(1989 UR1 )
Incl: 2.42722
Eccent: 0.0703779
Period: 4.8173598818762 years
AU 2.8522833
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

28.10.1989 16:21 Kani 137e3 35n25 observations 1

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Named in honor of Nobuhisa Kojima (1933– ), who has been interested in astronomy since childhood. Kojima was the first Japanese amateur to make a Schmidt camera, and he discovered two comets (1970r and 1972j) photographically with a 0.30-m reflector of his own making. Kojima was also the first Japanese amateur to discover a minor planet that was given a provisional designation (1973 MA). Kojima is an inspiration for other astronomical discoverers. (M 20159)

Avastatud: 28-10-1989 Avastamiskoht: Kani Avastajad: Mizuno, Y., Furuta, T.

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