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1737Severny Named by the discoverer in honor of Prof. A. B. Severny {1913–1987}, who was the Director of the Cri
1771Makover Named in honor of the late Samuel Gdalevich Makover {1908–1970}, scientist in the I.T.A. since 1946.
1792Reni Named in honor of the town Reni (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic), the birthplace of A. N. Deuts
1793Zoya Named in honor of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya {see planet  (2072)}, the young heroine of the Soviet people
1805Dirikis Named in honor of Dr. M{atiss} A. Dirikis {1923–1993}, staff member of the Astronomical Observatory
1832Mrkos Named in honor of Antonin Mrkos {1918–1996}, Director of the Kleť Observatory in Czechoslovakia, wel
1835Gajdariya Named in honor of Arkadij Gajdar (1904–1941), Russian writer. (M 3825)
1856Ruzena Named in honor of Miss Ružena Petrovicova, a staff member of the Kleť Observatory, and an observer o
1900Katyusha Named in honor of Ekaterina Ivanovna Zelenko, airwoman who valorously perished at the front in Sept.
1903Adzhimushkaj Named in honor of the heroic warriors of the Soviet Army and the Crimean guerillas who fought in the
1905Ambartsumian Named in honor of Viktor Amazaspovich Ambartsumian {1908–1996}, a world renowned scientist, the foun
1907Rudneva Named in honor of Evgeniya Maksimovna Rudneva, hero of the Soviet Union, member of Moscow branch of
1957Angara Named for a river in Siberia. (M 4190)
1975Pikelner Named in honor of Solomon Borisovich Pikelner (1921–1975), renowned astronomer, professor at the Uni
1976Kaverin Named in memory of Aleksej Aleksandrovich Kaverin (1904–1976), an instructor in astronomy at Irkutsk
1977Shura Named in honor of Aleksandr Anatolevich Kosmode-myanskij (1925–1945), hero of the Soviet Union, died
2004Lexell St. Petersburg and for a short period Euler’s {see planet  (2002)} successor as professor of mathema
2032Ethel Named in honor of the English writer Ethel Lilian Voynich (1864–1960). (M 4482)
2036Sheragul Named in honor of the Siberian village where the discoverer spent his school years. The name also ho
2092SumianaNamed for the town of Sumy, in the Ukrainian S.S.R.
2093GenicheskNamed for the discoverer's birthplace, a town in the Ukrainian S.S.R.
2098ZyskinNamed in honor of Lev Yur'evich Zyskin, professor at the Crimean Medical Institute, head of the Pulm
2111TselinaNamed on the 25th anniversary of the development of tselina (virgin soil) and long fallow lands in t
2113EhrdniNamed in memory of Ehrdni Tel'dzhievich Delikov (1922-1942), a hero from the Kalmyk S.S.R. who was k
2127TanyaNamed in memory of Tanya Savicheva, a 12-year-old schoolgirl who perished during the 1941-1944 block
2142LandauNamed in memory of Lev Davydovich Landau (1908-1968), founder of the study of modern theoretical phy
2163KorczakNamed in memory of Janusz Korczak (1878-1942), Polish writer, teacher and doctor who perished with h
2164LyalyaNamed in memory of Elena (Lyalya) Konstantinovna Ubijvovk (1918-1942), a student in astronomy at Kha
2186KeldyshNamed in memory of Academician Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh (1911-1978), famous Soviet scientist a
2188OrlenokNamed on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the all-Union pioneer camp in the Tuapse region. A
2190CoubertinNamed in memory of Pierre de Coubertin (1863-1937), a prominent French public figure, teacher, histo
2216KerchNamed for the hero city in the Crimea.
2217EltigenNamed for the site of the heroic landing of Soviet troops in the Crimea in November 1943.
2232AltajNamed by the discoverer for the place of residence of her mother, Elena Andreevna Vasil'eva.
2245HekatostosThe Greek ordinal number acknowledges this as the 100th minor planet to be numbered as a result of t
2251TikhovNamed in memory of Gavriil Adrianovich Tikhov (1875-1960), active on the staff of the Pulkovo Observ
2259Sofievka Named for a dendrological park in Uman’, in the Cherkasskaya district of the {former} Ukrainian SSR.
