisherman from Kochi prefecture who was rescued by an America
4842Atsushi Named in honor of Atsushi Takahashi (1965– ). A resident of Kitami {see planet  (3785)}, he makes ob
4844Matsuyama Named in honor of Masanori Matsuyama (1950– ), who started observing minor planets in 1987 and has d
4855Tenpyou Named for the Tenpyou Era, from the eighth century, when the Japanese capital was at Nara and many g
4863Yasutani Named in honor of Keiki Yasutani (1958– ), an astronomical photographer renowned for his photographs
4865Sor Named for the great Spanish guitarist Fernando Sor. (M 19341)
4866BadilloVictor L. Badillo (b. 1930) has popularized astronomy in the Philippines for more than three decades
4875Ingalls Named in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867–1957) and the Ingalls family. Her books in the “Little
4886KojimaHideyasu Kojima (b. 1951) is the curator of the Japanese Antarctic meteorite collection at the Natio
4887TakihiroiA researcher in the department of geological sciences at Brown University, Takahiro (Taki) Hiroi (b.
4898Nishiizumi Named for Kunihiko Nishiizumi, nuclear chemist at the University of California at Berkeley. Nishiizu
4903Ichikawa Named in honor of the amateur astronomer Kiyotaka Ichikawa (1955– ). This particular minor planet is
4904Makio Named in honor of Makio Akiyama (1950– ), who has discovered several minor planets at the Susono {se
4905Hiromi Named in honor of Hiromi Takahashi (1964– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 22504)
4910Kawasato Named in honor of Nobuhiro Kawasato, who co-discovered 1988 VG2 which was identified with the lost m
4941YahagiThe Yahagi River flows through Aichi, hometown of the discoverers.
4948HideonishimuraHideo Nishimura (b. 1949) started to search for new comets in 1965 and eventually found C/1994 N1 (N
4949AkasofuSyun-Ichi Akasofu (b. 1930), born in Japan, has been professor of geophysics since 1964 at the Unive
4951Iwamoto Named in honor of Masayuki Iwamoto (1954– ), who has discovered several minor planets at the Tokushi
4963Kanroku Named for a Pekche priest who presented, by way of tribute, books on calendar-making, astronomy, geo
4965TakedaHiroshi Takeda (b. 1934), professor at the Chiba Institute of Technology in Narashino, has conducted
4973Showa Named for an industrial-pump company that started the production of astronomical telescopes in 1988.
4975Dohmoto Named in honor of Yoshio Dohmoto (1914– ), the former head of the Asahikawa Observatory in Hokkaido.
4979Otawara Named in honor of Akira Otawara (1950– ), photo artist and writer. In 1983 he published two books, F
4998KabashimaFujio Kabashima (b. 1939) is an amateur astronomer who has been active for many years in the popular
5005Kegler Named for Ignatius Kegler (1680–1746), a German Jesuit, who worked for 29 years as Astronomer Royal
5058Tarrega Named in honor of Francisco Tarrega, modern Spanish guitarist. (M 22830)
5060Yoneta Named in honor of Katsuhiko Yoneta (1904–1957), doctor of engineering and a graduate of Hokkaido Imp
5064Tanchozuru Named for the crane that mainly inhabits Kushiro Marsh Nationalpark in eastern Hokkaido. This bird i
5069Tokeidai Named for a wooden clock tower, built in 1878 as a drill house for Sapporo Agricultural College. The
5070Arai Named in honor of Ikunosuke Arai (1836–1909), the first director of the Central Meteorological Obser
5072Hioki Named in honor of Tsutomu Hioki, who co-discovered 1988 VG2 , which was identified with the lost min
5112Kusaji Named in honor of Shigeji Kusaji (1879–1956), agricultural worker in Asahikawa. He was the first hea
5113Kohno Named in honor of Masaru Kohno (1926– ), Japanese guitarist. The discoverer delights in playing a ha
5114YezoNamed for Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, which was known as Yezo until 1869.
5117Mokotoyama Named for a mountain in eastern Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)}. Rising to 1,000 feet, the mountain gi
5121Numazawa Named in honor of Shigemi Numazawa (1958– ), a Japanese space artist with an international reputatio
5124Muraoka Named in honor of Kenji Muraoka (1955– ), a Japanese amateur astronomer who plays an active role in
5135NibutaniNamed for a valley sacred to the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido. Name suggested by H. Ueda.
5140KidaNamed in memory of Kinjiro Kida (1893-1962), Hokkaido-born painter, known for his landscapes, and wh
5141Tachibana Tachibana is a Kendo club formed in 1950 in Kochi prefecture. Kendo is a sport similar to fencing in
5142Okutama Named for the observatory at which this minor planet was discovered. Okutama is located to the west
5147MaruyamaNamed for a small hill, situated near Mt. Moiwa in the southwestern part of Sapporo and known for a
5172YoshiyukiYoshiyuki Endo (b. 1953) is the landowner of the Kushiro Observatory.
5174Okugi Named in honor of Susumu Okugi (1952– ), director of the software division of Goto Optical Laborator
5176YoichiYoichi is a city of population of 24 000 located in southwestern Hokkaido and noted for its fruit an
5179Takeshima Named in honor of Toshio Takeshima (1930– ), friend of the discoverer. He is a grand master of the J
5180Ohno Named in honor of Keiko Ohno (1959– ) for her activities in promoting the public awareness of the st
5187Domon Named in memory of Ken Domon (1911–1991), renowned in the field of art and news photography. Born in
5191PaddackStephen J. Paddack (b. 1934) is an aeronautical engineer, who was involved with many spacecraft miss
5192Yabuki Named in honor of Hiroshi Yabuki (1960– ), one of the leaders in developing automated planetarium pr
5205ServiánBerta E. Servián de Flores (1914-1996) was the first Paraguayan aviatrix. The airport of the city o
5206Kodomonomori Named for the Children’s Forest Program, operated by OISCA International {see planet  (3843)}, the O
5212CeliacruzCelia Cruz (1925-2003) was a Cuban-American salsa singer and performer, whose career spanned 7 decad
5213Takahashi Named in memory of Kiichiro Takahashi (1922– ), whose father founded the company Takahashi Seisakujo
5214Oozora Oozora, or ‘Big Sky’, is the name of the express train that connects Hakodate, the rail gateway to H
5215Tsurui Named for a small town situated 20 km north of Kushiro in eastern Hokkaido {see planets  (4096) and
5230AsahinaTakashi Asahina (b. 1908) is music director of the Osaka Philharmonic. As one of the oldest living
5236Yoko Named in honor of Yoko Furuta (1946– ), wife of the second discoverer. (M 27128)
5237Yoshikawa Named in honor of Katsunori Yoshikawa (1942– ), owner of the land on which the Nihondaira {see plane
5241BeesonCharlotte “Charlie” Beeson (b. 1990) is a British astronomer, computer programmer, gymnast, dancer a
5286Haruomukai Named in memory of Haruo Mukai (1949–1986), younger brother of one of the discoverers. (M 21957)
5287Heishu Named in memory of Heishu Hosoi (1728–1801), beloved scholar during the Edo era, born in the present
5288Nankichi Named in memory of Nankichi Ni-imi (1913–1943), teacher and writer of fairy tales. (M 22508; M 22519
5291Yuuko Named in honor of Yuuko Matsuyama (1950– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 22508)
5294Onnetoh Named for the small lake in Akan Nationalpark {see planet  (4584)} in eastern Hokkaido. The lake, su
5295Masayo Named in honor of Masayo Mizuno (1955– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 27128)
5330Senrikyu Named in memory of Sen-no Rikyu (1522–1591), a celebrated Japanese tea master who perfected the tea
5331Erimomisaki Named for the promontory at the southern end of Hokkaido. Warm and cold currents, crossing each othe
5337Aoki Named in memory of Masahiro Aoki (1920–1984), amateur astronomer and director of the variablestar se
5348KennoguchiKen Noguchi (b.~1973) is a Japanese alpinist and environmental activist. In 1999 he reached the sum
5352Fujita Named in honor of Yoshio Fujita, professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, known for his pionee
5354HisayoNamed in honor of Hisayo Kaneda (b. 1977), daughter of the second discoverer.
5355AkihiroNamed in honor of Akihiro Ueda (b. 1983), son of the first discoverer.
5356NeagariNeagari is the name of an old town in Nomi District, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. According to an o
5357SekiguchiTomohiko Sekiguchi (b. 1970) has been an associate professor at Hokkaido University of Education sin
5372Bikki Named in honor of Bikki Sunazawa (1931–1989), self-taught Japanese sculptor. In 1954 his sculpture w
5374Hokutosei Hokutosei, or ‘Big Dipper’, is the luxury all-sleeper train that connects Sapporo and Tokyo {see pla
5377Komori Named in honor of Yukimasa Komori, owner of the Astro-Dome Company and a committee member of the Got
5379AbehiroshiNamed in honor of Hiroshi Abe (b. 1958), a resident of Shimane. Discoverer of numerous minor planets
5395ShosasakiSho Sasaki (b. 1960), a professor at the University of Tokyo, has carried out laser irradiation expe
5397VojislavaVojislava Protitch-Benishek (b. 1946), daughter of Milorad B. Protitch, three times director of the
5404Uemura Named in honor of Naomi Uemura (1941–1984), a famous explorer, born in Hidaka, Hyogo {see planet  (6
5432Imakiire Named in honor of Kyoko Imakiire (1965– ), a Kagoshima yachtswoman who made a solo round-trip voyage
5433Kairen Named for the yacht in which Kyoko Imakiire {see planet  (5432)} made her solo non-stop voyage round
5435Kameoka Named for a city with a castle and a good deal of natural beauty, situated just west of Kyoto {see p
5440Terao Named in memory of Hisashi Terao (1855–1923), who was the first Japanese professor of astronomy (188
5454Kojiki Named for the first book of historical stories written in Japanese. Completed in 712, it contains my
5466Makibi Named for Kibi-no Makibi (695–775), a Japanese scholar and statesman, who travelled to T’ang-dynasty
5481Kiuchi Named in honor of Tsuruhiko Kiuchi (1954– ), Japanese amateur astronomer, who recovered the Perseid
5482KorankeiKorankei, located in the middle of Aichi prefecture, is renowned for the beautiful autumn colors pro
5484Inoda Named in honor of Shigeru Inoda (1955– ), ophthalmic vitreo-retinal surgeon and associate professor
5488Kiyosato Named for the town where the discoverer lives and his observatory is located. Kiyosato is famous for
5507Niijima Named in honor of Tsuneo Niijima (1955– ), co-discoverer of periodic comet Urata-Niijima {see minor
5508GomyouGomyou is located in the north of Kakegawa City, where comet C/1994 N1 and nova V475 Sct (2003) were
5513Yukio Named in honor of Yukio Hasegawa (1950– ), amateur astronomer and an excellent telescope maker. Peri
5520Natori Named in honor of Akira Natori (1956–), discoverer of several minor planets. He has collaborated wit
5526Kenzo Named in honor of Kenzo Suzuki (1950– ), a leading amateur observer of minor planets and comets in J
5532Ichinohe Named in memory of Naozo Ichinohe (1872–1920), instructor at the University of Tokyo and astronomer
5541Seimei Named for Abe-no Seimei (921–1005), an authority of astronomy, astrology and divination. At the requ
5561Iguchi Named in honor of Masatoshi Iguchi (1928– ), president of the Photovoltaic Popularization Associatio
5578TakakuraTakakura (1161-1181), the 80th emperor of Japan, succeeded to the throne in 1168. He was the sevent
5580Sharidake Named for a mountain in eastern Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)}, 1545 meters high and known as “Japan’
5581Mitsuko Named in honor of Mitsuko Iwamoto (1956– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 27128)
5591Koyo Named in honor of Koyo Kawanishi (1959– ), a dentist living in Ako-city, Hyogo. He has been observin
5592Oshima Named in honor of Yoshiaki Oshima (1952– ), discoverer of the Apollo-type minor planet 1988 XB and s
5605KushidaNamed in honor of Yoshio Kushida (b. 1957), Japanese seismologist. Discoverer of numerous minor plan
5606MuramatsuNamed in honor of Osamu Muramatsu (b. 1949), who works at the planetarium in Sibuya and who has disc
5608OlmosEdward James Olmos (b. 1947) is an award-winning actor known for his roles as the dedicated teacher
5618SaitamaNamed for the Japanese prefecture.
5623IwamoriNamed in memory of Yasuke Iwamori, late principal of Kyoto city Rakuyou technical high school who ta
5640YoshinoNamed for the hometown of the first discoverer. Part of Kagoshima City, it lies at the southern tip
5679Akkado Named for one of Japan’s largest stalactite caves, located in Iwate Prefecture. (M 25977)
5684KogoKogo-no-Tsubone was the lover of emperor Takakura. She is the most well-known heroine in the story
5692Shirao Named in honor of Motomaro Shirao (1953– ), a geologist and photographer whose specialties are volca
5730YonosukeYonosuke Nakano (1887-1974), a founder of the Gekko Observatory, received the Silver Cup from the Ja
5734Noguchi Named in honor of Souichi Noguchi (1965– ), an astronaut working for the Japanese Aerospace Developm
5737ItohJapanese amateur astronomer Kazuyuki Itoh (b. 1951) has made more than 1000 astrometric observations
5740ToutoumiNamed for the area in the western part of Shizuoka prefecture that is the location of the Nakano-Gak
5743Kato Named in honor of Yasuo Kato (1949–1982), a famous climber, born in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture. After
5750Kandatai Named in honor of Tai Kanda (1938– ), a staff member of the Japanese National Astronomical Observato
5775InuyamaNamed for a city in the northern part of Aichi Prefecture. Rich in natural beauty and featuring the
5777HanakiMany years ago, Yoichi Hanaki (b. 1937) used to make astronomical observations, notably of Jupiter,
5784YoronYoron island is located in the north of Okinawa prefecture. The name was suggested by Y. Ueno, who
5790Nagasaki Named for the Japanese city of Nagasaki in the hope that this minor planet may be a symbol for world
5813EizaburoEizaburo Nishibori (1903-1989) was a Japanese scientist, alpinist and technologist who invented a su
5821YukiomaedaYukio Maeda (b. 1948), a space engineer at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, has bee
5822MasakichiMasakichi Hioki (b. 1926), father of the first discoverer, is a mechanical engineer and composer of
5823Oryo Named for Oryo Narasaki (1842–1913), wife of the Japanese revolutionary Ryoma Sakamoto {see planet  
5824Inagaki Named in honor of Minoru Inagaki (1958– ), well-known guitarist from Akashi city. (M 24765)
5826BradstreetDavid Bradstreet (b. 1954), Chair of the Astronomy Department at Eastern University (St. Davids, PA)
5829Ishidagoro Named in memory of Goro Ishida (1924–1992), who was associate director of the Okayama Astrophysical
5830SimohiroHiroshi Shimoda (b. 1949) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and specialist in agricultural management
5831DizzyTrumpeter John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie (1917-1993), also known as the composer of A Night in Tuni
5847Wakiya Named in honor of Nanayo Wakiya (1953– ), who joined the Japan Planetarium Laboratory in 1985 with t
5848Harutoriko Named for a small lake in Kushiro {see planet  (4096)}. The peaceful and popular park area around th
5850Masaharu Named in honor of Masaharu Suzuki (1949– ), who is in charge of the Planetarium Programs Production
5851InagawaInagawa is a scenic town in Hyogo prefecture. At the Inagawa Observatory, on Mount Oyasan, there is
5862SakanoueNamed in honor of Tsutomu Sakanoue (b. 1921), professor emeritus of Kyushu University whose specialt
5868Ohta Named in honor of Kentaro Ohta (1942– ), who was in charge of designing optical telescopes at the Go
5872SuganoNamed in honor of Matsuo Sugano (b. 1939), the first discoverer of comet C/1983 J1. He also discove
5875Kuga Named in honor of Naoto Kuga (1964– ), who produces planetarium programs at the Gotoh Optical Labora
5877ToshimaiharaToshinori Maihara (b. 1942), an emeritus professor at Kyoto University, has been a leader in infrare
5881AkashiNamed for a city facing the Setouchi Inland Sea. Akashi Municipal Planetarium was established in 19
5908AichiNamed for the prefecture, Japan's fourth largest by population, in which both discoverers were born
5909NagoyaNamed for Japan's fourth largest city, where the first discoverer was born and raised. From the tim
5915Yoshihiro Named for Yoshihiro Yamada (1946– ), astronomical scholar and keen popularizer of astronomy in Japan
5922Shouichi Named in honor of Shouichi Sato (1950– ), an electric engineer who developed an inexpensive and effi
5924Teruo Named in memory of Teruo Saegusa (1957–1989), one of the greatest Japanese alpinists, who climbed Mo
5966Tomeko Named for Tomeko Goto (1899– ), who supported her husband, Seizo Goto {see planet  (2621)}, presiden
5973TakimotoNamed in memory of Daisuke Takimoto (1950-1997), an activist and computer programmer who lived in To
6020Miyamoto Named in honor of Yukio Miyamoto (1921– ), who has contributed much to the popularization of astrono
6022Jyuro Named in honor of Jyuro Kobayashi (1949– ), Japanese amateur astronomer and comet observer. He is a
6023Tsuyashima Named in honor of Takaaki Tsuyashima (1949– ), popularizer of astronomy who planned the Kumamoto Civ
6025NaotosatoNamed in honor of Naoto Sato (b. 1953), active amateur astronomer and junior high school science tea
6031Ryokan Named for Ryokan (1758–1831), a famous Buddhist monk of the Zen sect and a poet during the Edo era.
6043AurochsModern cattle are believed to have descended from the Aurochs, Bos primigenius, the wild ox o
6049Toda Named in memory of Kojun Toda (1879–1951), an observer of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory during
6052Junichi Named in honor of Junichi Watanabe (1960– ), division chief of the Public Information Office of the
6071SakitamaSakitama, a region of Gyoda city and from which Saitama prefecture takes its name, is known for its
6089Izumi Named for Izumi-ku, a ward in the northern part of the city of Sendai {see planet  (3133)}. The symb
6091Mitsuru Named in honor of Mitsuru Soma (1954– ), of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, a specia
6093MakotoNamed in honor of Makoto Yoshikawa (b. 1962), senior researcher in the Communications Research Labor
6094HisakoHisako Hioki (b. 1929) is the mother of the discoverer and an expert seamstress.
6097Koishikawa Named in honor of Masahiro Koishikawa (1952– ), a staff member of the Sendai Astronomical Observator
6098MutojunkyuJunkyu Muto (b. 1950) is famous worldwide as a Japanese sculptor and painter living in Rome. His se
6101TomokiTomoki Nakamura (b. 1966), an associate professor of earth and planetary sciences at Kyushu Universi
6104Takao Named in honor of Takao Saito (1930– ), retired professor of astrogeophysics at Tôhoku University kn
6118MayuboshiThere is a Japanese poem whose subject is Mt. Bizan in the Manyosyu, an anthology of the Nara
6125SingtoSingto Pukahuta (1915-2007) was a prominent Thai astronomy educator and author. He was a founder and
6134KamagariKamagari is an area in the south of Kure city in Hiroshima prefecture. The Kamagari astronomical obs
6140Kubokawa Named in memory of Kazuo Kubokawa (1903–1943), a staff member of Tokyo Astronomical Observatory who
6144KondojiroAs an amateur astronomer, Jiro Kondo (b. 1951) went to Siberia to observe the Draconid meteor shower
6155YokosuganoNamed in honor of Yoko Sugano (b. 1943), wife of Matsuo Sugano and a warm-hearted friend of the obse
6159AndréseloyAndrés Eloy Martinez (b. 1963) is a Mexican astronomer and science popularizer known in his country
6160Minakata Named in memory of Kumagusu Minakata (1867–1941), a renowned Japanese naturalist who, as a child, st
6185MitsumaShigeo Mitsuma (1956-2012) was a member of Hoshinohiroba (the Japanese Comet Observers Network) and
6187KaguraThe Kagura is a Shinto theatrical dance, that has been perfomed in sacred places and on special occa
6190RennesNamed for the city in France, Rennes is the international sister city of Sendai, Japan, affiliated s
6193Manabe Named in memory of Ryonosuke Manabe (1926–1983), who worked for many years as a computer assistant f
6195Nukariya Named in honor of Motoi Nukariya (1943– ), who was active in software development at the Tokyo Astro
6197TarachoTara is a town in Saga prefecture. The preparation of dried seaweed is its main industry, and Tara
6198ShirakawaShirakawa is a city in Fukushima prefecture, 180 km north of Tokyo.
6200Hachinohe Named for the amateur astronomer Akio Hachinohe (1958– ), who has contributed much to amateur astron
6207BourvilThe popular French entertainer Bourvil (André Raimbourg, 1917-1970) was well known for his humoristi
6208Wakata Named in honor of Kouichi Wakata, chosen by NASDA as the astronaut in 1992 among 372 applicants, aft
6210HyunseopSeo Hyun-seop (b. 1944), a professor at Pukyung University, Korea, and also at Kyusyu University, Ja
6211TsubameTsubame, Japanese for a swallow, is the nickname of an express train that was a star of Japan's rail
6217KodaiKodai Fukushima (b. 1991) is a founder of the student club Libertyer. He made the original proposal
6218Mizushima Named for a site in the city of Kurashiki {see planet  (4578)} near the birthplace of the first disc
6225HirokoHiroko Nagahara (b. 1952), professor at the University of Tokyo, has studied a wide array of meteori
6228YonezawaYonezawa city, located in the southern part of Yamagata prefecture, has an area of 549 square kilome
6233Kimura Named in memory of Hisashi Kimura (1870–1943), the first director of the International Latitude Obse
6235BurneyAs an 11-year-old living in Oxford, England, Venetia Phair (née Burney, b. 1919) suggested th
6244OkamotoNamed in honor of Hiroshi Okamoto (b. 1915), an entomologist and elementary-school teacher who inspi
6245IkufumiNamed in honor of Ikufumi Makino (b. 1944), a telecommunications systems engineer and active amateur
6246Komurotoru Named in memory of the sculptor Toru Komuro (1899–1953), on the hundredth anniversary of his birth.
