(1994 WD1 )
Incl: 6.28414
Eccent: 0.0874897
Period: 3.3065884141315 years
AU 2.2194227
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

26.11.1994 14:50 Yatsugatake 138e22 35n53 observations 1

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Named in honor of Toshiyuki Minowa (1918– ), a Japanese amateur astronomer. During ten years beginning in 1949, a meteor camera of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory was installed in his garden as the end of a baseline. He was one of the founders, in 1953, of Kawasaki Astronomy Club. As a schoolmaster, he was eager to popularize astronomy among children, and he contributed a telescope that can be operated by a wheelchair user. He was the second chairman of the Japan Amateur Astronomers’ Convention (1980–1983). (M 29148)

Name proposed by the discoverers following a suggestion by S. Sakuma.

Avastatud: 26-11-1994 Avastamiskoht: Yatsugatake Avastajad: Kushida, Y., Muramatsu, O.

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