2269Efremiana Named in memory of Ivan Antonovich Efremov (1907–1972), renowned paleontologist and the author of hi
2279Barto Named in memory of Agniya Lvovna Barto (1906–1982), a famous Soviet poetess, who dedicated all her w
2283Bunke Named in memory of the German patriot Tamara Bunke (1937–1967). (M 7616)
2302Florya Named in memory of Nikolaj Fyodorovich Florya (1912–1941), astronomer at the Sternberg State Astrono
2310Olshaniya Named in honor of Konstantin Olshanskij and the other daring fighters who entered the occupied city
2327Gershberg Named in honor of the Soviet astronomer Roald Evgenevich Gershberg {1933– }, who has made significan
2328Robeson Named in memory of the American singer and actor Paul Robeson (1898–1976). (M 6648)
2338BokhanNamed in honor of Nadezhda Antonovna Bokhan, a staff member of the Institute for Theoretical Astrono
2341Aoluta Named on the occasion of the centennial, in 1981, of the founding of the Astronomical Observatory of
2345Fucik Named in memory of Julius Fučik (1903–1943), a Czechoslovak national hero and writer. (M 6648)
2360Volgo-Don Named on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the construction of the Volgo-Don Navigation Canal,
2361Gogol Named for the celebrated writer Nikolaj Vasil’evich Gogol’ (1809–1852). (M 7783)
2385Mustel Named in honor of Evald Rudolfovich Mustel’ {1911–1988}, chairman of the Astronomical Council of the
2388Gase Named in memory of Vera Fedorovna Gaze (1899–1954), who worked at the Pulkovo and Simeis observatori
2389Dibaj Named in memory of Ernest Apushevich Dibaj (1931–1983), an astrophysicist known for his research on
2420Ciurlionis Named in memory of M. K. Čiurlionis (1875–1911), a well-known Lithuanian painter and composer. (M 85
2423Ibarruri Named in memory of Ruben Ibarruri (1920–1942), who died valiantly in the battle of Stalingrad. (M 66
2427Kobzar Named in memory of the great Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Grigor’evich Shevchenko (1814–1861), w
2431Skovoroda Named in memory of Grigorij Savvich Skovoroda (1722–1794), an outstanding Ukrainian philosopher and
2438Oleshko Named in memory of Valentina Iosifovna Oleshko (1924–1943), who organized an underground resistance
2447Kronstadt Named for the town, situated on Kotlin Island in the Gulf of Finland, that played an integral part i
2467Kollontai Named in memory of Aleksandra Mikhailovna Kollontai (1872–1952), who served as Soviet ambassador to
2468Repin Named in honor of Il’ya Efimovich Repin (1844–1930), famous Russian painter. (M 13172)
2473Heyerdahl Named in honor of Thor Heyerdahl {1914–2002}, outstanding Norwegian ethnographer and archaeologist,
2508Alupka Named for a small town on the south coast of the Crimea, famous for its health resorts, also the Vor
2519Annagerman Named in memory of Anna German (1936–1982), a popular Polish variety singer. (M 11156)
2540Blok Named in honor of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok (1880–1921), outstanding Russian poet. (M 13172)
2551Decabrina Named in memory of the revolutionary group of noblemen that led the uprising against tsarist autocra
2561Margolin Named in memory of Mikhail Vladimirovich Margolin (1906–1975), blind designer and inventor, a man of
2564Kayala Named for the river in The Song of Igor’s Campaign on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the o
2574Ladoga Named for the largest lake in Europe, situated near St. Petersburg. (M 8912)
2576Yesenin Named in memory of the lyric poet Sergej Alexan-drovich Yesenin (1895–1925). (M 7619)
2585Irpedina Named in honor of the Irkutsk {see planet  (3224)} Pedagogical Institute. The name is dedicated to f
2604Marshak Named in memory of Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak (1887–1964), famous Soviet poet, writer of classic chi
2610Tuva Named for the {former} Tuvinian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. (M 7473)
2616Lesya Named for Lesya Ukrainka, the pen name of Larisa Petrovna Kosach (1871–1913), an outstanding Ukraini
2626Belnika Named in honor of Nikolaj Alekseevich Belyaev, a celestial mechanician at the Institute for Theoreti