6247Amanogawa Named for a river that runs through the Hokkaido town of Kaminokuni {see planet  (5978)}. It is also
6251Setsuko Named in honor of Setsuko Akiyama (1953– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 27129)
6255Kuma Named for the small Japanese town on Shikoku {see planet  (4223)} where this planet was discovered.
6269Kawasaki Named in memory of Shun’ichi Kawasaki (1896–1943), the second director of the International Latitude
6270KabukuriKabukuri-numa is a marsh in Miyagi prefecture in northeastern Japan. It has a great deal of biodiver
6274Taizaburo Named in honor of Taizaburo Koyama (1927– ), a pioneer amateur astrophotographer who in 1973 invente
6275KiryuThe city of Kiryu, in the eastern part of Gunma prefecture, is famous for its textile industry and b
6276KurohoneKurohone is a small village, with population less than 3000, in the eastern part of Gunma prefecture
6298SawaokaAkira Sawaoka (b. 1938) is a Japanese scientist who synthesized a new type of polycrystalline diamon
6300HosamuOsamu Hioki (b. 1960), an electronics engineer and a wireless operator, was a fellow member of the f
6302TengukogenTengukogen is a highland region on the western side of the Shikoku mountain range. The highland is
6306NishimuraYuji Nishimura (b. 1946) is manager of one of the leading manufacturers of optical telescopes in Jap
6308EbisuzakiJapanese astronomer Toshikazu Ebisuzaki (b. 1958) has greatly contributed to the development of the
6323Karoji Named in honor of Hiroshi Karoji (1946– ), a professor at the Japanese National Astronomical Observa
6324KejonumaKejo-numa, a marsh in Miyagi prefecture, is a great wintering site for migratory birds. More than 2
6326IdamiyoshiMiyoshi Ida (b. 1953) is a schoolteacher and active observer of occultations. He made the first obs
6329HikonejyoThe castle in Hikone city, Shiga prefecture, was built by the Ii family, which exercised feudal cont
6330Koen Named in honor of Koen Yanagiya (1954– ), a professional comic story teller, ‘rakugoka’ in Japanese.
6336DodoNamed for a large, flightless bird first discovered in 1507 on the island of Mauritius and extinct s
6337Shiota Named in honor of Kazuo Shiota (1949– ), a Japanese amateur astronomer who developed image-processin
6338Isaosato Named in honor of Isao Sato (1963– ), Japanese expert on occultations. He succeeded in making the fi
6345Hideo Named in honor of Hideo Fukushima (1953– ), a staff member in the public information office of the J
6381ToyamaJapanese amateur astronomer Miyuki Toyama (b. 1953) has been explaining the night sky in planetaria
6383TokushimaNamed for the first discoverer's observatory and the prefecture in which he lives.
6389Ogawa Named in honor of Shigeo Ogawa (1932– ), president of Seibundo Shinkosha Company, which publishes th
6405KomiyamaFukuji Komiyama (b. 1924) is a Japanese agriculture and forestry technician. His long-time support
6408Saijo Named in honor of Yoshihiro Saijo (1959– ), amateur astronomer and editor of a monthly magazine, kno
6410FujiwaraNamed in memory of Masahito Fujiwara (1960-1997), Japanese amateur astronomer who contributed to the
6412Kaifu Named in honor of Norio Kaifu (1943– ), recently appointed the first director of the 8.2-m Subaru Te
6413Iye Named in honor of Masanori Iye (1949– ), a professor at the National Astronomical Observatory who wo
6414MizunumaMizunama, a district in the village of Kurohone, in Gunma prefecture, is famous for the hot spring i
6416NyukasayamaNamed for a mountain in central Japan, famous for many beautiful flowers and a wonderful view. Mt.
6418HanamigaharaHanamigahara is beautiful forest park in the northern part of Kurohone village, Gunma prefecture.
6420RiheijyayaRiheijyaya is a beautiful forest park in the western part of Kurohone village, Gunma prefecture.
6422AkagiMt. Akagi, 1828 m above sea level, is a large stratovolcano in the mid-eastern part of Gunma prefect
6423HarunasanAnother of the Three Jomo Mountains, Mt. Haruna, 1449 m above sea level, is located in the central p
6424Ando Named in honor of Hiroyasu Ando (1946– ), chairman of the Optical and Infrared Astronomy Division of
6444RyuzinRyuzin is a small town within Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, Japan. The town name, derived from Jap
6449KudaraNamed in memory of Kyoyu Kudara (1894-1964), Japanese astronomer and Buddhist priest. A staff membe
6458NoudaNamed in memory of Tadasuke Nouda (1901-1989), Japanese astronomer. A pioneer in the field of ancie
6459Hidesan Named in honor of Hideo Sato (1940– ), staff member of the National Astronomical Observatory (former
6462MyougiAlso one of the Three Jomo Mountains, Mt. Myougi, 1104 m above sea level and created by volcanic act
6463Isoda Named in memory of Sachiko Isoda (1912–1993), who joined the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in 1943
6464Kaburaki Named in memory of Masaki Kaburaki (1902–1987), a professor of astronomy at the University of Tokyo
6496Kazuko Named in honor of Kazuko Otsuka (1934– ), who joined the staff of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory
6497Yamasaki Named in memory of Masamitsu Yamasaki (1886–1959), who worked at the International Latitude Observat
6498Ko Named in honor of Ko Nagasawa (1932– ), who retired from the University of Tokyo’s Earthquake Resear
6499MichikoNamed in honor of Michiko Hirasawa (b. 1955), wife of the first discoverer. She is manager of Mt. N
6500Kodaira Named in honor of Keiichi Kodaira (1937– ), who works mainly in stellar and galactic physics and ser
6514Torahiko Named in memory of Torahiko Terada (1878–1935), experimental physicist, geophysicist and author. His
6520Sugawa Named in honor of Chikara Sugawa (1916– ), who worked for the International Latitude Observatory in
6526Matogawa Named in honor of Yasunori Matogawa (1942– ), a specialist in rocket trajectory engineering, and now
6527TakashiitoTakashi Ito (b. 1967) is a Japanese planetary scientist who specializes in solar-system dynamics, pa
6531SubashiriSubashiri is the halfway point on the eastern trail of Mt. Fuji. Its altitude, 2000 m above sea leve
6554TakatsuguyoshidaTakatsugu Yoshida (b. 1951) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and optical engineer who specializes in
6557YokonomuraNamed in honor of Yoko Nomura (b. 1950), wife of the first discoverer and an independent discoverer
6558Norizuki Named in memory of Sojiro Norizuki (1912–1995), founder of Norizuki Technical Works. Under the guida
6559NomuraNamed in honor of Toshiro Nomura (b. 1954), science teacher at Nada High School in Kobe. As head of
6562TakoyakiTakoyaki is a well-known local food in the Osaka area. It is a baked flour ball cake containing sma
6565Reiji Named in honor of Reiji Shin Matumoto (1938– ), whose many scientific cartoons are held in high rega
6566ShafterAllen Shafter (b. 1955) is a professor and chairman of studies in astronomy at San Diego State Unive
6567Shigemasa Named in honor of Shigemasa Suzuki (1920– ), an instrumentalist whose career began at the Tokyo Astr
6568SerendipSerendip is the old Persian name for present-day Sri Lanka, the island in the Indian Ocean, rich in
6570Tomohiro Named in honor of Tomohiro Hirayama (1938– ), who joined the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in 1960
6599Tsuko Named in honor of Tsuko Nakamura (1943– ), who studied celestial mechanics in the University of Toky
6601SchmeerPatrick Schmeer (b. 1964) is an amateur astronomer observing cataclysmic variable stars from Saarbru
6606MakinoNamed in memory of Tomitaro Makino (1862-1957), Kochi-born botanist of international repute. He bec
6607Matsushima Named in honor of Koichi Matsushima (1938– ), head of the Instrumentation Laboratory, Control System
6612HachiojiLocated 50 km to the west of Tokyo, Hachioji is the city where the first discoverer was born and gre
6637Inoue Named in honor of Keisuke Inoue (1928– ), who worked for Tentai Ichiyou, nautical almanacs, at Japan
6642HenzeMartin Henze (b. 1981), an astronomer at the Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, has
6643Morikubo Named in honor of Shigeru Morikubo (1913– ), since 1930 an amateur astronomer, observer of variable
6644Jugaku Named in honor of Jun Jugaku (1927– ), a professor at Tokai University, formerly a professor at the
6650Morimoto Named in honor of Masaki Morimoto (1932– ), Japanese radio astronomer who started his career at Mita
6655NagahamaBirthplace of the discoverer, the city of Nagahama is in the northeastern part of Shiga prefecture,
6656Yokota Named in honor of Hiroshi Yokota (1927– ), Japanese amateur astronomer. For almost half a century he
6657OtukyoThe palace of emperor Tenchi was moved to Otukyo (modern Otsu city, Shiga prefecture) in the seventh
6658AkiraabeNamed in honor of Akira Abe (b. 1934), managing editor of Hoshino Techo (“Star Handbook”), a
6659PietschWolfgang Pietsch (b. 1948), at the Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik, started his ca
6660Matsumoto Named in honor of Tatsujiro Matsumoto (1930– ), popular Japanese telescope maker, known also for his
6661IkemuraToshihiro Ikemura (b. 1952) is a Japanese communications technician and amateur astronomer. He was
6664TennyoA maiden who dances in the heavens scattering flowers, playing music and perfuming the atmosphere, t
6665KagawaTetsuo Kagawa (b. 1969) is a staff member of the Gekko Observatory and an eminent observer. Besides
6667SannaimuraSannaimura is a village in southern Akita prefecture in Japan. Sannai means “in the mountain
6669ObiNamed in honor of Shinya Obi (b. 1925), professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo. In addition
6699IgauenoNamed for a small town in Mie prefecture. A branch of the Oriental Astronomical Association was ina
6707ShigeruNamed in honor of Shigeru Nakano (b. 1918), doctor of medicine specializing in obstetrics and gyneco
6709HiromiyukiHiroyuki (b. 1991) and Miyuki Mori (b. 1993) are the son and daughter of the second discoverer.
6720GifuNamed for the city of 400 000, capital of the prefecture of the same name, site of ancient battlefie
6722BunichiNamed in honor of Bunichi Saito (b. 1925), professor emeritus at Niigata University and an expert on
6725EngyojiEngyoji temple, located in Himeji, Hyogo prefecture, Japan, was founded in 966. It was once one of
6729EmikoNamed in honor of Emiko Otomo (b. 1963), wife of the discoverer.
6730Ikeda Named in honor of Tetsuro Ikeda (1894–1981), the third director of the International Latitude Observ
6731HieiNamed in honor of Eijiro Hiei (b. 1931), professor at Meisei University and professor emeritus of th
6737OkabayashiNamed in memory of Shigeki Okabayashi (1913-1944), a self-taught Japanese astronomer. The first in
6738TanabeNamed in honor of Hiroyoshi Tanabe (b. 1928), astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatory (f
6741LiyuanNamed in honor of Li Yuan (b. 1925), popularizer of astronomy in the People's Republic of China. He
6742BiandepeiNamed in honor of Bian Depei (b. 1926), popularizer of science and astronomy in the People's Republi
6743LiuNamed in honor of Joseph H. C. Liu (b. 1931), who played a leading role in establishing the Hong Kon
6744KomodaNamed in memory of Kazuyoshi Komoda (1915-1967), amateur astronomer in Japan. Though handicapped by
6745NishiyamaNamed in honor of Minewo Nishiyama (b. 1925), amateur astronomer and president of the Chikushi Astro
6747OzegaharaOzegahara is a highland, surrounded by 2000-meter-class mountains, lying astride the three prefectur
6778Tosamakoto Named in honor of Makoto Tosa (1944– ), a professor at Tohoku University, known for his research on
6800Saragamine Named for a mountain (height 1271 m) located in the north of Kuma {see planet  (6255)}, the town whe
6809SakumaNamed in honor of Seiichi Sakuma (b. 1929), a Japanese amateur astronomer and an eminent observer of
6818SessyuBorn at Soja-Akahama in Okayama Prefecture, Sessyu (1420-1508) is called the “saint of painting”. A
6832KawabataNamed in memory of Yasunari Kawabata (1899-1972), Japanese novelist and author of “Izu no Odoriko”.
6834HunfeldJan Hunfeld (1934-2009) was a Dutch journalist at Boom-Pers in Meppel, publisher of the Meppeler
6838Okuda Named in honor of Toyozo Okuda (1908–1983), the fourth director of International Latitude Observator
6839OzenumaOzenuma is a swamp to the west of the Nikko National Park, surrounded by 2000-meter-class mountains.
6846KansazanNamed for the writer Kansazan (1748-1827), who published many books in Chinese verse during the latt
6860SimsNamed in honor of Alan Sims (1920-1995), a naval officer who moved to Dublin in 1953 and became chai
6866KukaiNamed for Kouboudaishi Kukai (774-835), Buddhist priest who was born in Zentsugi on Shikoku Island.
6867KuwanoNamed in memory of Yoshiyuki Kuwano (1931-1998), librarian and later director of Hita Municipal Tans
6868SeiyauyedaSeiya Uyeda (b. 1929), a professor emeritus at Tokyo University, has greatly contributed to the stud
6869FunadaNamed in honor of Takumi Funada (b. 1932), retired schoolmaster and science teacher who is currently
6873TasakaNamed in honor of Ichiro Tasaka (b. 1929), Japanese farmer, Mars observer and astronomical optician.
6878IsamuNamed in honor of Isamu Hirabayashi (b. 1941), amateur astronomer who founded the Japan Lunar and Pl
6880HayamiyuNamed in honor of Yu Hayami (b. 1966), famous Japanese actress and singer. She is very interested i
6881ShifutsuMt. Shifutsu is to the west of Nikko National Park, with an altitude of 2228 m. The Paleozoic mounta
6883HiuchigatakeMt. Hiuchigatake, 2346 m above sea level, stands to the west of Nikko National Park in Fukushima pre
6884Takeshisato Named in honor of Takeshi (Ken) Sato, a devoted educator who is currently director of the planetariu
6887HasuoJapanese amateur astronomer Ryuichi Hasuo (b. 1952) computed cometary orbits during the 1970s. The
6902HideoasadaHideo Asada (b. 1953) worked in the shop of a Japanese telescope maker and is now popularizing astro
6905MiyazakiNamed in honor of Isao Miyazaki (b. 1961), amateur astronomer well known for his high-quality visual
6908KunimotoNamed in honor of Yoshihiro Kunimoto (b. 1958), Japanese composer and synthesizer musician. He has
6910IkeguchiKunio Ikeguchi (b. 1953) is a member of the Yonago Astronomy Club who popularizes astronomy in Totto
6913YukawaNamed in memory of Hideki Yukawa (1907-1981), Japanese theoretical physicist who was awarded the 194
6919TomonagaNamed in memory of Shinichiro Tomonaga (1906-1979), Japanese theoretical physicist who was awarded t
6920EsakiNamed in honor of Leo Esaki (b. 1925), Japanese experimental physicist who was awarded the 1973 Nobe
6922YasushiYasushi Sato (b. 1957) is a member of the Matsue Astronomy Club who popularizes astronomy in Shimane
6924FukuiNamed in memory of Kenichiro Fukui (1918-1997), Japanese chemist who was awarded the 1981 Nobel Priz
6925SusumuNamed in honor of Augustin Susumu Yamamoto (b. 1915), agronomist and director of the Yamamoto Observ
6927TonegawaNamed in honor of Susumu Tonegawa (b. 1939), Japanese biologist who was awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize
6931KenzaburoNamed in honor of Kenzaburo Ohe (b. 1935), Japanese writer who was awarded the 1994 Nobel Prize in l
6933AzumayasanMt. Azumayasan, 2354 m above sea level, is located in the western part of Gunma prefecture and is co
6961Ashitaka Named for a dormant volcano in Numazu-city, close to Mt. Fuji {see planet  (1584)}. (M 34625) Name p
6964KunihikoNamed in memory of Kunihiko Kodaira (1915-1997), Japanese mathematician who was awarded the Fields M
6965NiyodogawaNamed for a river, 100 km in length, that has its source at the center of Shikoku Island.
6969SantaroSantaro Harada (b. 1913) is a Japanese astronomer and optical engineer living in Nagano prefecture.
6970SaigusaYosikazu Saigusa (b. 1928), a retired broadcast engineer is a Japanese amateur astronomer. He disco
6973KarajanHerbert von Karajan (1908-1989), born in Salzburg, was one of the best-known conductors of the twent
6975HiroakiHiroaki Hayashi (b. 1954) is a factory manager in the city of Yashio. Each year he teaches hundreds
6976KanatsuNamed in honor of Kazuyoshi Kanatsu (b. 1953), discoverer of the 1993 nova V705 Cas. Name proposed
6978HironakaNamed in honor of Heisuke Hironaka (b. 1931), Japanese mathematician who was awarded the Fields Meda
6979ShigefumiNamed in honor of Shigefumi Mori (b. 1951), Japanese mathematician who was awarded the Fields Medal
6980KyusakamotoNamed in memory of Kyu Sakamoto (1941-1985), a popular singer in Japan who was beloved as Kyu-chan.
6986AsamayamaMt. Asamayama is a triplex stratovolcano at the border of Gunma and Nagano prefectures, with an alti
6989HoshinosatoChichibu Hoshi-no-sato is home to more than ten astronomical observatories built by amateur astronom
6990ToyaMt. Toya, 668 m above sea level, is located at the boundary of the towns Minano-machi, Higashi-Chich
6995MinoyamaMt. Minoyama, 587 m above sea level, is a mountain at Minano-machi in Saitama prefecture.
7023HeiankyoHeiankyo, meaning ‘Peaceful Capital’, is another name of Kyoto. From 794 to 1868 it was the capital
7028TachikawaTachikawa is a suburban city west of Tokyo. After World War II Tachikawa was reborn as a commercial
7035GomiNamed in honor of Kazuaki Gomi (b. 1911), amateur astronomer and long-time observer of variable star
7038TokorozawaTokorozawa City is located in the south of Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The first airport in Japan was
7067KiyoseNamed for Kiyose City, a western suburb of Tokyo. The city was once home to many sanitaria because
7068Minowa Named in honor of Toshiyuki Minowa (1918– ), a Japanese amateur astronomer. During ten years beginni
7104Manyousyu Named for the earliest collection of Japanese poetry, by many poets spanning about 400 years. Celest
7105YousyozanNamed for a 400-m mountain to the south of the Okayama station of the National Astronomical Observat
7122IwasakiNamed in honor of Kazuaki Iwasaki (b. 1935), amateur astronomer and world-renowned space artist. Hi
7125EitarodateNamed in memory of Eitaro Date (1912-1953), Japanese amateur astronomer who observed the planets, pa
7128MisawaNamed in memory of Katsue Misawa (1885-1937). Although he received only a limited education, throug
7133KasaharaNamed in honor of Shin Kasahara (b. 1953), doctor of dentistry and senior lecturer at Tohoku Univers
7136YokohasuoYoko Hasuo (b. 1952), the wife of Japanese amateur astronomer Ryuichi Hasuo, was cotranslator of the
7137AgeoAgeo is a city north of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture. The name was suggested by M. Sekine.
7139Tsubokawa Named in memory of Ietsune Tsubokawa (1918–1994), the fifth director of the International Latitude O
7140OsakiYoji Osaki (b. 1938) works mainly in stellar physics and served as president of the Japan Astronomic
7143HaramuraHaramura is a village in Nagano prefecture, 200 km east of Tokyo. A large star party is held there
7160TokunagaUniversity of Hawaii astronomer Alan T. Tokunaga (b. 1949) specializes in studies of star formation
7176KunijiNamed in honor of Kuniji Saito (b. 1913), who joined the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in 1936 and
7178IkuookamotoNamed in honor of Ikuo Okamoto (b. 1946), optician and amateur astronomer. He owns the Schmidt came
7186TomiokaNamed in honor of Hiroyuki Tomioka (b. 1942), director of weather information in Hitachi City. An a
7188YoshiiNamed in honor of Koichi Yoshii (b. 1914), retired postmaster and amateur astronomer. He was a pion
7189KunikoNamed in honor of Kuniko Fujita (1923-1992), née Sofue, amateur astronomer and poet. She became int
7193YamaokaNamed in honor of Hitoshi Yamaoka (b. 1965), astrophysicist at Kyushu University who specializes in
7201KuritarikuA broadcaster with KOFU-FM, Hiroe Kurimoto (b. 1961), whose radio name is Kuritariku, is an active p
7202KigoshiKunihiko Kigoshi (1919-2014) was a cosmo-geochemist and emeritus professor at Gakushuin University.
