(1988 VZ2 )
Incl: 7.80509
Eccent: 0.2225158
Period: 4.0476289719149 years
AU 2.5397272
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

10.11.1988 12:42 Chiyoda 139e30 36n12 observations 1

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Named for the yacht in which Kyoko Imakiire {see planet  (5432)} made her solo non-stop voyage round the world in 1991-1992. ‘Kai’ means’ sea’ or ‘Ocean’ and ‘Ren’ means ‘Connection’, Kairen being a yacht that therefore connects the seas and oceans of the world. Kairen also symbolizes Imakiire’s parents, the name of her mother Umiko meaning ‘a child of the ocean’ and the Chinese character for the name of her father Muraji also being pronounced as ‘Ren’. (M 26763)

Name proposed by the discoverer following a suggestion by T. Sato.

Avastatud: 10-11-1988 Avastamiskoht: Chiyoda Avastajad: Kojima, T.

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