2646Abetti Named in memory of Antonio Abetti (1846–1928) and of his son Giorgio Abetti (1882–1982), who each se
2656Evenkia Named for the Evenkian National Area of the {former} R.S.F.S.R. (M 7473)
2670Chuvashia Named for the {former} Chuvash Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. (M 7473)
2697Albina Named in honor of Albina Alekseevna Serova, Moscow astronomer, friend of the discoverer. (M 11156)
2699Kalinin Named in memory of Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin (1875–1946), Soviet statesman. (M 8065)
2701Cherson Named for a town in the Ukraine, center of the Chersonian region, which borders with the Crimea. (M
2703Rodari Named in memory of Gianni Rodari (1920–1980), Italian writer of children’s books. (M 9768)
2722Abalakin Named in honor of Viktor Kuz’mich Abalakin {1930-#x007D;, leader of the ephemeris group at the Insti
2724Orlov Named in memory of Sergej Vladimirovich Orlov (1880–1958), professor at Moscow University who contri
2727Paton Named in memory of Evgenij Oskarovich Paton (1870–1953), Soviet scientist known for bridge building
2728Yatskiv Named in honor of Yaroslav Stepanovich Yatskiv {1940– }, Soviet astrometrist and geodynamicist, dire
2740Tsoj Named in memory of Victor Robertovich Tsoj (1962–1990), poet, composer and soloist of the rock-group
2746Hissao Named for the Hissar (Gissar) Astronomical Observatory, part of the Institute of Astrophysics of the
2754Efimov Named in memory of the aviator Mikhail Nikiforovich Efimov (1881–1919), who was the first to realize
2768Gorky Named for Maxim Gorky, pen name of Aleksei Makhsimovich Peshkov (1868–1936), outstanding Russian wri
2770Tsvet Named in memory of Mikhail Semenovich Tsvet (1872–1919), physiologist and plant biochemist, the foun
2785Sedov Named in memory of Georgij Yakovlevich Sedov (1877–1914), celebrated Russian Arctic explorer who per
2786Grinevia Named in memory of the Soviet writer-romanticist Aleksandr Stepanovich Grinevskij (1880–1932). (M 85
2787Tovarishch Named for the Soviet training ship that has participated in many international sailing regattas and
2793Valdaj Named for the Valdaj Hills, near Moscow, well known in Russian history. The discoverer als dedicates
2794Kulik Named in memory of Leonid Alekseevich Kulik (1883–1942), Soviet mineralogist, researcher of meteorit
2836Sobolev Named in honor of Academician Viktor Viktorovich Sobolev {1915–1998}, professor at Leningrad Univers
2859Paganini Named for the great Italian violinist and composer Niccolo Paganini (1782–1840). (M 11157)
2867Steins Named in memory of Karlis Augustovich šteins (1911–1983), director of the Latvian University’s Astro
2869Nepryadva Named to commemorate the Russian victory over the Tatar-Mongolians in the battle at Kulikovo near th
2890Vilyujsk Named for the central town of the Vilyujsk district of the {former} Yakut Autonomous SSR on the occa
2894Kakhovka Named for a town of the {former} Chersonian district of the Ukrainian SSR. (M 8913)
2915Moskvina Named in honor of Valentina Nikolaevna Moskvina, a doctor at the Bakchisaraj regional hospital in th
2922Dikan'ka Named for the Ukrainian village mentioned in Gogol’s {see planet  (2361)} novel Evenings at the farm
2951Perepadin Named in honor of Aleksandr Ivanovich Perepadin, friend of the discoverer, learned agronomist, good
2966Korsunia Named for the ancient Crimean town of Chersonesus, known in medieval Russia as Korsun’. (M 12969)
2983Poltava Named for the city in the {former} Ukrainian S.S.R. (M 11158)
2995Taratuta Named in honor of Evgeniya Aleksandrovna Taratuta, Soviet writer and literary scholar. (M 11158)
3006Livadia Named for a suburb of the Crimean city of Yalta {see planet  (1475)}. (M 9769)
3038Bernes Named in memory of Mark Naumovich Bernes (1911–1969), popular Soviet film actor and singer. (M 12970
3039Yangel Named in memory of Mikhail Kuz’mich Yangel’ (1911–1971), Soviet designer of space-rocket systems. (M
3049Kuzbass Named for the Kuznetskij coal basin, one of the richest coal deposits in the U.S.S.R. and the world.