7203SigekiSigeki Horiuchi (b. 1949) is a factory manager in the town of Shimosuwa, Nagano prefecture. He is i
7205SadanoriSadanori Okamura (b. 1948) works mainly in extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology based
7206Shiki Named in memory of Shiki Masaoka (1867–1902), one of the most famous Haiku poets of the Meiji period
7235HitsuzanHitsuzan is a mountain that is reflected in the Kagami River as it flows through the center of Kochi
7238KoboriAkira Kobori (1904-1992), professor of mathematics at Kyoto University and president of the Kyoto pr
7240HasebeTakao Hasebe (b. 1947) is a Japanese amateur astronomer who taught astronomy to the first discoverer
7241KurodaNamed in honor of Takehiko Kuroda (b. 1946), since 1990 the first director of the Nishi-Harima Astro
7242OkyudoNamed in honor of Masami Okyudo (b. 1961), Japanese astronomer and currently director of the Misato
7250KinoshitaNamed in honor of Hiroshi Kinoshita (b. 1941), a celestial mechanician at the National Astronomical
7251KuwabaraNamed in honor of Syoji Kuwabara (b. 1927). A retired school teacher in Japan, he was superintenden
7252KakegawaNamed for an ancient city in central Japan famous for the wooden castle that was reconstructed there
7254KurataniNamed in honor of Hiroshi Kuratani (b. 1934), astronomer and educator at Toyama Observatory since 19
7257YoshiyaYoshiya Watanabe (b. 1968) is a science educator and planetarian of the Osaka Science Museum. Althou
7261YokootakeoTakeo Yokoo (b. 1939), of Osaka Kyoiku University, mainly studies galactic astronomy. He also served
7262SofueYoshiaki Sofue (b. 1943), works mainly in galactic radio astronomy, playing a leading role in millim
7263TakayamadaTakashi Yamada (b. 1934) is a science educator and the former planetarium director of the Nogoya Cit
7274WashioyamaNamed for a small mountain in the southern part of Kochi City.
7287YokokurayamaNamed for a mountain in Kochi prefecture that is a treasure house of rare plants. A museum was buil
7289KamegamoriNamed for a grassy mountain in the center of the mountainous region of Shikoku Island.
7291HyakutakeYuji Hyakutake (b. 1950) discovered comets C/1995 Y1 and C/1996 B2 visually from the town of Aira, i
7293KazuyukiNamed in honor of Kazuyuki Saitoh (b. 1957), associate director of the Nichihara Observatory since 1
7300Yoshisada Named for Yoshisada Shimizu (1943– ), a Japanese orthopaedist and an active amateur astronomer. In a
7304NamikiNamiki Mitsuo (b. 1957) is a Japanese amateur astronomer on the staff of the public-information offi
7307TakeiGeorge Takei (b. 1937) is an actor best known for his role as Mr. Sulu in the original Star Trek<
7308Hattori Named in honor of Tadahiko Hattori (1908–1962), who worked at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory and
7342UchinouraNamed for the town in southern Kyushu where the Kagoshima Space Center of the Institute of Space and
7353KazuyaNamed in honor of Kazuya Yoshida (b. 1960). An authority in robot engineering at Tohoku University,
7354IshiguroMasato Ishiguro (b. 1945) has been the Japanese project director of the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimet
7366AgataHidehiko Agata (b. 1961) is a staff member in the public information office of the National Astronom
7408YoshihideYoshihide Hayashi (b. 1959), an amateur astronomer, works as a curator at a science museum. He cont
7410KawazoeNamed in honor of Akira Kawazoe (b. 1934), a member of the Geisei Observatory staff with particular
7415SusumuimotoSusumu Imoto (1901-1981) studied the history of astronomy and old Japanese calendars. With I. Haseg
7418AkasegawaGenpei Akasegawa (b. 1937) is a famous novelist in Japan and also an astronomy fan. His work contri
7421KusakaHideaki Kusaka (1924-1991) was an amateur astronomer who wrote several books on mythology related to
7428AbekuniomiAbe Kuniomi (b. 1941) is an expert photographer of the Moon's surface and planets, who has taught hi
7429HoshikawaHoshikawa, or “Star River”, flows between Kumagaya and Gyoda, in Saitama prefecture. There are many
7430KogureNamed in honor of Tomokazu Kogure (b. 1925), professor emeritus of Kyoto University. His specialtie
7434OsakaOsaka is the second largest city in Japan, administrative center of the prefecture, and an important
7435SagamiharaNamed for a city of 571~000 located some 50 km west for Tokyo on the vast riverside plain of the Riv
7436KuroiwaNamed in memory of Goro Kuroiwa (1912-1990), Japanese astronomer and observer of variable stars. A
7439TetsufuseTetsuharu Fuse (b. 1970) works at the Subaru Telescope, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.
7442InouehideoNamed in honor of Hideo Inoue (b. 1917), Japanese astronomer. An astronomy enthusiast while still a
7443TsumuraMitsunori Tsumura (b. 1955) is a science educator at the Wakayama Science Museum, as well as an amat
7463OukawamineNamed for a high plateau at the boundary of Kochi and Ehime prefectures.
7472KumakiriNamed in honor of Kazuo Kumakiri (b. 1923), an amateur astronomer in the Susono area who has done mu
7475KaizukaNamed in memory of Sohei Kaizuka (1926-1998), one of the leading geomorphologists. His significant
7485ChangchunNamed after the city in China, Changchun is the international sister city of Sendai, Japan, affiliat
7486HamabeMasaru Hamabe (b. 1951) is a professor at Japan Women's University. His work focuses on extragalacti
7502ArakidaHideyoshi Arakida (b. 1973) is an associate professor at Nihon University, who specializes in celest
7504KawakitaHideyo Kawakita (b. 1970) is on the staff at the Gunma Astronomical Observatory. His scientific inte
7505FurushoReiko Furusho (b. 1970) is an astronomer who works in cometary physics and in the education and popu
7525Kiyohira Named in memory of Kiyohira Fujiwara (1056–1128), founder of the Fujiwara clan in the northern part
7526OhtsukaKatsuhito Ohtsuka (b. 1959) is a curator of Tokyo Meteor Network and its meteorite collection. He s
7527MarplesAustralian amateur astronomer Peter Marples (b. 1958) discovered the supernova 2008fa in NGC 6722.
7530Mizusawa Named in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the International Latitude Observatory of Miz
7533SeiraijiSeiraiji is a Japanese Temple built in Sumoto, Japan, around 1000 CE, in the late Heian era. This
7538ZenbeiIwahashi Zenbei (1756-1811) is known for building the most superior Japanese telescope in the Edo er
7572Znokai Named for the Z society (Z-no-kai in Japanese), a cultural and social organization of the staff of t
7590AteruiAterui, patriarch of the Ainu tribe in northern Japan in the late eighth century, was believed to ha
7594ShotaroNamed in memory of Shotaro Miyamoto (1912-1992), professor of astrophysics at Kyoto University. His
7596Yumi Named in honor of Shigeru Yumi (1916– ), the second director of the central bureau of the Internatio
7597ShigemiShigemi Uchida (b. 1952) is actively working to combat light pollution in Japan. He is an organizer
7602YidaeamDae-am Yi (b. 1955) is vice president of Saekung College in the Republic of Korea. A professor of ar
7611HashitatsuTatsuo Hashimoto (b. 1912) has been a member of the Oriental Astronomical Association since the 1930
7614MasatomiMasatomi Urata (b. 1925) has been a member of the Oriental Astronomical Association and an active ob
7616SadakoSadako Sasaki (1943-1955) was exposed to radiation from the Hiroshima atom bomb and suffered from le
7648TombolesBritish amateur astronomer Tom Boles (b. 1944) operates his robotic telescopes from Coddenham, Suffo
7650KanameNamed in memory of Kaname Nakamura (1904-1932), Japanese amateur astronomer and volunteer at the Kwa
7664NamahageThe Namahage is a folk event that has been handed down from olden times in Oga Peninsula in Akita Pr
7666Keyaki Named for the Sendai “city tree”. (M 31026) The name, zelkova in English, was selected from many ide
7673InoharaMasanori Inohara (b. 1921) has been an amateur astronomer since childhood. He contributed greatly to
7674Kasuga Named in honor of Ryo Kasuga (1950– ), Japanese Buddhist priest, opera singer, professional magician
7677SawaTakeyasu Sawa (b. 1949), professor of education at Aichi University, is a specialist in research on
7682MiuraKatsumi Miura (b. 1953), technical official of the Earthquake Research Institute of the University o
7708FennimoreGuy Fennimore (b. 1952) has worked on behalf of the Society for Popular Astronomy (formerly the Juni
7710IshibashiTadashi Ishibashi (b. 1926), retired sea captain, became interested in stars in 1936 and has observe
7713TsutomuTsutomu Ishibashi (b. 1949), a Japanese amateur astronomer, has been using the same 0.1-m reflector
7717TabeisshiJapanese amateur astronomer Isshi Tabe (b. 1956) has observed Jupiter and other planets for over 25
7766JododairaNamed for the place where the first really big star parties were held in Japan, the “Chiro's Star Fe
7769OkuniTomimaru Okuni (b. 1931), a retired teacher, is a Japanese amateur astronomer. He has been discover
7775Taiko Named in honor of Taiko Takeuchi, a Japanese amateur astronomer who started observing the stars more
7776Takeishi Named for Masanori Takeishi (1950– ), a Japanese amateur astronomer who discovered a number of minor
7777ConsadoleConsadole, a team in the Japan Professional Football League J1, has its home in Sapporo city, Hokkai
7797MoritaYukio Morita (b. 1952), a dentist in Hiroshima, is an expert on planetary photography and one of the
7802TakiguchiSetsuo Takiguchi (1924-1998) played the leading role in founding the Hiroshima Children's Museum in
7803AdachiMakoto Adachi (b. 1953), an elementary school teacher in Kyoto, has continued regular visual observa
7826Kinugasa Named in honor of Sachio Kinugasa (1947– ), Japanese professional baseball player who was called the
7837Mutsumi Named in honor of Mutsumi Abe (1957– ), wife of the first discoverer. (M 30803)
7842IshitsukaNamed in honor of Mutsumi Ishitsuka (b. 1930), who has worked in Peru since 1957, making coronagraph
7844HorikawaKuniaki Horikawa (b. 1958), a computer systems engineer in Yokohama, started Jupiter observations in
7845MckimRichard J. McKim (b. 1958) directs the British Astronomical Association's Mars Section. He was BAA s
7851AzuminoNamed for an area in Nagano prefecture, Azumino is the rice field area east of the Japanese Northern
7862KeikonakamuraKeiko Nakamura Messenger (b. 1973) is a space scientist at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Her work re
7890YasuofukuiNamed in honor of Yasuo Fukui (b. 1951), professor at Nagoya University and a radio astronomer speci
7891FuchieNamed in honor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Fuchie Senior High School, where the first discoverer teach
7895KasedaNamed for a city in the southwest of Kagoshima prefecture, where the discoverer was born. This town
7898OhkumaMasami Ohkuma (b. 1954) is an amateur astronomer who serves as chief editor of the Japanese astronom
7899JoyaMasanori Joya (1940-1967) was an early member of the Japan Lunar and Planetary Observers Network and
7901KonnaiA dentist by profession, Reiichi Konnai (b. 1950; former name Horiguchi) is an eagle-eyed observer,
7905JuzoitamiNamed in memory of Juzo Itami (1933-1997), actor, translator, essayist, editor and well-known direct
7953KawaguchiMasaya Kawaguchi (b. 1959) served as chief editor of the Japanese astronomical magazine Sky Watch
7954KitaoNamed in honor of Koichi Kitao (b. 1953), Japanese amateur astronomer and director of the folklore s
7955OgiwaraTetsuo Ogiwara (b. 1950) is a Japanese amateur astronomer who since 1972 calculated circular and ell
7956YajiKentaro Yaji (b. 1966) is the director of Kawabe Cosmic Park in Wakayama prefecture. He has contribu
7965KatsuhikoNamed in honor of Katsuhiko Sato (b. 1945), professor at University of Tokyo and director of the Res
7991Kaguyahime Named for the main female character in the old Japanese romance Taketori-monogatari. (M 34627)
8036MaeharaNamed in honor of Hideo Maehara (b. 1940), professor of the National Astronomical Observatory of Jap
8041MasumotoNamed in honor of Takeji Masumoto, who built the discoverer's observatory. Initially, he had to mak
8043FukuharaNaohito Fukuhara (b. 1965) is a computer engineer and amateur astronomer. He edits an astronomy news
8044TsuchiyamaYukiko Tsuchiyama (b. 1963) is a Japanese amateur variable star observer who studies star names as a
8045KamiyamaHaruki Kamiyama (b. 1960) is an amateur astronomer and computer programmer.
8046AjikiOsamu Ajiki (b. 1965), an amateur astronomer and computer programmer, contributed to the popularizat
8050BeishidaBeishida, the Beijing Normal University, is one of the earliest well-known Chinese universities. Fo
8072YojikondoJapanese-born U.S. astrophysicist Yoji Kondo (b. 1933) headed the astrophysics laboratory during the
8083MayedaNamed in memory of Shizuo (Haruhisa) Mayeda (1914-1952), amateur astronomer and pioneer Mars observe
8087KazutakaNamed in honor of Kazutaka Kato (b. 1949), director of the Hiroshima City Planetarium. He was presi
8097YamanishiNamed in honor of Masahiro Yamanishi (b. 1960), senior researcher at Saji Observatory. He was direc
8100NobeyamaNamed for a village in central Japan, famous for its beautiful scenery and night sky. Nobeyama Radi
8101YasueKunio Yasue (b. 1951), director of the Science Laboratory at Okayama Seishin University, has studied
8102YoshikazuYoshikazu Kato (b. 1962) is a Japanese amateur astronomer. He edits an e-mail newsletter on astronom
8104KumamoriTeruaki Kumamori (b. 1949), planetarium educator of Sakai City Culture Center, Osaka, is an expert i
8115SakabeNamed in honor of Sanjirou Sakabe (b. 1923), an amateur astronomer who studied under the late Issei
8120KobeNamed for the primary port on the Seto Inland Sea since the eighth century and one of Japan's most c
8156TsukadaNamed in honor of Shinsuke Tsukada (b. 1954), director of the Yonago City Planetarium, Tottori Prefe
8159FukuokaNamed in honor of Takashi Fukuoka (b. 1948), director of the planetarium at Sanbe Shizenkan Open Fie
8163IshizakiNamed in honor of Masako Ishizaki (b. 1902), long-time Japanese amateur astronomer and pioneer in th
8167IshiiNamed in honor of Takahiro Ishii (b. 1959), Japanese amateur astronomer and active owner of the Kamo
8182AkitaNamed in honor of Isao Akita (b. 1948), president of the comet observers network in Japan, “Hoshi no
8184LudericLuderic Maury (b. 1984) has been an amateur astronomer, eclipse chaser and the joy and pride of his
8187AkiramisawaBotanist Akira Misawa (1942-1994), a professor at Chiba University, conducted research on the effect
8188OkegayaOkegaya Marsh is located in the western part of Shizuoka prefecture. Many species of plants, birds a
8189NarukeGiiti Naruke (b. 1949) is the first Japanese to achieve two consecutive wins at the world championsh
8194SatakeNamed in honor of Masaaki Satake (b. 1956), a Japanese amateur astronomer and secretary of the Kansa
8200SoutenNamed for the Waseda University Astronomy Association, nicknamed Souten. Established in 1959 by Hide
8204TakabatakeNamed in honor of Tohru Takabatake (b. 1957), a junior-high-school teacher and secretary of the Okay
8206MasayukiMasayuki Okumura (b. 1960) is a hydrographer for the Japanese Coast Guard. He played an important ro
8207SuminaoSuminao Murakami (b. 1935), the son and grandson of astronomers, is a representative of the Laborato
8212NaoshigetaniNaoshige Tani (b.1925) is a member of the Photovoltaic Popularization Association in Japan and produ
8215ZanonatoFlavio Zanonato (b. 1950) is a prominent businessman and civic-minded amateur astronomer in his nati
8220NanyouNamed for the city where the discoverer lives and his observatory is located. Nanyou City lies to t
8233AsadaTadashi Asada (b. 1954), professor of computer science at Kyushu International University, is a spec
8234NobeokaNamed for a town in Miyazaki prefecture, at the mouth of the Gokase River. Although it is the site
8251IsogaiRensuke Isogai (b. 1941), a high-school classmate of the discoverer, is an electrical engineer and a
8271ImaiYasushi Imai (b. 1949) was the president of a planetarium manufacturing company from 1998 to 2009.
8272IitatemuraIitatemura is a village located in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. All the villagers were forced to ev
8273ApatheiaApatheia is a philosophical word that means “an immovable soul” in Greek philosophy. The name was p
8274SoejimaNamed in honor of Tsutomu Soejima (b. 1950), a Japanese amateur astronomer and secretary of the Saga
8276ShigeiNamed in honor of Mika Shigei (b. 1968), lecturer and curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomi
8286KoujiNamed in honor of Kouji Yamamoto (b. 1956), a Japanese architect and active amateur astronomer. He
8294TakayukiNamed in honor of Takayuki Kawabata (b. 1959), president of astronomy shop Planet Town, Kumamoto, Ky
8296MiyamaNamed in honor of Shoken M. Miyama (b. 1951), Japanese astrophysicist working mainly on star and pla
8300IgaYuichi Iga (b. 1955) is a specialist in molecular graphics and medical imaging. As an amateur astron
8301HaseyujiYuji Hase (1964-2002), an instructor of material technology at Kumamoto technical high school, playe
8303MiyajiMiyaji Takeshi (b.1948) is an astronomer specializing in radio astronomy and VLBI. He is among the
8304RyomichicoRyo Michico (b. 1955) is a novelist and poet respected for her beautiful science fantasies. Her bes
8305TeikaFujiwara-no-Teika (1162-1241) was a Japanese literary figure who wrote many famous short poems. In
8306ShokoNamed in honor of Shoko Sawada (b. 1962), Japanese singer and songwriter. Since her debut in 1979,
8314TsujiNamed in honor of Takashi Tsuji (b. 1937), Japanese astronomer working mainly on stellar atmospheres
8355MasuoInfrared astronomer Masuo Tanaka (b. 1955) is a researcher at the Institute of Astronomy, University
8367BokusuiNamed in memory of Bokusui (Shigeru) Wakayama (1885-1928), one of the most beloved of Japanese poets
8369MiyataTakashi Miyata (b. 1971) is an associate professor of astronomy at the Institute of Astronomy, Unive
8374HorohataHorohata is an open area in Ishikawa town, Fukushima prefecture, 250 km north of Tokyo. A large sta
8375KenzokohnoNamed in honor of Kenzo Kohno (b. 1934), staff member of Akashi Planetarium since 1960 and its direc
8377ElmerreeseElmer J. Reese (b. 1919), American amateur astronomer, was an important contributing observer in the
8387FujimoriNamed in honor of Kenichi Fujimori (b. 1934), an amateur astronomer who observes sunspots, faculae a
8393TetsumasakamotoTetsuma Sakamoto (b. 1908), Japanese agricultural scientist and specialist in sericultural technolog
8399WakamatsuKen-ichi Wakamatsu (b. 1942) is a professor at Gifu University and serves as the vice-president of t
8400TomizoOkamoto Tomizo (b. 1933) joined the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in 1954 to observe the solar coro
8406IwaokusanoIwao Kusano (1908-1999) was an orthopedist who contributed greatly to practice and research. As an
8413KawakamiIsamu Kawakami (b. 1948) is a member of Shirakawa Observatory in Japan and Chiro Observatory in Aust
8414AtsukoAtsuko Tsuji (b. 1953) is a science journalist from Asahi Shinbun. When she was in the U.S., she re
8416OkadaYoshiyuki Okada (b. 1947), a member of Shirakawa Observatory in Japan and Chiro Observatory in Austr
8418MogamigawaNamed for the longest river in the discoverer's home prefecture of Yamagata. One of the three wilde
8428OkikoKochi native Okiko Seki (b. 1941), wife of the discoverer, has many hobbies, including yoga, dance a
8431HasedaHaseda Kastumi (b. 1945) is an amateur astronomer in Aichi prefecture. During 2000-2002 he discovere
8432TamakasugaNamed in honor of Ryoji Matsumoto (b. 1972), Japanese sumo wrestler whose professional name is Tamak
8485SatoruSatoru Honda (b. 1913), some time kindergarten principal, is the widow of Minoru Honda, famed comet
8492KikuokaHidekazu Kikuoka (b. 1941) has been a planetarium educator at the Osaka Municipal Electric Science M
8493YachibozuYachibozu, or tussocks, are often seen in the Kushiro Marsh on the island of Hokkaido. The name was
8500HoriNamed in honor of Gen-Ichiro Hori (b. 1930), professor emeritus at Tokyo University who gave lecture
8503MasakatsuMasakatsu Fujimoto (b. 1948) played a leading role in constructing a laser interferometric gravitati
8516HyakkaiMasaaki Hyakkai (b. 1963) is a science teacher and president of Gunma Astronomical Society. As a vo
8527KatayamaUsing unparalleled techniques in electron microscopy, Japanese biophysicist Eisaku Katayama (b. 1949
8529SinziAkira M. Sinzi (b. 1922) directed the astronomical division of the Hydrographic Department of Japan
8530KorbokkurAccording to the legend of the Ainu people of northern Japan, the members of the Korbokkur tribe wer
8531MineosaitoMineo Saito (1952-2000) was the founder and an active leader of the Ohkuma Astronomical Club in Kaku
8533OohiraThe Oohira station of Nihondaira Observatory, where this object was discovered, was very active in m
8544SigenoriSigenori Miyamoto (b. 1931) is one of the pioneers of x-ray astronomy in Japan. In 1958, he invented
8546KenmotsuKunio Kenmotsu (b. 1932) has been director of the Kurashiki Observatory since 1990. For many years
8548SumiziharaSumizi Hara (1878-1968) provided the means for establishing the Kurashiki Observatory in 1926 and fo
8552HyoichiNamed in honor of Hyoichi Kohno (b. 1958), Japanese adventurer, born in Ehime prefecture, where this
8560TsubakiTakio Tsubaki (1935-1999) was a solar physicist concerned particularly with the observational study
8571TaniguchiYoshiaki Taniguchi (b. 1954) works mainly in extragalactic physics at Tohoku University. He promote
8574MakotoirieMakoto Irie (b. 1939) is known for his outstanding coronal observations with the coronagraph at the
8577ChoseikomoriChosei Komori (b. 1935) is a planetary geologist who works as a leader of the Planetary Geological S
8578ShojikatoShoji Kato (b. 1935), professor emeritus of Kyoto University, has been engaged in studying theories
8579HieizanHieizan is a famous mountain located to the northeast of Kyoto and to the west of Lake Biwa. Enryak
8581JohnenNamed for a mountain in Nagano prefecture, part of the Japanese Northern Alps. Popular with climber
8582KazuhisaKazuhisa Mishima (b. 1970), the astronomy curator at the Kurashiki Science Center, is an eager plane
8660SanoYasuo Sano (b. 1959), a staff member of the Nayoro Municipal Kihara Observatory, is the discoverer o
8668SatomimuraSatomi village is famous for the starry sky in Ibaraki prefecture, 150 km north of Tokyo. A large s
8691EtsukoNamed in honor of Etsuko Kobayashi (b. 1926), the first female lecturer at the Gotoh Planetarium and
8693MatsukiNoboru Matsuki (b. 1934) is an amateur astronomer who has accumulated a huge amount of observational
8702NakanishiAkio Nakanishi (b. 1964), one of the best-known astrophotographers in Japan, has contributed to Japa
8704SadakaneKozo Sadakane (b. 1947), Osaka Kyoiku University, is an expert on the analysis of stellar spectra, e
8706TakeyamaJapanese physicist Haruo Takeyama (b. 1915) was president of Hiroshima University from 1977 to 1981.
