(1988 RP )
Incl: 3.67274
Eccent: 0.0283242
Period: 3.2037713693209 years
AU 2.1731729
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

7.9.1988 12:02 Kitami 143e47 43n46 observations 1

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Named for a city of population 165,000, located in Hokkaido {see planet  (3720)} some 30 km west of Sapporo {see planet  (3473)} and overlooking the sea of Japan. Once a prosperous port, its trade has declined in recent years, but beautiful streets and houses, an old canal, warehouses and other stone buildings still remain. This combination makes Otaru a romantic city, and nowadays its main industry is artistic glassware. (M 16886)

Name proposed by the second discoverer, following a suggestion by T. Hurukawa, president of the Otaru-Hoshiono-Kai group of amateur astronomers.

Avastatud: 7-9-1988 Avastamiskoht: Kitami Avastajad: Endate, K., Watanabe, K.

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