3052Herzen Named in memory of Aleksandr Ivanovich Herzen (1812–1870), revolutionary, writer and philosopher, fo
3068Khanina Named in honor of Frida Borisovna Khanina, specialist on orbit computations, a staff member of the I
3074Popov Named in memory of Aleksandr Stepanovich Popov (1859–1906), the inventor of radio in Russia. (M 1317
3082Dzhalil Named in memory of Musa Mustafovich Dzhalil’ (1906–1944), outstanding Tatar Soviet poet, author of l
3108Lyubov Named in memory of Lyubov Petrovna Orlova (1902–1975), outstanding Soviet actress. (M 13174)
3112Velimir Named for Velimir (Viktor Vladimirovich) Khlebnikov (1885–1922), Russian poet known for his experime
3120Dangrania Named in honor of Daniil Aleksandrovich Granin, Soviet writer whose work is mainly about scientists
3127Bagration Named in memory of Petr Ivanovich Bagration (1765–1812), Russian general, hero of the war of 1812. (
3146Dato Named in memory of Dato Kratsashvili (1963–1980), gifted Georgian painter. (M 13174)
3148Grechko Named in honor of Georgij Mikhajlovich Grechko, Soviet cosmonaut and scientist who made three space
3158Anga Named for a Siberian village, birthplace of the Russian ethnographers Ivan Evseevich Venyaminov (179
3189Penza Named for a Russian city, the center of the region where Lermontov, Belinskij, Davydov, Kuprin {see
3191Svanetia Named for Svanetia, a historical region in Georgia near the Caucasus Mountains. (M 12971)
3196Maklaj Named in honor of Nikolaj Nikolaevich MiklukhoMaklaj (1846–1888), a prominent Russian anthropologist
3215Lapko Named in honor of Konstantin Kuz’mich Lapko, assistant professor at the Crimean medical institute, a
3231Mila Named in memory of the Soviet ice dancer Ludmila Alekseevna Pakhomova (1946–1986). (M 13175)
3233Krisbarons Named for Krišjanis Barons (1835–1923), prominent Latvian folklorist, writer and public figure. He c
3234Hergiani Named in memory of Mikhail Vissarionovich Hergiani (1932–1969), outstanding Soviet mountaineer. (M 1
3238Timresovia Named in honor of Nikolaj Vladimirovich Timofeev-Resovskij (1900–1981), famous Soviet biologist, one
3260Vizbor Named in memory of Yurij Iosifovich Vizbor (1934–1984), well-known journalist, poet, actor, producer
3273Drukar Named for Ivan Fedorov (ca. 1510–1583), the first printer of books in Russia and the Ukraine. In old
3283Skorina Named in honor of Francis Skorina, who lived from before 1490 to not later than 1551, and who pionee
3286Anatoliya Named in memory of Anatolij Vasilevich Karachkin (1947–1984), brother of the discoverer’s husband, a
3298Massandra Named for a suburb of Yalta {see planet  (1475)}, a beautiful site noted for its production of the f
3302Schliemann Named in memory of Heinrich Schliemann (1822–1890), famous German archaeologist, who undertook, at h
3306Byron Named for the great English poet Lord George Noel Gordon Byron (1788–1824). (M 12972)
3311Podobed Named in honor of Vladimir Vladimirovich Podobed {1918–1992}, professor at the Sternberg Astronomica
3321Dasha Named in honor of Dar’ya Lavrent’evna Mikhailova, the first Russian army sister of charity during th
3322Lidiya Named in honor of Lidiya Vissarionovna Zvereva (1890–1916), the first Russian female pilot. She bega
3347Konstantin Named in memory of Konstantin Alekseevich Kalinin (1889–1938), a remarkable flier and talented aircr
3359Purcari Named for the producer of the best Moldavian wines. (M 18136)
3372Bratijchuk Named in honor of Matrena Vasil’evna Bratijchuk, professor of astronomy and founder and head of the
3373Koktebelia Named for the Crimean settlement of Koktebel’, home and workplace of the brilliant Russian poet, pai
3384Daliya Named for Vladimir Ivanovich Dal’ (1801–1872), outstanding lexicologist, ethnographer and writer, co
3385Bronnina Named in honor of Nina Mikhailovna Bronnikova, astronomer at the Pulkovo Observatory. One of the mai
3399Kobzon Named in honor of Iosif Davidovich Kobzon, well-known singer in the former Soviet Union. (M 22829)