8712SuzukoSuzuko Hurukawa (b. 1935), wife of astronomer Kiichirou Hurukawa, has inspired many Japanese amateur
8713AzusaAzusa Hurukawa (b. 1968) is the daughter of astronomer Kiichirou Hurukawa.
8720TakamizawaNamed in honor of Kesao Takamizawa (b. 1952), one of the most renowned amateur astronomers in Japan.
8723AzumayamaAzumayama is the volcanic mountain range that forms the border between Fukusima and Yamagata prefect
8724JunkoeharaJunko Ehara (b. 1957) is a cellist who since she was a child has loved to see the night sky. The na
8725KeikoNamed in honor of Keiko Morinaga (b. 1969), a member of the Matsue Astronomy Club and the wife and o
8728MimatsuMasao Mimatsu (1888-1977) was a Japanese postmaster and an amateur volcanologist. He made extensive
8730IidesanThe Iidesan range forms the borders between Fukusima, Niigata and Yamagata prefectures in the northe
8731TejimaDuring the 1870s Seiichi Tejima (1849-1918) contributed to the development of the Educational Museum
8733OhsugiTakashi Ohsugi (b. 1944), currently director of the Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center, is an ex
8736ShigehisaOsao Shigehisa (b. 1936) has actively observed variable stars since 1952. An enthusiastic recorder
8737TakehiroTakehiro Hayashi (b. 1951) is a professor at Hiroshima University. His main research field is educat
8738SajiSaji observatory, with its 1.03-m telescope, is situated on a hill overlooking Saji village. Saji's
8739MorihisaIn addition to his own petrological research, Morihisa Suzuki (b. 1944), a professor at Hiroshima Un
8747AsahiAsahi is the mountain range forming the border between Niigata and Yamagata prefectures in the north
8824GentaGenta Yamamoto (b. 1942), began creating pottery at the age of 20 and is known for his efforts to re
8855MiwaNamed in honor of Miwa Saito, a junior high school science teacher. She has made an effort to popula
8865YakiimoThe observing station in Shizuoka prefecture, where this object was discovered, was very active in m
8882SakaetamuraSakae Tamura (b. 1911) founded Gekkan Tenmon Guide (“Monthly Astronomy Guide”) in 1965 and se
8891IrokawaHiroshi Irokawa (b. 1930) was chief editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide (“Monthly Astronomy Guide”)
8892KakogawaNamed for the city, in the southewestern part of Hyogo prefecture, where the first discoverer was bo
8895NhaNamed in honor of Nha Il-Seong (b. 1932), professor emeritus at Yonsei University, Korea, on the occ
8904YoshiharaMasahiro Yoshihara (b. 1928), of Yokkaichi, Japan, has been an amateur astronomer since 1942. From
8905BankakukoKakuko Ban (b. 1967) has been a staff member of the planetarium section of the Hiroshima Children's
8906YanoHajime Yano (b. 1967) is an expert in cosmic dust research and solar system exploration and a pionee
8907TakajiTakaji Kato (b. 1947) is an associate professor at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.
8912OhshimatakeTakeshi Oshima (b. 1966) helped develop the MIC (Mars imaging camera) and SICPU (CPU board for scien
8922KumanodakeZao Kumanodake, located between Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures in the northern part of mainland Jap
8923YamakawaHiroshi Yamakawa (b. 1965) is an interplanetary trajectory and mission designer at ISAS. He worked
8924IrumaThe Iruma area of Saitama prefecture, mentioned in such traditional literary works as Manyohshu
8926AbemasanaoMasanao Abe (b. 1967) is a planetary scientist at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.
8927RyojiroRyojiro Akiba (b. 1930), professor of astronautics and former director-general of the Institute of S
8930KubotaTakashi Kubota (b. 1960) works on intelligent robotics exploration at the Institute of Space and Ast
8932NagatomoMakoto Nagatomo (b. 1937) is a pioneer in the field of electric propulsion. Today's electric propuls
8933KurobeThe Kurobe ravine, in Toyama prefecture, is the largest and deepest in Japan, inaccessible for six m
8940YakushimaruHiroko Yakushimaru (b. 1964) is a Japanese actress and singer. Since her debut in 1978 on Yasei
8941JunsaitoJun Saito (b. 1962) is a mineralogist and planetologist who has mainly studied achondrite mineralogy
8942TakagiJapanese planetary scientist Yasuhiko Takagi (b. 1958) has investigated impact fragmentation phenome
8946YoshimitsuTetsuo Yoshimitsu (b. 1970) works on research and development of planetary rovers and is the chief e
8947MizutaniHitoshi Mizutani (b. 1944) works mainly on the origin and evolution of the solar system and internal
8998MatthewizawaMatthew Richard Mitsuomi Izawa (b. 1979) is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Winnipeg.
9032TanakamiMt. Tanakami, extending over Shiga, Mie and Kyoto prefectures, is the site of the largest meteorite
9033KawaneKawane is a small town about 230 km west of Tokyo, located on the west bank of the Ohi river and has
9041TakaneTakane is name of the town in which the Otomo observatory is located. This minor planet was the firs
9044KaoruNamed in honor of Kaoru Kimura (b. 1964), lecturer and curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronom
9060ToyokawaHideji Toyokawa (1926-1995) is a curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo,
9062OhnishiMichikazu Ohnishi (b. 1933) is a chemical plant engineer and lecturer in descriptive geometry. He m
9063WashiShinsyo Washi (b. 1951) is the director of the Sakai City Planetarium. He founded the Muroh Observat
9067KatsunoGentaro Katsuno (b. 1933) was chief editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide (“Monthly Astronomy Guide”)
9073YoshinoriYoshinori Kobayashi (b. 1929), professor emeritus at Hiroshima University and professor at Tokushima
9074YosukeyoshidaYosuke Yoshida (b. 1945) was chief editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide (“Monthly Astronomy Guide”)
9076ShinsakuNamed in memory of Shinsaku Takasugi (1839-1867), Japanese revolutionary, who though a lower-ranking
9080TakayanagiYuichi Takayanagi (b. 1939) is a leading science commentator and producer of science programs of NHK
9088MakiFusao Maki (1916-2001) was a songwriter who wrote many children's songs, school songs, home songs, c
9093SoradaToshiyuki Sorada (b. 1954), an amateur astronomer in Hiroshima City, has actively opposed light poll
9094ButsuenKazunari Butsuen (b. 1952), an amateur astronomer in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is very active
9096TamotsuTamotsu Fujii (b. 1947) became interested in astronomy when Sputnik 1 was launched in 1957. Since th
9098ToshihikoToshihiko Osawa (1935-2001) was a genius in visual planetary observing. He began observing with his
9100TomohisaJapanese amateur astronomer Tomohisa Ohno (b. 1948) became interested in astronomy at age 12. He ha
9104MatsuoAtsushi Matsuo (b. 1955) is on the research and educational staff of the Yamaguchi Museum. He has be
9105MatsumuraMasafumi Matsumura (b. 1959), associate professor at Kagawa University, studies interstellar matter
9106YatagarasuIn Japanese mythology, Yatagarasu is the holy crow with three legs. It guided Jinmu, the so-called
9107NarukospaNaruko-onsen is a town famous for its hot springs, visited by tourists all year long. Narukokyo is
9108ToruyusaToru Yusa (b. 1966) is director of the planetarium and observatory at the Osaki Lifelong Learning Ce
9110ChoukaiThe Choukai volcanic mountain range forms a part of the border between Akita and Yamagata prefecture
9112HatsularsHatsulars is the name of a women's chorus. Its members are mainly housewives of farming families of
9114HatakeyamaHideo Hatakeyama (b. 1955) is a first-class registered architect and also an amateur astronomer. Hi
9123YoshikoYoshiko Nakano (b. 1933), a director of the Gekko Observatory, received the Medal with a Blue Ribbon
9128TakatumuziThe 693-m Mount Takatumuzi is located in the east of Nanyo city, Yamagata prefecture. The mountain
9147KourakuenKourakuen in Okayama is one of the three most outstanding gardens in Japan. Its construction was be
9153ChikurinjiChikurinji is the mountain on which the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory is situated.
9178MomoyoMomoyo Urata is the wife of the second discoverer.
9186FumikotsukimotoFumiko Tsukimoto (b. 1987) is a painter and illustrator, whose nickname is ‘Painting Witch’. Many
9190MasakoNamed in honor of Masako Muramatsu, wife of the second discoverer.
9191HokutoHokuto-shi is the largest city in Yamanashi-ken in Japan. The city, home to the discoverer, is famo
9196SukagawaIn the city of Sukagawa, Fukushima prefecture, there exists the best peony garden in the world. The
9197EndoNamed in honor of Shu Endo (b. 1953), one of Japan's leading astrophotographers. Endo's astrophotog
9206YanaikeizoKeizo Yanai (b. 1941), once a researcher at the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research, is no
9208TakanotoshiToshiaki Takano (b. 1954) is an associate professor at Chiba University Graduate School of Science a
9212KanamaruNaomiki Kanamaru (b. 1970) is an amateur astronomer. After acquiring first-class registered archite
9215TaiyonotoThe famous monument Taiyonoto, “Tower of Sun”, is in Suita City. It is the masterpiece of the famou
9216MasuzawaHitoshi Masuzawa (b. 1945) is a lecturer and curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museu
9217KitagawaRyuji Kitagawa (1949-2009) was a professor at Hiroshima University. From his research of clay miner
9218IshiikazuoKazuo Ishii (b. 1950), employed in the past in the manufacture of planetaria, has been working since
9220YoshidayamaYoshidayama is a hill located in Sakyo, a district in the northeastern part of Kyoto. It contains t
9222ChubeyMarkiyan S. Chubey (b. 1940) is a Ukrainian-born Russian scientist working at the Pulkovo Observator
9225DaikiDaiki Matsubayashi (b. 1961) has been a member of the Saga Astronomical Society since the time of it
9227AshidaMasafumi Ashida (b. 1957), a teacher of elementary school in Kyoto, is widely known by schoolchildre
9229MatsudaJunichi Matsuda (b. 1948) is a professor at Osaka University who carries out noble-gas research in m
9230YasudaSatoshi Yasuda (b. 1948) is a member of Amateur Radio on the International Space Station-Japan and a
9231ShimakenShimaken is the research group led by Toshihiko Shimamoto (b. 1946), a professor emeritus of Kyoto U
9233ItagijunJun Itagi (b. 1958), an amateur astronomical educator famous in the San-In district (Tottori and Shi
9254ShunkaiNamed in memory of Shibukawa Shunkai (1639-1715), who was an expert on the calendar. Born into a fa
9256TsukamotoNamed in memory of Tsukamoto Akitake (1833-1885), a geographer who worked for both the Tokugawa and
9257KunisukeNamed in memory of Kunisuke Kinoshita (1901-1931), an astronomer at the Tokyo Astronomical Observato
9277TogashiTom Togashi (1937-2000) was a pioneering filmmaker whose stunning television documentaries included
9293KamogataWith the neighboring town of Yakage, the town of Kamogata borders the Okayama Astrophysical Observat
9323HirohisasatoHirohisa Sato (b. 1951) studies the orbits and brightness of comets for the Comet Section of the Ori
9333HiraimasaMasanori Hirai (b. 1943) is a professor at Fukuoka University of Education, specializing in stellar
9350WasedaNamed for one of the most prestigious private universities in Japan. It was established in 1882 by
9362MiyajimaKazuhiko Miyajima (b. 1946), a professor at Doshisha University, plays an active part in the field o
9368EsashiNamed for a small town in northern Hokkaido, on the Sea of Okhotsk, not far from the home of the sec
9375OmodakaToshihiro Omodaka (b. 1947) is a professor of radio astronomy at Kagoshima University. He is a fami
9382MihonosekiMihonoseki is a small town and port on the beautiful sea-encircled Shimane-hanto peninsula in northe
9386HitomiNamed in honor of Hitomi Doi (b. 1955), wife of Takao Doi, the first Japanese space walker. Hitomi
9388TakenoHyoichiro Takeno (1910-2000) and his son Setsuo Takeno (b. 1936) were both professors of Hiroshima U
9396YamaneakisatoAkisato Yamane (b. 1949), a professional engineer, is also an amateur astronomer who is intrigued by
9408HaseakiraAkira Hase (b. 1923) is professor emeritus at Hiroshima University. Based on detailed geological res
9409KanpuzanKanpuzan is a 1763-m-high mountain to the west side of Mt. Sasagamine in the Shikoku range, and it i
9411HitomiyamotoHitomi Miyamoto (b. 1959) is a scientist at the Japan Meteorological Agency. He was a member of the
9415YujiokimuraYuji Okimura (b. 1932), Hiroshima University professor emeritus, is a paleontologist and biostratigr
9416MiyaharaKenji Miyahara (1937-2011) clarified the occurrence mechanism of geological disasters in the regions
9417JujiishiiJuji Ishii (1865-1914) was a Japanese doctor who devoted himself to the welfare of children. He esta
9418MayumiMayumi Sato is the wife of the first discoverer, who has received much support from her for his disc
9419KeikochakiKeiko Chaki (b. 1954) is the president of the Sidewalk Astronomy Society in Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan.
9422KuboniwaAtsuo Kuboniwa (b. 1964) is a science torch-bearer and an amateur astronomer. He has been engaged in
9424HiroshinishiyamaHiroshi Nishiyama (b. 1956) is an amateur astronomer who observers of variable stars and undertakes
9432IbaYasuaki Iba (1894-1957) was a trading merchant and an amateur astronomer in Kobe, Japan. He informe
9434BokusenNumajiri Bokusen (1775-1856) was a Japanese educator, geographer and astronomer, who lived in Tsuchi
9435OdafukashiFukashi Oda (b. 1957) is a science teacher of Shudo Junior and Senior High School in Hiroshima, Japa
9436ShudoShudo is a private boys' junior and senior high school in Hiroshima, Japan. Yoshinaga Asano, Fifth
9437HironariHironari Yamane (b. 1980) has been director of the Kamagari Astronomical Observatory on an island of
9574TakuNamed in memory of Hiroshi Nakamura (1891-1974), Japanese medical biochemist and researcher of old m
9580TarumiNamed for the ward in Kobe City where the first discoverer was born and lives. Tarumi is depicted i
9599OnotomokoTomoko Ono (b. 1968) is one of the most active staff members in the Public Relations Center at the N
9632SudoKenichi Sudo (b. 1958) is a Japanese medical technologist and amateur astronomer. He is general sec
9642TakatahiroHiroyuki Takata (b. 1961) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and chief editor of the newsletter of the
9648GotouhideoGotou Hideo (b. 1951) is a Japanese amateur astronomer who was born in Oogaki, Gifu prefecture. He
9649JunfukueJun Fukue (b. 1956), professor at Osaka Kyoiku University, works on theoretical studies concerning a
9650OkadairaThe Okadaira Shell Mound located in Miho village, Ibaraki prefecture, was built on the south coast o
9655YaburangerYaburanger is a nickname for Japanese amateur castle researchers in Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures.
9658Imabari Named for a city in eastern Ehime prefecture, famous for the shipbuilding and textile industries, es
9719YakageWith the neighboring town of Kamogata, the town of Yakage borders the Okayama Astrophysical Observat
9746Kazukoichikawa Named in honor of Kazuko Ichikawa, who has loved dolls since her childhood. While working for a toy
9751KadotaKen-ichi Kadota (b. 1961) is a computer engineer and renowned amateur astronomer in Ageo, Saitama pr
9756EzakiYusuke Ezaki (b. 1957), a CCD astrometric observer in Toyonaka, Osaka prefecture, is manager of the
9782EdoEdo is the former name for Tokyo, the capital and largest city of Japan. Edo became the center of J
9783Tensho-kanTensho-kan was the first planetarium in Japan, located at the science center in Osaka. Over 10 mill
9784YotsubashiYotsubashi, in the center of Osaka, is where the astronomers of the Edo period observed eclipses. T
9785SenjikanSenjikan was an astronomy group in Osaka in the Edo period. The group studied geodesy, positional a
9786GakutensokuGakutensoku was the first Japanese robot, created in 1928 by Makoto Nishimura. Gakutensoku was feat
9788YagamiJunko Yagami (b. 1958) is a renowned singer-songwriter. One of her hit songs is ‘Polar Star’. She co
9800ShigetoshiShigetoshi Inoue (b. 1961) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and a key member of Ota Astronomical Clu
9842FunakoshiHiromi Funakoshi (b. 1961) works in Gifu prefecture's Fujihashi village office. He previously contr
9844OtaniNamed in honor of Toyokazu Otani (b. 1928), first lecturer at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical
9851SakamotoMakoto Sakamoto (b. 1967) is a research fellow of the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory. He wor
9852GoraRonald Gora (b. 1933) is a former American swimmer who finished eighth in the men's 100-meter free-s
9865AkiraohtaAkira Ohta (1951-2002) was an amateur observer of meteors and comets. He was a leader of volunteer a
9869YadoumaruYasushi Yadoumaru (b. 1965) is a research fellow at the Misato Observatory. His primary field of st
9870MaehataHideko Maehata (née Hideco Hyodo, 1914-1995), born in Hashimoto city, Wakayama Prefecture, won the g
9871JeonJeon San-Woon (b. 1928) is a historian of Korean astronomy and technology. He served as president o
9886AoyagiFusao Aoyagi (b. 1952) is the president of astronomical society in the town of Ishikawa, Fukushima p
9898YoshiroYoshiro Yamada (b. 1954) is a leading popularizer of astronomy in Japan. He worked at the National A
9947TakaishujiAn elementary school teacher, Shuji Takai (b. 1967) is a member of the Kuroishi Subaru Association.
9960SekineMasumi Sekine (b. 1950) is the president of astromomical society at Ageo city. He has been involved
9967AwanoyumiYumi Awano (b. 1972) is the curator of the Okayama Astronomical Museum. She created the astronomica
9971IshiharaTakahiro Ishihara (b. 1961) was president of the Hiroshima Astronomical Society from 1987 to 1997 an
9972MinoruodaMinoru Oda (1923-2001) was a cosmic-ray physicist, who started to work in x-ray astronomy when he wa
9977KentakunimotoKenta Kunimoto (b. 1960) is a Japanese neurosurgeon and a specialist in emergency medicine. He is th
9981KudoTakahiro Kudo (b. 1961) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and a key member of the Ota Astronomical Cl
9985Akiko Named in honor of Akiko Yamamoto (1963– ), a member of the Yatsuka Observatory and observing partner
9986HirokunHirokun is a nickname for Hiroshi Fukazawa, who was the fiancé of Mizuho Urata (1972-2004), daughter
9990NiiyaekiNiiya Eki is the name of the train station in Ozu city ( population 46000) Ehime Prefecture , Japan.
