(1967 UM )
Incl: 10.8851
Eccent: 0.0807384
Period: 5.2582288839631 years
AU 3.0237526
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

30.10.1967 01:56 Bergedorf 10e14 53n29 observations 1

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Named in honor of Tadao Takenouchi (1922– ), who worked variously in the Department of Astronomy of Tokyo University, the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, the space agency NASDA and the Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences. During the 1950s he worked with H. Hirose {see planet  (1612)} computing ephemerides of minor planets by hand for the Minor Planet Center. Also by hand, he made a numerical study of the orbit of (279) Thule and examined the behavior of its 4:3 libration with Jupiter over a complete cycle. (M 27329)

Name suggested by Y. Kozai.

Avastatud: 30-10-1967 Avastamiskoht: Bergedorf Avastajad: Kohoutek, L.

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