3437Kapitsa Named in memory of the celebrated physicist Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa (1894–1984), recipient of the
3441Pochaina Named for the small river in the old town of Kiev. According to some historians, the inhabitants of
3442Yashin Named in memory of Lev Ivanpvich Yashin (1929–1990), football goalkeeper and trainer. (M 20835)
3444Stepanian Named in honor of husband-and-wife staff members at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory for more t
3466Ritina Named in honor of discoverer’s daughter Margarita, an astronomer at the Crimean Astrophysical Observ
3470Yaronika Named in honor of the discoverer’s son Yaroslav, who works in electronics at the Crimean Astrophysic
3471Amelin Named in memory of Valentin Mikhajlovich Amelin (1930–1989), an authority on geodesy who lectured on
3482Lesnaya Named in honor of the village in the Mogilev district (Belorussia) near which the Russian army under
3501Olegiya Named in honor of Oleg Nikolaevich Korottsev (1922– ), a member of the Astronomical-Geodetical Socie
3516Rusheva Named in memory of Nadya Rusheva (1952–1969), a talented painter who died in her youth. (M 12017)
3518Florena Named in memory of Pavel Aleksandrovich Florenskij (1882–1943), well-known Russian religious philoso
3523Arina Named for Arina Rodionova Yakovleva (1758–1828), the nurse of A. S. Pushkin {see planet  (2208)}. (M
3566Levitan Named in memory of Isaac Il’ich Levitan (1860–1900), a famous Russian landscape painter. (M 24120)
3575Anyuta Named in honor of the outstanding sportswoman and pioneer Soviet parachutist Anna Aleksandrovna Shis
3576Galina Named in honor of Galina Bogdanova Pyasetskaya, who with Anna Shishmareva {see planet  (3575)} accom
3599Basov Named in honor of the contemporary physicist Nikolaj Gennadievich Basov {1922– }, Nobel Prize Laurea
3608Kataev Named in memory of the writer Valentin Petrovich Kataev (1897–1986). (M 13608)
3618Kuprin Named in honor of Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin (1870–1938), famous Russian writer. (M 20836)
3622Ilinsky Named in memory of the actor Igor’ Vladimirovich Il’insky (1901–1987). (M 13176)
3632Grachevka Named for a village in the Tambov (now Lipetsk) region in Russia, the birthplace of the discoverer’s
3660Lazarev Named in honor of the Russian admiral Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev (1797–1851), a participant in the fi
3668Ilfpetrov Named for Il’ya Arnol’dovich Feinsilberg (1897–1937) and Eugeny Petrovich Kataev (1903–1942), the au
3669Vertinskij Named in memory of Aleksandr Nikolaevich Vertinskij (1889–1957), variety actor, composer and poet, f
3675Kemstach Named in memory of Marfa Vladimirovna Kemstach (1888–1971) and Semen Stepanovich Kemstach (1880–1938
3724Annenskij Named for Innokentij Fedorovich Annenskij (1855–1909), well-known Russian poet and writer. (M 22246;
3739Rem Named in memory of Rem Viktorovich Khokhlov (1926–1977), Soviet physicist and one of the founders of
3762Amaravella Named for a group of Russian painters, known for the cosmic themes of their work. (M 20836)
3770Nizami Named in memory of the distinguished Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ghiandjevi Abu Mukhammed Il
3772Piaf Named in memory of the great French singer Edith Piaf (1915–1963). (M 17028)
3804Drunina Named in honor of the Soviet poetess Yuliya Vladimirovna Drunina. (M 18454)
3813Fortov Named in honor of Russian academician Vladimir Evgen’evich Fortov (1946– ), well-known for his work
3818Gorlitsa Named in honor of Mariya Avksent’evna Rudenko, village schoolmistress in the Ukrainian region of Mog
3836Lem Named in honor of Stanislaw Lem (1921– ), famous Polish writer and founder of the Polish Astronautic
3856Lutskij Named in honor of Valerij Konstantinovich Lutskij, Moscow astronomer and scientific commentator on a
3862Agekian Named in honor of Tateos Artemjevich Agekian, professor at the St. Petersburg University. Agekian is
3884Alferov Named in honor of the outstanding physicist and academician Zhores Ivanovich Alferov (1930– ), direc