9993KumamotoKumamoto is the name of both a prefecture and its capital city---home of the discoverer---on the Jap
10006SessaiNishiyama Sessai (1735-1798) was a Confucian scholar in the Edo period, born at Kamogata, Okayama pr
10008RaisanyoRai Sanyo (1780-1832) was a Confucian scholar in the Edo period, born at Takehara, Hiroshima prefect
10078StanthorpeStanthorpe, known as Queensland's wine capital, is a town nestled in national parks on the highlands
10091BandaisanMt. Bandaisan is an active volcano and with a height of 1819 meters the symbolic mountain of Fukusim
10092SasakiKatsuhiro Sasaki (b.1941), the director of the Department of Science and Engineering, National Scien
10094EijikatoEiji Kato (b. 1942), together with his wife Naomi, runs a bed and breakfast in Australia and introdu
10117TanikawaKiyotaka Tanikawa (b. 1944) is an associate professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Ja
10141GotenbaGotenba is a city at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Every year it is the site of a star party that promotes
10142SakkaKazuyuki Sakka (b. 1943), the director of the Kyoto School of Computer Science, studied spectroscopi
10143KamogawaKamogawa, a famous river in Japan, flows through the center of Kyoto city. Kamogawa has often appea
10148ShiraseThe adventurer Nobu Shirase (1861-1946) was the first Japanese to explore Antarctica, reaching latit
10152UkichiroUkichiro Nakaya (1900-1962), professor of physics at Hokkaido University, studied the crystalline st
10155NumagutiAtusi Numaguti (1963-2001), an associate professor at Hokkaido University, was actively involved in
10157AsagiriAsagiri Highlands are located at the west side of Mt. Fuji in Shizuoka prefecture. The clear air is
10158TaroubouTarobou Highland is located at the west side of Mt. Fuji, in Gotenba City, Shizuoka prefecture. The
10159TokaraThe Tokara Archipelago in southern Japan includes seven inhabited and five uninhabited islands.
10160TotoroHayao Miyazaki produced the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro in 1988, featuring the fairy To
10163Onomichi Named for a city in eastern Hiroshima {see planet  (2247)} prefecture. Blessed with abundant natural
10166TakarajimaTakarajima is the southernmost inhabited island of the Tokara Archipelago, made of upheaval coral re
10169OgasawaraLocated in the Pacific Ocean 1000 km south of Tokyo, the Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands), with the
10171TakaotenguTakaotengu is a legendary supernatural creature on Mt. Takao, the history of which dates back to 130
10178IrikiIriki is a historical town in the Satuma area, Kagoshima prefecture. Here on the Mt. Yaeyama highla
10179IshigakiThe picturesque Ishigakijima is the largest of the Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa prefecture. Installed i
10193NishimotoPhysicist Daron L. Nishimoto (b. 1966) has worked at AMOS since 1988. The good-natured support of hi
10209IzanakiAccording to the Japanese myth, Izanaki-no-mikoto is the god who descended to the island Onogoro wit
10224HisashiHisashi Hirabayashi (b. 1943), senior chief officer of JAXA Space Education and director of the Spac
10226SeishikaSeishika is a thin purple flower specified as an endangered plant. Known as its elusive flower, it
10272YukoYuko Kimura (b. 1981) is an administrative associate at the National Astronomical Observatory of Jap
10300TanakadatePhysicist Aikitu Tanakadate (1856-1952) was a pioneer in geophysical research in Japan. He started
10301KataokaYoshiko Kataoka (b. 1927), an amateur astronomer in Takarazuka, Hyogo prefecture, is a director of t
10304IwakiMasae Iwaki (b. 1933), an amateur astronomer in Oita, is the winner of the Vega Prize for distinguis
10319ToshiharuToshiharu Hatanaka (b. 1962), a research associate in the department of information and knowledge en
10321RampoRampo Edogawa (Hirai Taro, 1894-1965), born in Nabari city, Mie prefecture, was a writer who special
10326KuraganoSukehikro Kuragano (b. 1933) is a member of Kawasaki Astronomical Association and has been an amateu
10351SeiichisatoSeiichi Sato (b. 1930) is a member of Kawasaki Astronomical Association. As a medical doctor he gr
10352KawamuraMikio Kawamura (b. 1931) is a member of Kawasaki Astronomical Association. He is a mechanical engin
10364TainaiTainai-Daira is a hilly district in Kurokawa Village, north of Niigata prefecture. Since 1984, the
10365KurokawaKurokawa is a small village with a mere 1800 population, located in northern Niigata prefecture. Th
10366ShozosatoShozo Sato (b. 1943) is a maker and repairman of art clocks. He is an experienced lunar photographe
10367SayoSayo is a town in Hyogo prefecture where the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory is situated. The
10368KozukiKozuki is a town in Hyogo prefecture where the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory is situated. T
10375MichiokugaNamed in memory of Michio Kuga (1927-1999), high school teacher and from 1971 to 1982 curator at the
10385AmaterasuAmaterasu-oomikami, the mythical Japanese goddess of the sun, was born from the left eye of the god
10400HakkaisanHakkaisan is a sacred mountain in Niigata prefecture, where religious training is carried out. The a
10405YoshiakiYoshiaki Mogami (1546-1614) was a military commander during the Japanese feudal period. He was on t
10412TsukuyomiAccording to myth, Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto, the Japanese god of night and the moon, was born from the ri
10449TakumaHitoshi Takuma (b. 1949) is an active solar observer in Japan who has been observing sunspots and so
10453BanzanKumazawa Banzan (1619-1691) was a Confucian scholar in the Edo period. He endeavored to popularize
10500Nishi-koenNishi-koen park is the location of the Sendai Astronomical Observatory, which is celebrating its fif
10516SakurajimaMt. Sakurajima is a volcano located on the southern tip of Kyushu, Kagoshima prefecture, on the sout
10526GinkoginoGinko Ogino (1851-1913), the first registered woman doctor in Japan, opened doors for women into the
10540HachigorohHachigoroh Kikuchi (1926-1999) was the executive committee chief of the Haramura star party and was
10547YosakoiYosakoi is a popular Japanese folk song, loved and sung by the people of Kochi prefecture sin
10555TagaharueHarue Taga (b. 1951) is astronomy curator of Chiba Municipal Planetarium. She plays an active part a
10559YukihisaYukihisa Matsumoto (b. 1962), a former researcher of the Nishi Mino Observatory, now works at the bo
10560MichinariMichinari Yamamoto (b. 1970) is a researcher at Ayabe City Observatory, known for his ability to org
10561ShimizumasahiroMasahiro Shimizu (b. 1956) is the president of the Shimizu Clinic, site of the largest astronomical
10566ZabadakZabadak is a name of a Japanese music group that is led by Tomohiko Kira. Their music encourages res
10570ShibayasuoYasuo Shiba (b. 1961) is the data manager of the Japan Meteor Society. He specializes in fireballs,
10572KominejoKominejo castle, in Sirakawa city, is famous as a place where observations were made of the 1887 Aug
10582HarumiHarumi Ikari (b. 1957) is the wife of the discoverer.
10583KanetuguKanetugu Naoe (1560-1619) was a military commander during the Japanese feudal period. He was on the
10585Wabi-SabiWabi-Sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic. Valued are one-of-a-kind objects of natural mat
10601HiwatashiNamed in honor of Kenji Hiwatashi (b. 1922), electrical engineer at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporat
10602MasakazuMasakazu Kusakabe (b. 1946) is a ceramic artist, best known for his design of the Smokeless Wood Fir
10604SusanooSusanoo-no-mikoto is the Japanese god of heroes and the ancestor soul and a younger brother of the g
10609HiraiNamed in honor of Yuzo Hirai (b. 1948), professor at the Institute of Information Sciences and Elect
10617TakumiAmateur astronomer Takumi Takahata (b. 1941) has created many computer programs that are used for as
10619NinigiAccording to the Japanese myth, the god Ninigi-no-mikoto is a grandson of the goddess Amaterasu. By
10744TsurutaMasatoshi Tsuruta (b. 1938), president of the Saga Astronomical Society since 1998, is an instructor
10760OzekiTakaaki Ozeki (b. 1952), previously a teacher of science, is now astronomy curator of the Hoshinoko
10767ToyomasuShinji Toyomasu (b. 1967) is a research fellow of the Misato Observatory. Since 1995, his main funct
10768SarutahikoSarutahiko is a Japanese god who was a giant with a long nose and sparkling red eyes. When the god
10791UsonUson Morishita (1890-1965), born in Sagawa, Kochi prefecture, was one of the earliest mystery writer
10803CaréyoJose M. Caréyo (b. 1938) is a jazz composer living in Havana. Inspired by the striking image of come
10804AmenouzumeAmenouzume is the mythical Japanese goddess who managed to free the goddess Amaterasu by dancing in
10805IwanoHisaka Iwano (b. 1957) is an engineer and amateur astronomer in Japan, active in organizing local st
10822YasunoriYasunori Harada (b. 1971) is a research engineer and amateur astronomer in Japan, well known for his
10823SakaguchiNaoto Sakaguchi (b. 1962) is an amateur astronomer well known around Tokyo for his efforts in arrang
10831TakamagaharaTakamagahara was the heaven that appears in Japanese ancient myth. The place was ruled by the goddes
10850DensoDenso Corporation, for which the discoverer worked for eight years as an electrical engineer, is the
10853AimotoMinoru Aimoto (b. 1965), a senior researcher at Saji Observatory, is in charge of astronomical exhib
10878MoriyamaMoriyama is a city on east side of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, in Shiga Prefecture. It wa
10880KaguyaKAGUYA (SELENE) is a lunar explorer developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. It was lau
10882ShinonagaKouji Shinonaga (b. 1952), since 1991 the director of Kamagari Observatory, located in Hiroshima pre
10884TsuboimasakiMasaki Tsuboi (b. 1954) is president of the Hiroshima Astronomical Society and a leader of the amate
10885HorimasatoMasato Hori (b. 1957) is a specialist in civil engineering and a member of the Hiroshima Astronomica
10900FolknerWilliam Folkner (b. 1956), a principal scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is a recognized a
10916Okina-OunaOkina and Ouna are the two small lunar explorers developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
11064DogenThe Japanese priest Dogen Zenji (1200-1253) built Eiheiji Temple in Fukui prefecture in 1243 in orde
11072HiraokaHiroyuki Hiraoka (b. 1957) is an elementary-school teacher and amateur astronomer, active in the Hir
11074KuniwakeRyoku Kuniwake (b. 1957), a longtime member of the Hiroshima Astronomical Society, uses many wonderf
11079MitsunoriMitsunori Kaneko (b. 1957) is an elementary-school teacher and was secretary of the Fukuoka Astronom
11086NagatayujiYuji Nagata (b. 1953), former director of the Fukuoka Astronomical Society, has interests in comets
11092IwakisanIwakisan is a composite volcano with a beautiful contour, dubbed the “Tsugaru Fuji”. Located in the
11099SonodamasakiMasaki Sonoda (b. 1954), an associate president of the Saga Astronomical Society since 1989, is acti
11107HakkodaHakkoda is the generic name for several mountain peaks in northernmost Honshu. Kyuuya Fukada propos
11109IwatesanIwatesan is a volcano with a peak of 2041 m that erupted a few years ago. It is located on the east
11115KariyaKariya City (population 126~000), where the discoverer lived for one and a half years, is located in
11119TaroSoutaro Ito (b. 1925) has contributed much to the popularization of astronomy and established the Na
11127HagiThe name “Hagi-Lespedeza” is derived from the flower in the symbol of Sendai city. Among those sugg
11129HayachineThe Hayachine mountain is located in the Kitakami highlands. Countless lovely alpine plants flower i
11133KumotoriThe highest peak in the Tokyo Metropolis, this 2017-m mountain is located at the boundary between To
11135RyokamiRyokami Mountain is located at the northern part of the Kanto plain. It is known for its exceptional
11137YarigatakeYarigatake Mountain has a characteristic pear-shaped peak. A difficult and challenging 3180-meter c
11138HotakadakeHotakadake is the generic name of several mountain peaks, some of them more than 3000 meters high, i
11140YakedakeOne of the 100 most celebrated mountains of Japan, Yakedake is a small smoking volcano, a beautiful
11146KirigamineKirigamine, one of the 100 most celebrated mountains of Japan, is the general name of several gradua
11149TateshinaTateshina is an old volcano located in the Yatsugatake mountains. Its height is 2530 m and it looks
11151OodaigaharaOodaigahara is located on the southern end of the mountain-chain boundary between Nara and Mie prefe
11152OomineThe Oomine mountain chain, located in the middle of the Kii peninsula, is in the National Park of Yo
11154KobushiKobushi mountain (height 2475 meters) is located in the Oku-Chichibu area. The name means that the
11155KinpuKinpu, one of the 100 most celebrated mountains of Japan, is located in the Oku-Chichibu area. From
11159MizugakiMizugaki mountain is located at the western end of the Oku-Chichibu mountain chain. Composed of lar
11161DaibosatsuDaibosatu mountain, which has a 2057-m peak, is located on the northern end of the Koganesawa mounta
11255FujiiekioFujii Ekio (1910-1990) was an amateur astronomer and sometime director of the Okayama Astronomy Muse
11258AoyamaAoyama Gakuin, a Christian educational institute founded in 1874, is the discoverer's Alma Mater. H
11280SakuraiYukio Sakurai (b. 1953) is a local government official and an amateur astronomer in Japan. Inspired
11282HanakusaKiyotaka Hanakusa (b. 1956), director of the Seiwa Kogen Observatory since 1995, is an astronomy sch
11294KazuKazumasa Imai (b. 1955) is a Japanese radio astronomer at Kochi National College of Technology. He
11296DenzenAoudou Denzen (1748-1822) was a western-style painter of the Edo period born in Sukagawa in Oshu (no
11304CowraCowra in New South Wales, Australia, is a tourist destination. It is home to the largest Japanese g
11317HitoshiHitoshi Hasegawa (b. 1957) is a computer programmer and an amateur planetary scientist specializing
11321TosimatumotoTosikazu Matumoto (b. 1941), a comet hunter in Takefu, Fukui prefecture, is manager of the comet sec
11323NasuEiichi Nasu (b. 1955) was chief editor of the newsletter Astro Oita of the Astronomical Socie
11324HayamizuTsutomu Hayamizu (b. 1962), since 1997 associate director of the Sendai Space Hall and Observatory,
11376TaizomutaTaizo Muta (b. 1937) is a physicist. His main interest is in the application of quantum field theor
11492ShimoseNobuo Shimose (b. 1944) is well known in Yamaguchi prefecture as a professional cameraman of the fir
11494HibikiThe Sea of Hibiki is an open-sea region between the Fukuoka and Yamaguchi prefectures. The name was
11495FukunagaYasutoshi Fukunaga (b. 1951) is a well-known amateur astronomer in Yamaguchi prefecture, the site of
11504KazoKazo is a city in Saitama prefecture, 50 km north of Tokyo.
11514TsunenagaIn 1613 Hasekura Tsunenaga (1571-1622) led the first Japanese mission across the Pacific to the Amer
11515OshijyoOshijyo, the symbol of Gyoda Ichi, is located in the central part of that city and dates from the Mu
11516ArthurpageArthur Page (b. 1922) is an Australian astronomer who has made a significant contribution to the stu
11528MieMie Nagata (b. 1963) was a lecturer at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo from 1
11545HashimotoKunihiko Hashimoto (b. 1951) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and a long-time member of the Fukuoka
11579TsujitsukaTakashi Tsujitsuka (b. 1961) is an elementary school teacher and a well-known amateur astronomer in
11593UchikawaYoshihisa Uchikawa (b. 1947) is one of the leading amateur astronomers from Saga prefecture and the
11612ObuObu City (population 76~000), where the discoverer lived for six and a half years, is located in the
11615NaoyaNaoya Matsumoto (b. 1952) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and president of the Nagasaki Astronomica
11623KagekatuKagekatu Uesugi (1555-1623) was a military commander during the Japanese feudal period. He was lord
11664KashiwagiShuji Kashiwagi (b. 1952) is a junior high school teacher and associate president of the Astronomica
11682ShiwakuHideaki Shiwaku (b. 1963) is one of promoters of the Matsue Astronomical Club, an amateur astronomer
11752MasatakesagaiMasatake Sagai (b. 1950) became a member of the Nanyo Astronomical Club in 1985 and is an active pop
11794YokokebukawaYoko Kebukawa (b. 1981) is a Professor in the Faculty of Engineering of the Yokohama National Univer
11809ShinnakaYoshiharu Shinnaka (b. 1986) is a Japanese astronomer studying the physicochemical evolution of the
11817OguriJunko Oguri (b. 1977) is a librarian at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. She is also
11820MikiyasatoMikiya Sato (b. 1967) is a Japanese amateur astronomer who studies dust trails of meteor showers, no
11827WasyuzanWasyuzan is a hill commanding a fine view of the Inland Sea, in Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture.
11860UedasatoshiSatoshi Ueda (b. 1954) is the astronomical head of the Kagoshima Municipal Science Hall and is also
11861TeruhimeTeruhime (1552-1627) was a wife and supporter of Kuroda Kanbe, who was instrumental in helping Japan
11873Kokuseibi“Kokuseibi” is another name for The National Museum of Western Art. It opened in 1959 to introduce
11878HanamiyamaHanamiyama Mountain in Fukushima city is famous for the production of flowering plants. In spring t
11915NishiinoueTsuyoshi Nishiinoue (b. 1954) studied at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the Weste
11921MitamasahiroMasahiro Mita (b. 1948) is a well-known writer. In 1977 he won the Akutagawa Prize, which is one of
11925UsubaeUsubae at Cape Ashizuri in western Kochi prefecture is a beautiful beach featuring many strange rock
11928AkimotohiroHiroyuki Akimoto (b. 1967) is editor-in-chief of the Japanese monthly astronomical magazine Gekka
11929UchinoSatoshi Uchino (b. 1935), for many years the chief secretary of the Kawasaki Astronomical Associatio
11930OsamuOshima Osamu (b. 1959) is a leading amateur astronomer and science teacher in Gunma prefecture and v
11933HimukaHimuka is an old Japanese name for the Miyazaki prefecture region. The name was selected among other
11959OkunokenoKeno Okuno (b. 1932), an amateur astronomer and a member of the Kawasaki Astronomical Association, h
11987YonematsuYonematsu Shiono (b. 1947) is an investigator of traditional life in Japan and has published many ar
12003HideosugaiHideo Sugai (b. 1930), a retired teacher, is a Japanese amateur astronomer. He has been observing v
12028AnnekinneyAstronomer Anne L. Kinney (b. 1950) quantified the misalignment of the central black hole accretion
12031KobatonSince 2005, Kobaton (also known as Shirakobato, or the Eurasian collared dove) has been the official
12047HideomitaniIn 1975, Hideo Mitani (b. 1946) founded a library of nature photographs, including astronomical phot
12056YoshigeruYoshida Shigeru (1952-1997) was a Japanese physician who specialized in the circulatory system and t
12084UnnoJuza Unno (Sano Shoichi, 1897-1949) was a mystery writer and pioneer of Japanese science fiction. <
12127MamiyaRinzo Mamiya (1780-1844) was an explorer and surveyor of the northern area of Japan. In 1809, he rea
12221OgatakoanBorn in Okayama prefecture, Ogata Koan (1810-1863) was a medical doctor with knowledge of European m
12252GwangjuOn 2002 Apr. 20 Gwangju, Korea, became the seventh friendship city of Sendai, Japan. Gwangju and S
12262NishioTomoaki Nishio (b. 1963) was an editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide, the Japanese monthly astronomi
12278KisohinokiJapanese cypresses (hinoki), especially the Kiso cypresses, were used as building materials f
12326ShirasakiShuichi Shirasaki (b. 1958), an anesthesiologist in Sapporo city, was the finalist in the selection
12335TatsukushiTatsukushi is a beach on the western side of Ashizuri peninsular in Kochi prefecture known for the u
12357ToyakoLake Toya (Toyako) is part of Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido.
12362MumurykMumuryk Keiko Yuharo (b. 1959) is a painter and illustrator. Having started painting as a 4-year-ol
12365YoshitokiTakahashi Yoshitoki (1764-1804) was chief of the Edo National Astronomical Observatory at Edo, Japan
12370KageyasuTakahashi Kageyasu (1785-1829) was the chief astronomer of the shogunal government of Japan. He was
12372KagesukeShibukawa Kagesuke (1787-1856) was chief of the Edo National Astronomical Observatory in Edo, Japan,
12383EboshiEboshi-iwa is the common name of Uba Shima, located off Chigasaki beach. Kanagawa prefecture. The n
12388KikunokaiThe traditional dance troupe “Kikunokai” was established in 1972 by Michiyo Hata (Onoe Kikunori). T
12391EcoadachiAdachi Ward is one of 23 wards of Tokyo and is located in a natural environment in the city. The pu
12400KatumaruKatumaru Okuni (b. 1932) is the younger brother of the discoverer.
12408FujiokaHiroshi Fujioka (b. 1946), born in Kuma Town, is an actor, martial artist, and a dedicated volunteer
12411TannokayoKayo Tanno (b. 1967), an elementary school teacher since 1989, is a leader in science education. He
12432UsudaThe Usuda Deep Space Center of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, located in Saku city, Nagano
12435SudachiSudachi (Citrus sudachi) is a small, round, green citrus fruit that is a specialty of Tokushima pref
12439OkasakiDuring the past three decades amateur astronomer Kiyomi Okasaki (b. 1950) has discovered two comets
12445SiratakaThe town of Sirataka, where the discoverer was born, is located in the southern part of Yamagata pre
12460MandoMando, the largest annual festival in Iruma, Saitama prefecture, involves thousands of lantern light
12469KatsuuraKatsuura is a city in Chiba prefecture, where one can enjoy the wide ocean and forested hills. The
12477HaikuHaiku is a Japanese poetry form with 17 syllables in three lines.
12515SuisekiLiterally “Water-Stone” in Japanese, Suiseki is the Japanese art form of stone appreciation. Small,
12614HokusaiJapanese wood-carver amd painter Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) carved some 35~000 sheets and painte
12682KawadaKawada Oukou (1830-1896) was a Japanese classical scholar born in Tamashima, Okayama prefecture.