3890Bunin Named in memory of an outstanding Russian writer and 1933 Nobel laureate Ivan Alekseevich Bunin (187
3940Larion Named for Larisa Ivanovna Golubkina, dramatic actress, brilliant performer of romances. (M 22500)
3946Shor Named in honor of Viktor Abramovich Shor {1929–}, member of the staff of the Institute for Theoretic
3967Shekhtelia Named in memory of Fyodor Osipovich Shekhtel’ (1859–1926), a famous Russian architect and a bright r
3969Rossi Named in memory of the outstanding architect Karl Ivanovich Rossi (1775–1849), designer of splendid
3982Kastel' Named in honor of Galina Richardovna Kastel’, well-known expert on the study of the motions of minor
4006Sandler Named in memory of Grigorij Moiseevich Sandler (1912–1994), an outstanding Russian musician who made
4013Ogiria Named in memory of Maiya Borisovna Ogir’ (1933–1991), solar physicist and staff member of the Crimea
4017Disneya Named in memory of Walt Disney (1901–1966), the outstanding American movie producer and master of an
4022Nonna Named in honor of Nonna (Noyabrina) Viktorovna Mordyukova, a popular Soviet cinema actress. (M 18645
4032Chaplygin Named in memory of Sergej Alexeevich Chaplygin (1869–1942), a notable expert in theoretical mechanic
4067Mikhel'son Named in honor of Nikolaj Nikolaevich Mikhel’son (1918– ), outstanding Soviet scientist known for hi
4109AnokhinNamed in memory of Sergej Nikolaevich Anokhin (1910-1986), test pilot and sportsman. During one of
4118Sveta Named for Svetlana Evgen’evna Savitskaya (1948– ), 1970 world aerobatics champion, the second woman
4136ArtmaneNamed in honor of Vija Artmane, famous Latvian actress who appeared in more than 60 movies. Rodn
4139Ul'yaninNamed in memory of Sergej Alekseevich Ul'yanin (1871-1921), Russian pilot and talented inventor, who
4167Riemann Named in memory of Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann (1826–1866), German mathematical genius. (M 2412
4174Pikulia Named in memory of the famous Soviet writer Valentin Savvich Pikul’ (1928–1990), author of many nove
4189Sayany Named for the mountain chain in the southern part of Siberia {see planet  (1094)}. (M 23351)
4195Esambaev Named in honor of Makhmud Alisultanovich Esambaev (1924– ), well-known Soviet ballet dancer, an outs
4236Lidov Named in honor of Mikhail L’vovich Lidov {1926–1993}, celestial mechanician at the Keldysh Institute
4267Basner Named in memory of Veniamin Efimovich Basner (1925–1996), outstanding Russian composer, author of op
4308Magarach Named for the Research Institute of wine-making and viticulture at Magarach, near Yalta {see planet
4311Zguridi Named in memory of Aleksandr Mikhajlovich Zguridi (1904–1998), producer of popular scientific films
4315Pronik Named in honor of Vladimir Ivanovich Pronik (1932– ) and Iraida Ivanovna Pronik, husband and wife, a
4363Sergej Named in honor of Sergej Vasil&rsevich Ezhov (1953– ), since 1978 a talented surgeon in the district
4366Venikagan Named in memory of the outstanding Soviet mathematician Veniamin Fyodorovich Kagan (1869–1953). (M 2
4389Durbin Named in honor of Deanna Durbin (1921– ), talented Canadian-born American cinema actress, who played
4391Balodis Named in honor of Janis Balodis, chief of the cosmic geodesy department at the Astronomical Observat
4392Agita Named in honor of Agita Tarasova, a scientific worker at the Astronomical Observatory of the Latvian
4426Roerich Named in honor of the family of outstanding Russian figures of culture whose lives were closely conn
4428Khotinok Named in honor of Roman L’vovich Khotinok, meteorite researcher in the Meteorite Committee of the Ru
4465RoditaNamed in memory of the Soviet art critic Tat'yana Mikhajlovna Rodina (1914-1989). She was the autho
4472Navashin Named in honor of Mikhail Sergeevich Navashin (1896–1973), prominent Soviet cytologist, who was one
4483Petofi Named in memory of Shandor Petöfi (1823–1849), outstanding Hungarian poet and public figure. (M 2224