12706TanezakiTanezaki is a beach on the eastern side of Urado Bay in Kochi prefecture. It is a beautiful parkla
12734HarunaHaruna Takahashi (b. 1994) is the eldest daughter of the first discoverer.
12746YumegingaThe name Yumeginga is derived from the nickname of the Space and Science Museum in Takeo, Saga prefe
12749OdokaiganOdokaigan is a beach on the Otsuki Peninsula at the south-western tip of Shikoku, Japan. It boasts
12771KimshinJapanese synthesizer performer Kim Shin (b. 1955) played a requiem melody at the memorial ceremony f
12787AbetadashiTadashi Abe (b. 1943), a Japanese amateur astronomer, taught high school from 1966 to 2004. He pour
12788ShigenoToramatsu Shigeno (1898-1986), the discoverer's father-in-law, had a keen interests in astronomy and
12796KamenriderJapanese TV character Kamen Rider, played by Hiroshi Fujioka, is a cyborg and a lover of justice. N
12801SomekawaSomekawa Shuichi (1962-1997) was a Japanese amateur astronomer and optical engineer. The name was s
12802HaginoJapanese amateur astronomer Hagino Akira (1949-1999) died in a tragic accident while observing. He
12810OkumiomoteOkumiomote is the site, in northern Niigata prefecture, of a community among the mountains in Asahi
13015NoradokeiNoradokei is a clock tower handmade by Hatakenaka Genma in 1897 at Aki city, Kochi prefecture, when
13039AwashimaAwashima is a small island, 20 km in circumference, in Niigata prefecture, in the Sea of Japan. The
13140ShinchukaiShinchukai is the name of the alumni association of Shingu Middle School, Wakayama prefecture. The
13146YurikoYuriko Okuni (b. 1934) is the wife of the discoverer.
13156MannoucyoMannoucyo is the name of a new town in Kagawa prefecture on Shikoku island. It was formed from the
13188OkinawaOkinawa, the southwestern-most prefecture in Japan, has a complicated history and beautiful sea and
13198BanpeiyuBanpeiyu (Citrus Banpeiyu) is a large, round, yellow citrus fruit that is a specialty of Kumamoto pr
13207TamagawaTamagawa (population 5800), located in the eastern part of Ehime prefecture, is home of Tamagawa Jun
13221NaoNaomi Nakamura (b. 1965), whose nickname is Nao, is the wife of the discoverer.
13239KanaKana Nakamura (b. 1999), whose initials are “KN”, is the daughter of the discoverer.
13365TenzinyamaTenzinyama is a mountain in the western part of Iwamuro village, Niigata prefecture. There is a cas
13529YokaboshiYokaboshi is a local astronomical group established at Baloon Yoka Astronomical Observatory in 1992
13553MasaakikoyamaMasaaki Koyama (b. 1934), Japanese baseball player, was known for his superb ball control and was ca
13561KudogouGou Kudo (b. 1954) is a high school science teacher and amateur astronomer. A director of the Kuroi
13567UrabeMamoru Urabe (b. 1960), a teacher of junior high school and an amateur astronomer, is a volunteer se
13569OshuOshu City is situated in the southern inland region of Iwate prefecture. It was formed on 2006 Feb.
13576GotoyoshiYoshihiro Goto (b. 1955) is a local civil servant and a Japanese amateur astronomer. As a member of
13576GotoyoshiYoshihiro Goto (b. 1955) is a local civil servant and a Japanese amateur astronomer. As a member of
13577UkawaHirohumi Ukawa (b. 1942) mentored many an astronomical amateur and astronomy specialist by the time
13582TominariIchiro Tominari (b. 1955), a prefectural government official, is also well known as an amateur astro
13608AndosatoruSatoru Ando (b. 1954) has for many years been a passionate disseminator of astronomy as chairman of
13624AbeosamuJapanese amateur astronomer Osamu Abe (b. 1950) is by profession a researcher on snow and ice. He d
13627YukitamayoTamayo Yuki (b. 1956) joined the Fukuoka Astronomical Society and actively participates in their reg
13643TakushiTakushi Yokota (b. 1958) was the leader of Kobe University astronomy club. He was also an observing
13654MasudaMasuda is an area in Tanegashima, Kagoshima prefecture, where one can enjoy a great ocean view. The
13678ShimadaOsamu Shimada (b. 1914) is a professor emeritus in science at Yamagata University. He is now a resea
13679ShinanogawaShinanogawa is the river that flows from Nagano prefecture to Niigata prefecture and into the Sea of
13686KongozanKongozan mountain (height 583 meters) is located in the east of Shirataka town, Yamagata prefecture.
13691AkieAkie Asami (b. 1957) is the wife of the discoverer.
13787NagaishiNagaishi city, situated in the southern part of Yamagata prefecture, has a population of 30~000 and
13815FuruyaKazuko Furuya (b. 1954) has devoted herself to kindergarten education since 1975. At present she is
13918TsukinadaThe sea off the town of Otsuki, Kochi prefecture, is well known for coral products. Underwater cora
13934KannamiKannami is a town in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, where the Gekko Observatory is located. Kannami mea
13978HiwasaHiwasa is a coastal town in Tokushima prefecture. Its Ohama Beach is known for sea turtles coming a
14004ChikamaTaketo Chikama (b. 1961) is a founding member of the Fukuoka Astronomical Society. His greatest ple
14010JomonaomoriJomon is the Japanese Neolithic culture (14000 BC--300 BC) known for its sophisticated culture and p
14012AmedeeAmedee is a small uninhabited island 30 km west of Noumea, New Caledonia. The huge lighthouse, said
14031RozyoRozyo Elementary School is the name of a historical school in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It was or
14032MegoPrincess Mego (1568-1653) was the wife of Datemasamune, a feudal lord in the Sendai area. After mar
14036YasuhirotoyamaYasuhiro Toyama (b. 1953) is a Japanese electronic engineer. He has developed a number of inexpensi
14046KeikaiKeikai mountain (height 294 meters) is located in the north of Nanyo-city, Yamagata prefecture. The
14047KohichiroKohichiro Morita (1954-2012) was a professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. As
14105NakadaiTatsuya Nakadai (b. 1932) is a prominent Japanese actor who has received awards from the Cannes, Ven
14226HamuraNamed in honor of Jay Hamura for mentoring a finalist in the 2001 Discovery Young Scientist Challeng
14313DodairaDodaira station was dedicated in 1962 with a 0.91-m reflector and 0.50-m Schmidt telescope as a bran
14314TokigawaWith a population of 8000, Tokigawa is a village east of the Chichibu mountain range in Saitama pref
14315OgawamachiOgawamachi is a town of 32~000 at the eastern edge of Chichibu mountain range in Saitama prefecture
14401ReikoyukawaReiko Yukawa (b. 1936) is a Japanese music critic, songwriter and translator. She is well-known for
14436MorishitaAfter Yoko Morishita (b. 1947) retired from the medical field in 2007, she decided to nurture her in
14443SekinenomatsuRecognized as a special natural treasure that is estimated to be over 370 years old, the six-meter-h
14446KinkowanKinkowan is a Japanese bay in Kagoshima Prefecture, located on the southern tip of Kyushu, the most
14487SakaisakaeSakae Sakai (b. 1953) is a well-known amateur astronomer who owns three astronomical observatories i
14492BistarBistar is the name of the astronomical observatory at Hanadate Nature Park in Hitachiomiya city, Iba
14499SatotoshioToshio Sato (b. 1936) is an amateur astronomer and well known as an expert on the modern history of
14500KiboKibo, a word meaning “hope” or “wish”, became a Japanese nickname for the Experiment Module of the I
14504TsujimuraTamiyuki Tsujimura (1928-1998) was a technical staff member at the observatory of Kyoto University.
14515KoichisatoKoichi Sato (b. 1960) is a local government employee and amateur astronomer, active in the Nanyo Ast
14551ItagakiKoichi Itagaki (b. 1947), a confectionery manufacturing industry president, is also an amateur astro
14555ShinoharaTomoe Shinohara (b. 1979) is a Japanese TV entertainer and designer, whose favorite hobby is astrono
14701AizuAizu is the westernmost third of Fukushima prefecture, Japan. The Nisshin-kan school of samurai was
14795SyoyouTubouchi Syoyou (1859-1935) accomplished the first complete translation of Shakespeare's dramas into
14820AizuyaichiAizu Yaichi (1881-1956) was a student of Japanese classical literature and a poet of Japanese 31-syl
14821MotaenoMotaeno-Minato was the old name of Tamashima Port, Okayama prefecture, in the Edo Period. Tamashima
14843TannaTanna is the name of a railroad tunnel on the Tokaido main line, Japan, that runs for 7804 meters be
14853ShimokawaYoji Shimokawa (b. 1956) is a Japanese amateur astronomer. His major astronomical interest is the
14873ShoyoShoyo Senior High School in Takasago has departments in home economics, commercial studies and gener
14880MoaA giant flightless bird of New Zealand thought to have become extinct by A.D. 1400, MOA is also the
14901HidatakayamaHida Takayama city is located in the north of the Hida Mountains in the heart of Japan. Its castle
14902MiyairiKeinosuke Miyairi (1865-1946), of Kyushu Imperial University, a pioneer in epidemiology, discovered
14911FukamatsuDaihei Fukamatsu (b. 1956) is an amateur astronomer with a strong interest in the development of ast
14922OhyamaTetsuya Ohyama (b. 1959) is a Japanese amateur astronomer skilled in the making of his own personal
14925NaokoAstronaut Yamazaki (Sumino) Naoko (b. 1970) was chosen in 1999 to represent the National Space Devel
14926HoshideAstronaut Hoshide Akihiko (b. 1968) was involved in the development of the H-II launch vehicle, prio
14927SatoshiFurukawa Satoshi (b. 1964), a Japanese astronaut involved with the International Space Station, trai
14939NorikuraMt. Norikura (3026 m high), part of the northern Japan Alps, is an extinct volcano, located at the b
14963ToshikazuToshikazu Kanno (b. 1959), a science teacher in junior high-school, has been a member of the Nanyo A
14998OgosemachiOgosemachi is a town in the center of Saitama Prefecture. It is famous for Kuroyama-santaki, three
15003MidoriMidori Goto (b. 1971) is an extremely talented violinist, and she has also contributed much to music
15028SoushiyouSoushiyoukouen is a park on a hill located in the northern part of Nanyo-city, Yamagata prefecture.
15202Yamada-HoukokuYamada-Houkoku (1805-1877) was a Confucian and Japanese scholar of the late Edo period, born in Okay
15238HisaohoriHisao Hori (b. 1968) was born in Niihama City, Ehime prefecture, He is an amateur astronomer and me
15246KumetaYasutaka Kumeta (b. 1965) is a well known Japanese amateur astronomer and keen observer and photogra
15248HidekazuHidekazu Yamato (b. 1956), became interested in astronomy through an event in which he participated
15250NishiyamahiroHiroshi Nishiyama (b. 1962) has been a director of the Baienno Sato Observatory since 1998. He was
15252YoshikenKenichi Yoshioka (b. 1948) was a primary school principal. He joined the staff of Geisei Observator
15335SatoyukieYukie Sato (b. 1962) is an expert on astronomical photography and one of the most active members of
15350NaganumaNaganuma, Hokkaido, has for many years promoted the arts at the “Artists Atelier Village”, with more
15368KatsujiKatsuji Koyama (b. 1945), a professor emeritus of Kyoto University, works in x-ray astronomy and cos
15370KanchiKanji Nagao, whose nickname is Kanchi, is the hero in Tokyo Love Story, originally a cartoon
15387HanazukayamaHanazukayama is a 918-m mountain situated along the border between Kawamata town and Iitate village
15402SuzakuSuzaku is an imaginary vermilion bird that guards the south of Kyoto. It is also the name of the Jap
15407UdakiyooKiyoo Uda (1959-2009) was a potter at Shigaraki-ware and an amateur astronomer. He observed meteors
15415RikaRika Akana, girlfriend of Kanchi, is the heroine in Tokyo Love Story. Some stories of the TV
15469OhmuraTsutomu Ohmura (b. 1965) is a computer engineer and amateur astronomer. He is a key member of Ota As
15526KokuraKokura high school is in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Some students are involved in t
15672Sato-NorioSato-Norio (1865-1942), a Japanese educator in the Meiji period, was born in Okayama prefecture.
15716NaraharaHiroshi Narahara (b. 1968) is a coach for the Chunichi Dragons and a friend of the first discoverer.
15718ImokawaSatoshi Imokawa (b. 1965) is an astronomy instructor at the public astronomical observatory Hoshino
15723GirraweenGirraween is an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “Place of flowers”. In southeastern Queensland, G
15736HamanasuHamanasu, the name of a Japanese rose, is also the name of a sleeper train that connects Aomori and
15739MatsukumaAstronomer Takehiko Matsukuma (1890-1950), specialized in celestial mechanics, particularly the thre
15740HyakumangokuOne million “koku”, or five million bushels of rice, signify the extreme wealth of the Japanese prov
15763NagakuboNagakubo Sekisui (1717-1801) was a Japanese geographer and Confucian scholar. He produced the first
15790KeizanThe Japanese priest Keizan Zenji (1268-1325) practised asceticism at the Eiheiji Temple in Fukui pre
15791YoshiewatanabeYoshie Watanabe (b. 1963) is a Japanese writer for popular Japanese astronomy magazines. She has pub
15806KoheiKohei Mori (b. 1956) is an amateur astronomer and junior high school teacher. He has been a member
15828SincheskulBoris Fillipovich Sincheskul (b. 1936), Ukrainian astronomer, has worked at the Poltava Gravimetric
15841YamaguchiYamaguchi prefecture, where the discoverer was born, is located at the western-most end of Honshu is
15843ComcomCom Com is the science museum in Fukushima, Japan. The museum helps children grow their dreams and
15856YanokojiKoji Yano (b. 1964) is a well-known amateur astronomer in Ehime Prefecture. A skilled photographer
15857ToujiYasuo Touji (b. 1949) is an amateur astronomer in Ishigakijima, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. He is no
15884MaspalomasMaspalomas is a town in Gran Canaria Island, Spain. The Maspalomas Tracking Station of the Japan Ae
15921KintaikyoKintaikyo is one of the three most famous bridges in Japan, known collectively as Sanmeikyo. It spa
16261IidemachiIidemachi town is situated in the southern part of Yamagata, Japan. It has a population of 7800 and
16357RisanpeiRi Sanpei (d. 1655), (Li Sam Pyung in Korean) was one of the potters who was taken from the north-we
16439YamehoshinokawaYamehoshinokawa is a river in the southern part of Fukuoka prefecture. It passes from east to west t
16449KigoyamaThe 546-m Mount Kigoyama is located to the southeast of Kanazawa, Iahikawa prefecture. At its summi
16463NayoroThe city of Nayoro, with a population around 30~000, is situated in north-central Hokkaido. It has
16466PiyashiriyamaMt. Piyashiri, 987 m in height, is situated in northeast Nayoro city, Hokkaido. Its summit is crest
16503AyatoAyato Seki (b. 2005) is the first grandchild of the discoverer. He is interested in observing the c
16507FuurenFuuren town, with a population of 5300, is situated in the center of the Nayoro basin. It is known
16518AkihikoitoAkihiko Ito (b. 1959) is one of the leading CCD astrophotographers in Japan. He has shared his knowl
16528TerakadoKazuo Terakado (b. 1947), a leading scientific journalist in Japan, has made a significant contribut
16552SawamuraTsuneo Sawamura (b. 1928) invented a new anti-corrosion solder in Japan. It is being used by NASA f
16587NagamoriKyouji Nagamori (b. 1932) was involved in the calculation of planetary ephemerides in the Japan Hydr
16594SorachiSorachi, a central district of Hokkaido, had been developed by coal-mining and its related businesse
16602AnabukiKatsuhiko Anabuki (b. 1955) was born in Marugame City, Kagawa prefecture. While running a printing b
16624HoshizawaSachiko Hoshizawa (b. 1951) appears daily on a Japanese television program about cooking and has int
16625KunitsuguKunitsugu Terakado (b. 1942) was involved in the establishment and improvement of rules and regulati
16671TagoAkira Tago (b. 1926) has been the honorary president at Tokyo Future University since 2008 and is an
16675ToriiFrom 1985 to 2014 Hidemitsu Torii (b. 1947) was the director general of Sanko Gakuen in Tokyo, which
16700SeiwaSeiwa village, where the Seiwa-Kogen public observatory is located, is in the center of the island o
16713AirashiAirashi, located in the center of Kagoshima prefecture, is a new city created in 2010 by the combina
16718MorikawaYoshiki Morikawa (b. 1981) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy in Tokyo.
16719MizokamiYoshihiro Mizokami (b. 1952) has been the president of the steering committee of the Inagawa Observa
16723FumiofukeFumio Fuke (1949-2007) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed to the success of the missi
16725ToudonoToudono mountain (height 1203 meters) is located in the west of the discoverer's home town, Shiratak
16730NijisseikiThe Niji-sseiki fruit is a type of locally cultivated pear representative of and having a strong aff
16731MitsumataMitsumata is an ingredient used in traditional Japanese papermaking and represents a local Saji indu
16736TongariyamaTongariyama mountain (height 901 meters) is located in the west of the discoverer's home town, Shira
16759FuruyamaShigeru Furuyama (b. 1953) is a post-office clerk and renowned amateur astronomer in Japan. During
16760MasanoriMasanori Sato (b. 1952) is a member of Matsue Astronomy Club. He has popularized astronomy in Shima
16788AlyssarosePlanetary scientist Alyssa Rose Rhoden (b. 1980) studies icy moons throughout the solar system and i
16790YuuzouYuuzou Hasegawa (1956-2007) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed to the success of the
16796ShinjiShinji Tsuruta (1957-2008) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed to the success of the m
16807TerasakoMasanori Terasako (b. 1951) is a renowned amateur astronomer in Japan. Terasako started his visual c
16826DaisukeDaisuke Miyajima (1958-2007) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who contributed much to the success o
16853MasafumiMasafumi Kimura (1959-2009) was a Japanese aerospace engineer who calculated the spacecraft orbit an
17098IkedamaiMai Ikeda (b. 1986) was awarded fourth place in the 2003 Intel International Science and Engineering
17100KamiokanatsuNatsumi Kamioka (b. 1985) was awarded fourth place in the 2003 Intel International Science and Engin
17286BiseiBisei is the town in Okayama prefecture where the Bisei Spaceguard Center and the Bisei Astronomical
17462TakahisaTakahisa Morita (b. 1933) is a Japanese amateur astronomer who regularly opens his personal telescop
17470MitsuhashiYasuhiko Mitsuhashi (b. 1947), an amateur astronomer as well as a medical practitioner in Takamatsu
17501TetsuroSince retiring as principal of a junior high school “child astronomy club” sponsored by Kuroishi cit
17508TakumadanEducated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Takuma Dan (1858-1932) returned to Japan in 1
17544KojiroishikawaKojiro Ishikawa (b. 1947) is a Japanese amateur astronomer who has been very active in popularizing
17563TsuneyoshiTsuneyoshi Fujii (b. 1949) is director of the Sunshine Planetarium in Tokyo. Earlier he was a lectu
17645InarimoriThe Inarimori ancient burial mound is located in the south of Nanyo city, Yamagata prefecture. It h
17656HayabusaThe minor-planet explorer, Hayabusa (MUSES-C) was developed by JAXA/ISAS and launched in 2003. It t
17657HimawariHimawari, which means “sunflower”, is the name of a series of Japanese weather satellites. Himawar
17683KanagawaKanagawa is the prefecture in which Hadano is situated. In the east the active industries in Yokoha
17746HaighaHaigha, pronounced to rhyme with “mayor”, is an Anglo-Saxon messenger of the king in Lewis Carroll's
17748UedashojiUeda Shoji (1913-2000) was a professional Japanese photographer famous throughout the world. Active
17759HattaHatta is one of the king's two messengers, one to fetch and one to carry, in Lewis Carroll's Thro
17933HaraguchiWhitney Takeo Haraguchi (b. 1986) was awarded fourth place in the 2003 Intel International Science a
18087YamanakaYvonne Joy Yamanaka (b. 1986) was awarded second place in the 2003 Intel International Science and E
18161KoshiishiHajime Koshiishi (b. 1930) became interested in investigating minor planets as a natural resource.
18177HarunagaJill Shizuko Harunaga (b. 1985) was awarded second place in the 2003 Intel International Science and
18290SumiyoshiSumiyoshi, in the south of Osaka prefecture, is an important port for trade between Japan and the Ko
18291WaniWani was a scholar who came to Japan from Korea in the second half of the 4th century. He brought t
18322KorokanKorokan was a guest house for foreign envoys built in Chikushi (now Fukuoka city) in the 8th century
18365ShimomotoShigeo Shimomoto (b. 1963) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and computer programmer. He is the admi
18404KenichiKenichi Miyoshi (b. 1930) is an amateur astronomer who has contributed to astronomical awareness in
18418UjibeTadashi Ujibe (b. 1943) is an amateur astronomer who constructed the three-meter dome of his own pri
18467NagatatsuTatsuo Nagahama (b. 1952) is an amateur astronomer who became serious about his astronomical pursuit
18469HakodateHakodate, located at the southern-most part of Hokkaido, is a prosperous city of fishing and tourism
18472HatadaNaoki Hatada (b. 1967) has been the editor of the Inagawa Observatory web site since 2003. He suppo
18473KikuchijunJun Kikuchi (b. 1967) purchased his first telescope during the height of Halley's Comet fever in 198
18524TagatoshihiroToshihiro Taga (b. 1951) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and president of the Tottori Society of A
18553KinkakujiKinkakuji is the popular name of a gilded pavilion in the Rokuon-ji temple complex (a World Cultural
18609ShinobuyamaShinobuyama, called “Fuku-Shima” many centuries ago, is a small mountain in Fukushima city, Japan.
18644ArashiyamaArashiyama, situated west of Kyoto city, is the area that includes Arashiyama mountain and the shore
18818YasuhikoYasuhiko Takahashi (b. 1934) is the younger brother-in-law of the discoverer.
18840YoshiobaYoshio Oba (b. 1934) is a retired professor of earth sciences at Yamagata University and an amateur
18903MatsuuraThe geographer and explorer Takeshirou Matsuura (1818-1888) traveled throughout the Ezo under the or
18996TorasanJapanese actor Kiyoshi “Tora-san” Atsumi (1928-1996) is known for his roles in the film It's toug
19083MizukiMizuki is an ancient Japanese castle built in Chikushi (now Fukuoka city) in Fukuoka Prefecture in 6
19135TakashionakaTakashi Onaka (b. 1952) is a professor of infrared astronomy at the University of Tokyo. He is kno
19156HecoJoseph Heco (Hikozo Hamada, 1837--1897) was born in Harima town, Hyogo prefecture. He survived a sh
19159TaenakanoTae Nakano (b. 1975) plays an active part as a planetarian in the Kita-Kyushu Children's Culture and
19161SakawaSakawa is a town in Kochi prefecture with a population of 20,000, known for brewing a famous brand o
19165NariyukiKiyoshi Nariyuki (b. 1960) has played an active part in astronomical clubs in his area, often becomi
19197AkasakiYuka Akasaki (b. 1960) has been a coach at a swimming school in Nankoku city for more than 20 years
19210HigayoshihiroYoshihiro Higa (1965-2015) was an amateur astronomer and science communicator. He created the first
19228UemuraikuoIkuo Uemura (b. 1940) is a passionate and leading member of his local astronomical club Pleiades. F
19230SugaziSugazi Tanaka (b. 1947) has been director of the Inagawa Observatory since 2002. He makes nightly c
19288EgamiKatsunori Egami (b. 1959) is the leader of the astronomical volunteers at the Fukuoka Science Museum
19303ChinacyoChinacyo town is on Okinoerabujima island, one of the Amami Islands, in Kagoshima Prefecture in the
19307HanayamaHidekazu Hanayama (b. 1977) is an astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. He w
19310OsawaOsawa, meaning “big dale”, is the name of the area in the southwestern part of Mitaka City where the
19313ShibatakazunariKazunari Shibata (b. 1954) is a professor at Kyoto University, and has served as director of Kwasan
19314NakamuratetsuTetsu Nakamura (1946-2019) was a Japanese medical doctor who worked for the Afghan people and who w
19392OyamadaHiroyuki Oyamada (b. 1970) is an amateur astronomer and a member of the Chokainomori Astronomy Club
19701AomoriAomori prefecture, Japan, is located in northernmost Tohoku Region, Honshu. The southeastern coast
19707TokunaiTokunai Mogami (1755-1836) explored the northern area of Japan and learned astronomy, surveying and
19853IchinomiyaIchinomiya is the name of a high school in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The school was
19917DazaifuIn the second half of the 7th century, the Dazaifu government office was in charge of the Kyushu are
19953TakeoTakeo is a city in Saga prefecture on Kyushu island in Japan, surrounded by mountains. Takeo is fam
19954ShigeyoshiShigeyoshi Nabeshima (1800-1862) was the 28th lord of Takeo area, Saga domain in the 19th century.
19983InagekiyokazuKiyokazu Inage (b. 1950) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and popularizer of astronomy in Kagawa Pre
20038ArasakiYoshikuni Arasaki (b. 1953) has been chief of the Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki Youth House since 2017
20040TatsuyamatsuyamaTatsuya Matsuyama (b. 1983) was born in Kochi city, Japan. He teaches at University of Kochi Primar
20070KoichiyukoKoichi Takahashi (b. 1958) has been director of the Hiroshima Chapter of the Young Astronauts Club o
20073YumikoYumiko Fujii (b. 1968) is the wife of the second discoverer.
20102TakasagoTakasago, a port city at the mouth of the Kakogawa River, Hyogo prefecture, prospered during the Edo
20117TannoakiraAkira Tanno (b. 1940) is a historian studying folk customs and scientists in the Edo period of Japan
20120RyugatakeRyugatake is a town in Kumamoto, on the east coast of the beautiful Amakusa-Kamishima Island. It is
20151UtsunomiyaSyogo Utsunomiya (b. 1956) is a farmer and renowned amateur astronomer in Japan. During his 27-year
20193YakushimaYakushima is a small island located to the south of Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. This island was li
20204YuudurunosatoYuudurunosato is the nickname of Urushiyama, located in the western area of Nanyo city. The nicknam
20568MigakiJanet Migaki mentored a finalist in the 2004 Discovery Channel Youth Science Challenge (DCYSC), a mi
20625NotoThe Noto Peninsula is located in Japan's geographical center, facing the Sea of Japan. The U.S. ast
20962MichizaneSugawara no Michizane (845-903) was a noble, a scholar, a politician and a Kanshi poet. He is admir
21014DaishiDaishi is the grade school, established in Kochi city in 1880, that was attended by the discoverer f
21015ShigenariShigenari Oonishi (b. 1946) is a famous illustrator, who has designed many record covers. He opened
21016MiyazawaseirokuBrother of the author of Night On The Milky Way Train and The Twin Stars, Iwate-born S
21022IkeKoichi Ike (b. 1925) was born in Tosa city in Kochi prefecture. He took an interest in astronomy by
21035IwabuShimeichi Iwabu (b. 1914) became enthralled with total eclipses after witnessing his first in Hokkai
21082AraimasaruMasaru Arai (b. 1952) is a Japanese amateur astronomer. A devoted observer of small bodies, he has
21089MochizukiSeiji Mochizuki (b. 1942) was born in Tokyo and worked for an optical company from 1967 to 1979. Th
21126KatsuyoshiKatsuyoshi Yoshimi (b. 1951) is an amateur astrophotographer and has contributed to many minor-plane
21166NobuyukishoujiNobuyuki Maeda (b. 1957) and Shouji Higasioka (b. 1958) are brothers living in Aki city in Kochi pre
21187SetsuoSetsuo Fukushima (b. 1961) was moved by astronomical images he first saw in middle school. His work
21188KiyohiroKiyohiro Kozai (b. 1964) is well known as an enthusiastic amateur astronomer in Kagawa Prefecture.
21234NakashimaTakashi Nakashima (b. 1956) is an amateur astronomer in Kumamoto prefecture. As a member of Kumamot
21237SuematsuKenji Suematsu (b. 1966) teaches physics and earth sciences as a high school teacher in Nagasaki Pr
21238PanareaPanarea is a volcanic island placed in the south of Italy. The V-type spectrum for this object, whi
21250KamikouchiKamikouchi is a Japanese scenic point nominated as a “Special Natural Treasure” in 1952. Kamikouchi
21254JonanJonan is the town where the Kumamoto Civil Astronomical Observatory is located. The naming of the m
21262KanbaMinatsu Kanba (b. 1970) is a member of Matsue Astronomy Club. He has popularized astronomy in Shima
21275TosiyasuTosiyasu Funakosi (b. 1953), a farmer, is a Japanese amateur astronomer who has been observing occul
21327YabuzukaYabuzuka, the abbreviated name for Yabuzuka-Honmachi town, in Nitta-Gun county, in the southeastern
21328OtashiIn Mar. 2005 Ota city and three neighboring towns in the eastern part of Gunma prefecture were combi
21348ToyoteruToyoteru is a district in Niigata city, Niigata prefecture, famous for the festival Niigata So-Odori
21368ShiodayamaShiodayama is a 406-m mountain located in the north of the discoverer's home town, Shirataka, Yamaga
21460RyozoRyozo Suzuki (b. 1928) is an amateur astronomer and a manufacturer of high-end binoculars for amateu
21568EvanmorikawaEvan Takashi Morikawa (b. 1988) was awarded second place in the 2006 Intel International Science and
22106TomokoaraiTomoko Arai (b. 1971) is a scientist at the Chiba Institute of Technology who studies the compositio
22140SuzyamamotoSuzanne Yamamoto mentored a finalist in the 2005 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (DCYSC)
22177SaotomeMasatoshi Saotome (b. 1940) is one of the directors of the Japan Space Forum. He contributed greatl
22277HiradoHirado is a town in Nagaskai Prefecture, Japan. The Portugese arrived in 1550, and during the early
22346KatsumatatakashiTakashi Katsumata (b. 1952) is a professor of Nagasaki University and author of many articles on Jap
22347MishinatakashiTakashi Mishina (b. 1953) is a Japanese editor of natural science and an illustrator.
22355YahabananshozanYahabananshozan is the name of a 848-m mountain in Iwate Prefecture of Japan. It appears in Kenji M
22394KondouakiraAkira Kondou (b. 1943) has been director of the Saga City Hoshizora Astronomy Center since 2016. He
22395OurakenjiKenji Oura (b. 1965) is the director of the Kanoya City Planetarium, Kagoshima prefecture. He orga
22402GoshiGoshi Nakamura (b. 2001), whose initials are those of the provisional designation of this minor plan
22467KoharumiKobayashi Harumi is a master of the tea ceremony and an observing partner of the discoverer. This m
22489YanakaTetsuo Yanaka (b. 1954) is a post office clerk and amateur astronomer in Japan. He started his visu
22490ZigamiyamaZigamiyama is a 1850-m mountain located in the western part of the Iide mountain range, in the Banda
22736KamitakiNolan M.K. Kamitaki (b. 1992) is a finalist in the 2006 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge
22885SakaemuraSakaemura is a small mountainside village in Nagano prefecture, Japan. Adjacent to Niigata prefectur
22952HommasachiSachiko Homma (b. 1965), of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, is the secretary of Makoto Yoshi
23109MasayanagisawaMasahisa Yanagisawa (b. 1955), planetary scientist at the University of Electro-Communications, Toky
23169MichikamiTatsuhiro Michikami (b. 1971) is a planetary scientist at Fukushima College of Technology, Japan. As
23173HideakiHideaki Miyamoto (b. 1970) is a planetary scientist at the University of Tokyo. As a member of the H
23180RyosukeRyosuke Nakamura (b. 1968), of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology,
23241YadaToru Yada (b. 1971) is a planetary scientist at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science at
23245FujimuraAkio Fujimura (b. 1947) is a planetary scientist and former professor at the Institute of Space and
23254ChikatoshiJapanese planetary scientist Chikatoshi Honda (b. 1975) is a member of the Hayabusa (MUSES-C) and Ka
23294SunaoSunao Hasegawa (b. 1969) manages the two-stage light-gas guns facility at the Institute of Space and
23455FumiFumi Yoshida (b. 1966) is a Japanese astronomer who studies the small bodies of the solar system. I
23468KannabeKannabe plateau in Toyooka city, Hyogo prefecture, is well-known for its ski slopes, facilities for
23478ChikumagawaThe Chikumagawa River originates in Nagano prefecture and flows through Niigata prefecture with many
23504HanedaToshio Haneda (1910-1992) was a comet hunter from Minamisoma city (formerly Haramachi city), Fukushi
23628IchimuraYoshimi Ichimura (b. 1952) is an active Japanese amateur astronomer and high-school teacher. He dis
23644YamanekoThe Yamaneko Group of Comet Observers, founded by K. Ichikawa and the discoverer in 1980, is the mos
23649TohokuTohoku is the name of the northeastern part of Honshu island, Japan. The Great East Japan Earthquak
23727AkihasanAkihasan mountain is located north of Nanyo-city, Yamagata prefecture, Japan. The mountain is popul
23741TakaakiTakaaki Noguchi (b. 1961), a professor at Ibaraki University, Bunkyo, Japan, has studied a wide vari
23744OotsuboTakafumi Ootsubo (b. 1970) is an associate professor at Tohoku University. He has studied interplane
23772MasateruMasateru Ishiguro (b. 1971) is an assistant professor at Seoul National University who works on inte
23773SarugakuYuki Sarugaku (b. 1978), now at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Tokyo, recently completed hi
23775OkudairaKyoko Okudaira (b. 1973) is a Japanese planetary scientist. She is a member of the Stardust PET, Hay
23819TsuyoshiJapanese researcher Tsuyoshi Terai (b. 1983), of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Sub
23879DemuraJapanese lunar and planetary scientist Hirohide Demura (b. 1970) works on Japanese deep-space missio
23895AkikonakamuraAkiko Nakamura (b. 1964) is a Japanese experimentalist in the field of planetary science, especially
23896TatsuakiTatsuaki Hashimoto (b. 1963) works on spacecraft guidance and control at the Institute of Space and
23897DaikurodaKuroda Daisuke (b. 1977) is an astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. He deve
23900UrakawaSeitaro Urakawa (b. 1975) is an astronomer who works at the Bisei Spaceguard Center.
23931IbukiIbuki Kawamoto (b. 1979) is an administrative associate at the Center for Computational Astrophysics
23938KurosakiHirohisa Kurosaki (b. 1970), of the Japan Aerospace Explorarion Agency, works on asteroids, space de
23950TsusakamotoTsuyoshi Sakamoto (b. 1975), a researcher at the Japan Spaceguard Association, has, since 2006, made
23955NishikotaNishiyama Kota (b. 1965) is an astronomer who works at the Bisei Spacegaurd Center of Japan.
24005EddieozawaEddie Ozawa mentored a finalist in the 2007 Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge (DCYSC), a m
24053ShinichiroShin-ichiro Okumura (b. 1965) is an astronomer at the Bisei Spacegaurd Center of Japan. He developed
24157ToshiyanagisawaToshifumi Yanagisawa (b. 1971), a senior reseacher at JAXA, is working on the development of observa
24158KokuboKokubo Eiichiro (b. 1968) is an astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. He has
24889Tamurahosinomura“Tamurahosinomura” (“the star village”) opened in 1992 near the Abukumado limestone cave in Fukushim
24910HaruoandoHaruo Ando (b. 1951), a doctor of internal medicine, is a Japanese amateur astronomer and a member o
24919TeruyoshiTeruyoshi Ibi (b. 1956), is a science teacher at a junior high school in Kitakyushu. He is also a w
24940SankichiyamaSankichiyama mountain is located to the east of Kaminoyama, a hot-spring town in Yamagata prefecture
24962KenjitobaKenji Toba (b. 1950) is a staff member at the Ibaraki Prefectural Office and amateur astronomer in J
24965AkayuAkayu town is situated in the southern part of Nanyo city, Yamagata, Japan. The town has a populati
24984UsuiFumihiko Usui (b. 1974) is a research associate at the University of Tokyo. He played a central rol
25075KiyomotoKiyomoto Daisuke (b. 1991) was awarded second place in the 2008 Intel International Science and Engi
25088YoshimuraYoshimura Fumiya (b. 1992) was awarded second place in the 2008 Intel International Science and Engi
25143ItokawaHideo Itokawa (1912-1999) is regarded as the Father of Japanese rocketry. An aerospace engineer, It
25302NiimYoshihiro Niim is an engineer who made substantial contributions to the Hayabusa mission, which is d
25693IshitaniCatherine Elizabeth Ishitani (b. 1992) was awarded second place in the 2009 Intel International Scie
25884AsaiYoshihiko Asai (b. 1957) is a professor at Higashi Nippon International University, who contributed
25893SugiharaChiune Sugihara (1900-1986) was a Japanese consul-general stationed in Kaunas, Lithuania, during Wor
26092NorikonoriyukiNoriko Shimizu (b. 1974) is a daughter of the discoverer. She and her husband, Noriyuki Shimizu (b.
26170KazuhikoKazuhiko Ichikawa (b. 1956), a Japanese amateur astronomer, is one of the founders of the Yamaneko G
26223EnariOn 2001 Nov. 23, Akihiko Enari (b. 1980) became the first amateur radio operator (call sign JK1ZAM)
26319MiyauchiMiyauchi town is situated in the southern part of Nanyo city, Yamagata, Japan. It has a population
26331KondamuriNeil Kondamuri (b. 1992) was awarded second place in the 2010 Intel International Science and Engine
26395MegkuroharaMegan M. Kurohara (b. 1993) was awarded second place in the 2010 Intel International Science and Eng
26500ToshiohinoToshio Hino (b. 1950) is a Japanese astronomer. As chairman of Ota Uchuno Kai, he has played an acti
26501SachikoSachiko Nagata (b. 1962) teaches the art of pressing flowers and manages a pear farm.
26794YukioniimiNiimi Yukio (b. 1937) analyzed the relation between the coordinate system of the Fourth Fundamental
26937MakimiyamotoMaki Miyamoto (b. 1977), born in Ehime prefecture, is a Japanese actress. She performed many revues
26948AnnasatoAnna Sato (b. 1994) is a finalist in the 2012 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition for
26990CulbertsonFrank Lee Culbertson Jr. (b. 1949), former NASA astronaut, recorded the NASA program “Amateur Radio
26998IrisoIriso is the name of an area in Sayama-city, Saitama, Japan. Nanamagari no I, a well in Iriso, was
27003KatoizumiIzumi Kato (b. 1968), born in Ehime prefecture, is a Japanese singer. Since her debut in 1991, she h
27396ShujiShuji Nakamura (b. 1954), born in Ehime prefecture, is an electronics engineer best known as the inv
27439KamimuraJordan Roy Kamimura (b. 1997) is a finalist in the 2011 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competi
27716NobuyukiNobuyuki Yamaguchi (b. 1932), from Kurume city, Fukuoka prefecture, is an emeritus professor of mete
27739KimihiroKimihiro Matsugi (b. 1955) is from Nankoku city, Kochi prefecture. He helps visitors as a presenter
27791MasaruMasaru Kubota (b. 1959) is a broadcaster at a television station and a certified weather forecaster.
27827UkaiKazuhiko Ukai (1951-2009) was a physicist at Waseda University. A member of the Waseda Astronomical
27879ShibataShinpei Shibata (b. 1954) is a Japanese astrophysicist who works on the theory of particle accelerat
27918AzusagawaAzusagawa is a 65-km-long river which flows from the Hida mountain range, the so-called Northern Alp
27930NakamatsuKathy Nakamatsu mentored a finalist in the 2012 Intel Science Talent Search, a science competition f
27955YasumasaYasumasa Watanabe (b. 1946) became a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society in 1986 and activel
27997BandosBandos is a small island (1.5 km in circumference) located in the North Male Atoll in the Republic o
28004TerakawaExpert mirror polisher Syoji Terakawa (b. 1951) has had an interest in telescope making and astronom
28173HisakichiHisakichi Sato (1902-1989) was the discoverer's father.
28174HarueHarue Sato (1909-2001) was the discoverer's mother.
28340YukihiroYukihiro Adachi (b. 1965) is a member of Matsue Astronomy Club. He has popularized astronomy in Shi
29199HimejiHimeji is a popular tourist city in the southwestern part of Hyogo prefecture. Himeji Castle is the
29249HiraizumiThe town of Hiraizumi in Iwate prefecture reached the height of its prosperity during the twelfth ce
29252KonjikidoKonjikido, the Golden Hall of Chusonji Temple in Iwate prefecture, was built in 1124 by Fujiwara Kiy
29337HakurojoHimeji Castle, in Hyogo prefecture, is Japan's National Treasure, also known as Hakurojo or White He
29355SiratakayamaSiratakayama is a volcanic mountain, 993 meters high, in Yamagata prefecture.
29374KazumitsuKazumitsu Date (1927-1953) became a science teacher of a junior high school in 1948, and taught astr
29404HikarusatoHikaru Sato (b. 1951) is an amateur astronomer who has observed occultations by minor planets. Sinc
29420IkuoIkuo Sato (1935-1999) was the discoverer's brother.
29431ShijimiShijimi is a popular clam in Japan, and Shijimi caught near Shinji Lake, near Matsue city in Shimane
29514KaratsuKaratsu is a city in Saga Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan. According to the historical Chi
29624SugiyamaTomiei Sugiyama (b. 1949) moved from Japan to the U.S. in 1969 in the hope of becoming a Major Leagu
29737NorihiroNorihiro Nakamura (b. 1973), born in Osaka prefecture, has been a baseball player for the Kintetsu B
29905KunitakaKunitaka Sato (b. 1948) has been a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society since 1989.
29986ShunsukeShunsuke Nakamura (b. 1978) has played soccer for Reggina in the Italian Series A since 2002. From
30448YoshiomoriyamaWorking at GOTO Inc., Yoshio Moriyama (b. 1942) constructed many planetaria in Japan. He was engage
30888OkitsumisakiOkitsumisaki in western Kochi prefecture is a small promontory jutting into the Pacific Ocean. It i
31061TamaoTamao Nakamura (b. 1939), born in Kyoto prefecture, is an actress. Since her debut in 1953 on Kei
31087OiraseOirase is the name of a gorge which runs through Towada, a city in Aomori Prefecture. It is located
31095BuneiouKing Muryeong, known in Japanese as Buneiou, (462-523) was the 25th king of Baekje, an ancient kingd
31152DaishinsaiThe Higashi Nihon Dai Shinsai earthquake of 2011 March 11 caused widespread destruction in eastern J
31179GongjuGongju is a city located in Chungcheongnam-do Province of Korea, with a population of approximately
31402NegishiHiroyuki Negishi (b. 1964) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and a key member of the Ota Astronomical
31469AizawaKen Aizawa (b. 1996) was awarded best of category and first place in the 2014 Intel International Sc
31671MasatoshiMasatoshi Nakamura (b. 1951), born in Miyagi prefecture, is an actor and singer. Since successfully
32184YamauraYuichi Yamaura (b. 1955) is one of the leaders of the National Space Development Agency of Japan. H
32200SeiicyoshidaSeiichi Yoshida (b. 1974), who started the MISAO (Multitudinous Image-based Sky-survey and Accumulat
32229HigashinoSoon il Junko Higashino (b. 1998) is a finalist in the 2016 Intel Science Talent Search , a science
32288TeruiYoshihiro Terui (b. 1994) won the 2008 Space Day Award essay competition for students in junior high
32858KitakamigawaKitakamigawa is the largest river in the Tohoku district, flowing from Iwate to Miyagi prefecture.
32969MotohikosatoMotohiko Sato (b. 1939) organized the Yamagata Astronomical Society in 1961 and actively popularizes
32990Sayo-himeSayo-hime is the female protagonist of a love story, written around the sixth century, in which a yo
33056OgunimachiOgunimachi, a town of population 7300 in the middle part of Niigata prefecture, is famous for washi
33534MeiyamamuraMei Yamamura (b. 1998) was awarded second place in the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineer
33553NagaiNagai is a city in Yamagata prefecture. A 1.8-kg meteorite fell nearby on 1922 May 30.
34028WuhuiyiHuiyi Wu (b. 1999) was awarded second place in the 2017 Intel International Science and Engineering
34030TabuchiKotaro Tabuchi (b. 1999) was awarded second place in the 2017 Intel International Science and Engine
34031FukumitsuNodoka Fukumitsu (b. 1998) was awarded second place in the 2017 Intel International Science and Engi
34424UtashimaMasayoshi Utashima (b. 1951) was a researcher in the field of orbital mechanics in Japan Aerospace E
34666BohyunsanMt. Bohyunsan, located about 200 km to the south of Seoul, is the site of the largest astronomical o
34817ShiominemotoShiomi Nemoto (b. 1965) is a volunteer for the Japan International Cooperation Agency. She works for
34893MihomasatoshiHusband and wife Masatoshi Taga (b. 1969) and Miho Taga (b. 1969) worked for several years at the Na
34996MitokoumonMitokoumon is a popular name of Mitsukuni Tokugara (1628-1701), a vice Shogun of the Tokugawa family
35076YataroYataro Iwasaki (1835-1885), born in Inokuchi (present-day Aki city, Kochi prefecture) was a close fr
35093AkicityAki city, in eastern Kochi prefecture, is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and, blessed with warm w
35274KenziarinoKenzi Arino (b. 1947) became a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society in 1998 and actively popu
35286TakaoakihiroAkihiro Takao (1975-1996) was a member of the Matsue Astronomy Club. He was tragically killed in a
35371YokonozakiYoko Nozaki (b. 1965) is a curator at Higashiyamato City Museum who has shared astronomy with the ge
35441KyokoKyoko Iwasaki (b. 1978) received a gold medal in the women's 200-m breast stroke at the Barcelona Ol
36036BonucciArturo Bonucci (1954-2002) was one of the greatest Italian cellists, as well as an able amateur astr
36424SatokokumasakiSatoko Kumasaki (b. 1958) has devoted herself to elementary education since 1992. She organized the
36426KakudaKakuda is a city in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, rich in history and natural beauty. Since 1965, it ha
36472EbinaEbina is a town in central Kanagawa Prefecture. In the city, activities such as “Star School” and “
36783KagaminoKagamino Town is in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture in Japan. The Kamisaibara Spaceguard Cen
37720KawanishiKawanishi is situated in the southern part of Yamagata, Japan. It has a population of 17000 and is
37729AkiratakaoAkira Takao (b. 1952) is a Japanese physician in neurology and amateur astronomer. He is actively e
38669MichikawaMichikawa is the name of the area in Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture, Japan. From 1955 to 1962, the
39314MoritakumiTakumi Mori (1936-2015) worked in the Japan Coast Guard for many years, undertaking research in posi
39558KishineJunichiro Kishine (b. 1967) is a Japanese theoretical physicist and amateur astronomer. He speciali
39635KusataoKusatao Nakamura (1901-1983), a renowned Haiku poet, was born in China and grew up in Ehime prefectu
39679NukuhiyamaNukuhiyama mountain (height 990 m) is located in the west of the discoverer's home town, Shirataka,
39686TakeshiharaTakeshi Hara (b. 1981) became a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society in 2009 and actively pop
39799HadanoHadano is the city in which Hadano Astronomical Observatory is located. Famous in the past for its
39809FukuchanFukuchan is the name of a boy character and the title of the cartoons created by Ryuichi Yokoyama (1
40774IwaigameIwaigame Mountain (height 1417 m), located in the southern part of the Asahi mountain range, is in t
40994TekaridakeTekaridake, a mountain in the northern part of Shizuoka in Japan, is 2591 meters high. It features
41502DenchukunDenchukun is the official mascot character of Ibara city, Okayama, Japan. Its name originates from D
42566RyutaroRyutaro Hirota (1892-1952), a renowned Japanese composer, was born in Aki city, Kochi prefecture and
43605GakuhoAizu Gakuho is a senior and junior high school in Aizuwakamatsu city in Fukushima prefecture, Japan,
43794YabetakemotoAkihiko Yabe (b. 1939) and Akikazu Takemoto (b. 1941) are Japan's leading Masters Games swimmers. T
43859NaoyayanoNaoya Fujii (b. 1998) and Ayano Fujii (b. 2001) are the children of the second discoverer.
43890KatiaottaniKatia Ottani (1959-2006), an Italian elementary-school teacher, the wife of Maurizio Calza and mothe
43908HirakuHiraku Togashi (b. 1955) became a member of the Yamagata Astronomical Society in 1998 and actively p
43931YoshimiYoshimi Takahashi (1925-2005) was an amateur astronomer who contributed much to the establishment of
43998NanyoshinoNanyo Yoshinogawa is the river that flows through the center of Nanyo City, Yamagata prefecture, and
44011JuubichiThe 482-m Mount Juubichi is located in the east of Nanyo city, Yamagata prefecture. The mountain is
45500MotegiJapanese amateur astronomer Hiromitsu Motegi (b. 1960) has a particular interest in digital imaging.
46596TobataTobata, a ward of Kita-Kyushu City in Fukuoka prefecture, is the location of the Faculty of Engineer
46610BésixdouzeThe decimal number 46610 translates to the hexadecimal B612, the designation of the fictitious minor
46632RISEThe RISE (Research of Interior Structure and Evolution of solar system bodies) project of the Nation
46643YanaseTakashi Yanase (b. 1919) is one of the most renowned cartoonists in Japan. Since the 1940s he has c
46689HakuryukoHakuryuko is the name of the marsh located in the northeastern part of Akayu hot spring, Nanyo city,
46727HidekimatsuyamaHideki Matsuyama (b. 1970) became a member of the Nanyo Astronomical Lovers Club in 1990 and activel
46737AnpanmanAnpanman is a popular cartoon hero whose head is a bun filled with sweet bean jam. Authored by Taka
46796MamigasakigawaMamigasakigawa is the river that flows through the center of Yamagata City. It is a branch of the M
47077YujiYuji Nakamura (b. 1956) is an amateur astronomer and chemical engineer at the municipal office of Yo
47293MasamitsuMasamitsu Nakamura (b. 1965) is an amateur astronomer and medical technologist at the Hamamatsu Rosa
48424SouchayJean Souchay (b. 1959), an astronomer at the Paris Observatory, is a specialist on the nutation of t
48482Oruki“Oruki” is a much loved word in the Tosa (Kochi prefecture) dialect meaning “the importance of one's
48495RyugadoRyugado, in Kochi prefecture, is one of the Three Greatest Limestone Caves of Japan and has been des
48575HawaiiHawaii, the Aloha State, was first visited by Polynesians from Tahiti, rediscovered by James Cook, a
48624SadayukiSadayuki Okuni (b. 1967), nephew of the discoverer, is a high-school teacher with an interest in ast
48736EhimeEhime prefecture, where this minor planet was discovered, is located on the island of Shikoku. It i
48779MarikoMariko Hamada (b. 1964) is a musician from Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken, Japan. Her love songs cuddle ou
48807TakahataTakahata, a town of 27~000 in the southern part of Yamagata prefecture, is famous for many ancient t
49382LynnokamotoLynn Okamoto (b. 1970) is a Japanese manga artist best known for his manga and anime series “Elfen L
49440KenzotangeKenzo Tange (1913-2005), a world-renowned Japanese architect, was born in Osaka and lived in Ehime p
49500IshitoshiToshihiro Ishikawa (b. 1975) is a Japanese amateur astronomer and a key member of the Ota Astronomic
49699HidetakasatoHidetaka Sato (b. 1978) is an obstetrician and an amateur astronomer interested in small solar-syste
49702KoikedaChuzo Koikeda (b. 1928), a Japanese amateur astronomer, was president of “Kanazawa hoshinokai”, an a
52285KakurinjiKakurinji, built by Prince Shotoku in AD 589, is a historically significant Buddhist temple complex
52421DaihojiDaihoji, located in the north of the town of Kuma Kogen, was founded in 701 following an order by th
52455MasamikaMasa-aki Takanashi (1959-2001) was an active member of the Gotemba Astronomical Circle and the Nippo
52500KanataKANATA, which means “Far Away”, was proposed by the people of Japan for the name of the new 1.5-m te
52601IwayajiIwayaji, located in the eastern part of the town of Kuma Kogen, was founded in the early ninth centu
54288DaikikawasakiDaiki Kawasaki (b. 1996) is the discoverer's oldest grandchild.
54563KinokonasuKinoko Nasu (b. 1973) is a Japanese author. His best-known works are “Tsukihime”, “Fate/stay night”,
55319TakanashiYasuharu Takanashi (b. 1963) is a composer of music for video games and anime. Some of the films he
55873ShiomidakeA mountain in the northern part of Shizuoka in Japan, Shiomidake is 3047 meters high.
56957SeohideakiHideaki Seo (b. 1932) was the governor of Sundai Gakuen high school. In 1966, he established a publi
58184MasayukiyamamotoMasayuki Yamamoto (b. 1971) is a Japanese planetary scientist. He specializes in upper atmospheric
58185RokkosanRokkosan is a 1000-meter-high mountain behind the city of Kobe. The summit is the birthplace of Jap
58466SantokaSantoka Taneda (1882-1940), the “Wandering Haiku Poet”, was born in Yamaguchi and died in Ehime pref
58622SetoguchiTakashi Setoguchi (b.1961) is a member of the Oriental Astronomical Association. He predicts occult
58707KyoshiKyoshi Takahama (1874-1959), born in Ehime prefecture, was a Japanese Haiku poet and novelist. He c
61189OhsadaharuSadaharu Oh (b. 1940) is a world-renowned professional baseball player with the world lifetime home
61386NamikoshiJapanese practitioner Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905-2000) was the founder of the Namikoshi Shiatsu therap
61444KatokimikoKimiko Kato (b. 1934) is an amateur astronomer who is committed to education and public outreach reg
63145ChoemuseonChoe Museon (1325-1395) was a chemist in the late Koryeo Dynasty who was the first to study gunpowde
63156YicheonGreat technological achievements in the Chosun Dynasty would be almost unthinkable without the prese
63389NoshiroNoshiro City is located in the northwestern part of Akita Prefecture, Japan. Since the establishmen
63897OfunatoOfunato City is located on the south coast of Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Since the establishment of Sa
64547SakuIn Saku City, JAXA operates the Usuda Deep Space Center equipped with a 64-m-diameter parabolic ante
65716OhkinohamaOhkinohama is a 1.5-kilometer-long beach adjacent to the eastern part of Ashizurimisaki promontory a
65775ReikotosaReiko Tosa (b. 1976), born in Ehime prefecture, is a long-distance runner who specializes in maratho
65784NaderayamaNaderayama mountain (height 660 meters) is located in the west of Yonezawa city, Yamagata prefecture
65894EchizenmisakiEchizenmisaki is a promontory in Fukui prefecture that projects into the Sea of Japan. It is a famo
67712KimotsukiKimotsuki Town is the location of JAXA's Uchinoura Space Center. Since 1962, approximately 400 rock
67853IwamuraAkinori Iwamura (b. 1979), born in Ehime prefecture, was a baseball player for the Tokyo Yakult Swal
68021TaikiTaiki Town, located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, is a beautiful town blessed with clear streams
69421KeizosajiKeizo Saji (1919-1999) was a well-known businessman in Japan and the honorary chief of the Saji Astr
69496ZaoryuzanZao Ryuzan is a 1362-m mountain located to the southeast of Yamagata city, Yamagata prefecture. It
72012TeruteThe name “Terute” comes from an ancient legend of Sagamiahra, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, involving
72021YisunjiYi Sunji (1406-1465) was an astronomer during the Chosun Dynasty who took Chosun's calendrical astro
72059HeojunThrough Donguibogam, a comprehensive oriental medicine textbook, Heo Jun (1539-1615) successfully in
73819IsaootukiIsao Otuki (b. 1958) became a member of the Miyagi Abukuma Astronomical Society in 1974 and actively
73857HitaneichiHiroshi Taneichi (b. 1927) is a professor emeritus at Yamagata University, who studied photo-reactio
73936TakeyamamotoTakeshi Yamamoto (1932-2005) was a Japanese amateur astronomer who studied astronomy under Issei Yam
73955AsakaAsaka is reclaimed land in Koriyama city, Fukushima prefecture. In 2005 Koriyama became a sister ci
75058HanauNamed after the German city of Hanau, famous as the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm. Hanau is a s
75308ShoinShoin Yoshida (1830-1859), born in Yamaguchi prefecture, was a Japanese political scientist. He tau
77560FurusatoFurusato is a well-known song in Japan. The word also means “country home”. The name was suggested
79130BandanomoriBandanomori, a 769-meter-high mountain in Suzaki city in Kochi prefecture, is well-known among climb
79149KajigamoriKajigamori is a 1400-meter-high mountain in Otoyo town in Kochi prefecture. Near the summit there i
79152AbukumagawaAbukumagawa River originates in Mt. Kashi-Asahidake. It runs south to north through Fukushima and M
79254TsudaTsunemi Tsuda (1960-1993), born in Yamaguchi prefecture, was a baseball player for the Hiroshima Toy
79333YusakuActor Yusaku Matsuda (1950-1989) was born in Yamaguchi prefecture. Having debuted in 1973 on Taiy
80184HekigotoHekigoto Kawahigashi (1873-1937), born in Ehime prefecture, was a Japanese Haiku poet. He started t
85308AtsushimoriAtsushi Mori (1970-2007), a Japanese astronomer, was a researcher at the National Astronomical Obser
85388SakazukiyamaSakazukiyama mountain (256-m high) is located in eastern part of Yamagata city, Japan. The mountain
85422MaedanaoeMaeda Naoe (1915-2008) is a Japanese-style paint artist from Mochigase in Tottori city. He was acti
87271KokubunjiKokubunji is a city in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. On 1955 April 12, the first Japanese rocket experime
90713ChajnantorChajnantor is a 5000-meter-high plateau in the Atacama Desert along the Andes in northern Chile. Th
91213BotchanBotchan is one of the most popular novels in Japan, written by Soseki Natsume in 1906. The s
91907ShihoShiho Ochi (b. 1984), born in Ehime prefecture, is the vocalist of the band “Superfly”. Since their
92097AidaiEhime University, whose nickname is Aidai, is one of the 87 national universities in Japan. It was
92614KazutamiKazutami Namikoshi (b. 1938) is a friend of the discoverer. He lives in Tokyo, Japan, with his wife
94356NarutoNaruto Kaikyo is a 1.3-kilometer-wide strait between the islands of Shikoku and Awaji. The strait i
94884TakuyaTakuya Matsuda (b. 1943), professor of astrophysics in the department of earth and planetary science
96254HoyoHoyo Kaikyo is a 14-kilometer wide strait between Kyushu and Shikoku, two of the four main islands o
97582HijikawaEhime prefecture's 103-km-long Hijikawa river has its source near the Tosaka Pass in Seiyo City and
100266SadamisakiThe Sadamisaki peninsula, in the westernmost part of the island of Shikoku, is the narrowest peninsu
100267JAXAJAXA is the acronym for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, where the second discoverer works.
100433HyakusyukoNagai Hyakusyuko is the name of the dam lake in Nagai city, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It was comp
100675ChuyanakaharaChuya Nakahara (1907-1937) composed more than 350 poems, many of which are published in two poetry a
105675KamiukenaKamiukena Koto-gakko is a prefectural high school in Ehime prefecture. Since its foundation in 1941,
107805SaibiSaibi Koto-gakko is a private high school in Ehime prefecture. It was founded in 1901 as the Matsuya
110404ItoemiEmi Ito (1941-2012), born Hideyo Ito, was a popular Japanese singer from the late 1950's to the mid
110405ItoyumiYumi Ito (1941-2016), born Tsukiko Ito, was a popular Japanese singer from the late 1950's to the mi
110408NakajimaHaruo Nakajima (1929-2017) was a Japanese stunt actor who appeared in films such as Akira Kurosawa's
110742TetuokudoTetuo Kudo (b. 1958) is a staff member of the Goshi Municipal Office and a renowned amateur astronom
110743HirobumiHirobumi Ito (1841-1909), born in Yamaguchi prefecture, greatly contributed to the modernization of
113405ItomoriItomori is a fictional Japanese town depicted in the anime movie “Your Name” that was destroyed by t
117350SaburoSaburo Itagaki (1916-1983) was the discoverer's father.
117568YadameYadame Yoshikazu (b.1943), a farmer in the Kitami region of Hokkaido, founded the Kitami Astronomica
118230SadoSado, an island in the Sea of Japan, appears even in Japan's oldest history book Kojiki, dati
125473KeisakuKeisaku Ninomiya (1804-1862) was a medical doctor who studied Western medicine and pharmaceutics und
127515NittaAtsuko Nitta (b. 1966) is a Japanese-American astronomer and a significant contributor to the Sloan
129550FukutenFukushima Tenmon Doukoukai is a local astronomical association with 40 members. It has hosted star-p
129561ChuhachiIn 1891 a self-taught aviation engineer, Chuhachi Ninomiya (1866-1936) became the first Japanese to
134044ChrisshinoharaChris Shinohara (b. 1965) was the Science Processing and Operations Center Manager for the OSIRIS-RE
134069MiyoMiyo Itagaki (1921-2011) was the discoverer's mother.
136743EchigoEchigo is a name of an old administrative area in Japan. It was part of the main island of the pres
140038KurushimaKurushima Kaikyo is a 4-kilometer-wide strait between the islands of Shikoku and Oshima. The strait
145062HashikamiLocated deep within the mountains of northeastern Japan's Iwate Prefecture, Hashikami is the name of
145732KanmonKanmon Kaikyo is a 600-meter-wide strait between two main islands of Japan, Honshu and Kyushu. It i
147971NametokoPart of the Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, Nametoko Ravine is located in the south of Ehime prefectu
149573MamorudoiMamoru Doi (b. 1964) is a Japanese astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, bes
150129BesshiLocated in the east of Ehime prefecture, Besshi Dozan was one of the richest copper mines in Japan.
152647RinakoRinako Asami (b. 1993) is the daughter of the discoverer.
152657YukifumiYukifumi Murakami (b. 1979), born in Ehime prefecture, is a Japanese javelin thrower. He participat
160903ShiokazeThe Japan Railway's express train Shiokaze was inaugurated in 1972, connecting Uwajima with Takamats
162011KonnohmaruKonnohmaru is a legendary warrior of the Heiji Rebellion (1159). Japanese mythology says he served
162755SpacesoraSince its foundation in 2008, the non-profit organization “Space Sora” has contributed to the popula
163153TakuyaonishiTakuya Onishi (b. 1975) was a Boeing 767 co-pilot for a Japanese airline. In 2009, he was selected
173936YuriboYuribo is the official mascot character of the town of Kuma Kogen. Designed from the town's flower,
188576KosendaSetsuo Kosenda (b. 1955) established the Mikawa Astronomical Observatory, located in the Niigata reg
189261HirooHiroo Itagaki (1949-1977) was the discoverer's brother.
190057NakagawaNakagawa is a river that flows for about 125 km in Tokushima prefecture. The river's source appears
200234KumashiroMasato Kumashiro (b. 1989) is a Japanese baseball player for the Saitama Seibu Lions. In the 2012 r
202909JakotenJakoten is a traditional Japanese food. Invented in the early 17th century in Uwajima city, Ehime p
213255KimiyayuiEnthusiastic amateur astronomer Kimiya Yui (b. 1970) was selected to be an astronaut candidate by Ja
220736NiihamaNiihama is the third-largest city in Ehime prefecture with a population of 125000. Established in 1
237276NakamaNakama is a Japanese word meaning a group of persons who spontaneously come together and work for co
254749KurosawaAkira Kurosawa (1910-1998) was an Japanese film director, producer, screen writer and editor. He di
262419SuzakaSuzaka is a city of about 50,000 inhabitants located in northern Nagano prefecture. In the past it
300082MoyocoannoMoyoco Anno (b. 1971) is a Japanese cartoonist and fashion writer, who has published many books on b
473503MinoruozimaMinoru Ozima (b. 1930) was among the first geochemists to recognize that information contained in no

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