4513Louvre Named in honor of the stately architectural ensemble in Paris, the former residence of French kings,
4514Vilen Named in honor of Vilen Valentinovich Nesterov (1935– ), head of the Astrometry Department of the St
4537Valgrirasp Named in honor of the Soviet writer Valentin Grigorjevich Rasputin. (M 22502)
4592Alkissia Named in honor of Aleksej Alekseevich Kisselev (1927– ), astronomer at the Pulkovo Astronomical Obse
4654Gor'kavyj Named in honor of Nikolaj Nikolaevich Gor’kavyj (1959– ), staff member of the Crimean Astrophysical
4655Marjoriika Named in honor of Marjo Riika Kuusela (1964– ), specialist in Russian literature, whose perfect know
4657Lopez Named in honor of Alvaro Lopez Garcia (1941– ), professor of astronomy at Valencia University, direc
4682Bykov Named in memory of Leonid Fyodorovich Bykov (1928–1979), talented Ukrainian cinematic actor and prod
4683Veratar Named in honor of Vera Petrovna Tarashchuk, an astrophysicist at the Astronomical Observatory of Kie
4686Maisica Named in honor of Maria Luisa Grima Garcia, a charming Spanish woman who is the soul of her family,
4737Kiladze Named in honor of Rolan Il’ich Kiladze (1931– ), astronomer at the Abastumani Observatory. His resea
4740Veniamina Named in memory of Veniamin Vasil’evich Somov (1945–1991), the discoverer’s brother. (M 22503)
4778Fuss Named in honor of the mathematicians Nikolaj Ivanovich Fuss (1755–1825) and his son Pavel Nikolaevic
4780Polina Named in honor of Polina Evgen’evna Zakharova, stellar astronomer and director of the Kourovka Astro
4786Tatianina Named in honor of Tatiana Aleksandrovna Somova, friend of the discoverer, nursery-school teacher in
4813Terebizh Named in honor of Valerij Yuzefovich Terebizh (1941– ), theoretical astrophysicist and observer at t
4814Casacci Named in honor of Claudio Casacci (1958– ), an Italian amateur astronomer who has been deeply involv
4870Shcherban' Named in honor of Vladimir Onufrievich Shcherban’ (1938– ), who was director of an oil-extraction pl
4879Zykina Named in honor of Lyudmila Georgievna Zykina, a Russian singer who enjoys widespread popularity. She
4882Divari Named in memory of Nikolaj Borisovich Divari (1921–1993), professor at the Odessa Polytechnical Inst
4883Korolirina Named in honor of Irina Leonidovna Korol’, a friend of the discoverer and teacher of philology in St
4884BragariaNamed in honor of Luka Fedorovich Bragar' (b. 1938), a senior lecturer on the staff of Tiraspol Peda
4917Yurilvovia Named in memory of Yurij Alekseevich L’vov (1932–1994), deputy director of the Institute of Biology
4928Vermeer Named in memory of the famous Dutch painter Vermeer van Delft (1632–1675). (M 22504)
4964Kourovka Named for the astronomical observatory of the Ural State University, situated near the village of Ko
4982Bartini Named in memory of Robert Lyudvigovich Bartini (1897–1974), Italian baron by birth who lived and wor
4992Kalman Named in memory of the Hungarian composer Imre Kálmán (1882–1953). (M 24765)
4997Ksana Named in honor of Kseniya Andreevna Nessler, chemist by profession and fighter against environmental
5015LitkeNamed for Fedor Petrovich Litke (1797-1882), Russian navigator and geographer, investigator of the A
5016Migirenko Named in honor of Georgij Sergeevich Migirenko (1916– ), academician and professor at the Siberian D
5021Krylania Named in honor of Anna Alexeevna Kapitsa (1903– ), the daughter of Alexei Nikolaevich Krylov. She wa
5044Shestaka Named in memory of Ivan Sofronovich Shestaka (1937–1994), senior scientist and head of the Comet and
5083Irinara Named in honor of Irina Evgen’evna Raksha, well-known writer in Moscow and a friend of the discovere
5084Gnedin Named in honor of Yurij Nikolaevich Gnedin (1935– ), well-known Russian astrophysicist, deputy direc
5085Hippocrene Named for the ancient Greek mythological spring of inspiration. The name is given in connection with
5086Demin Named in memory of Vladimir Grigor’evich Demin (1929–1996), well-known expert on celestial mechanics
5093Svirelia Named for Elsa Gustavovna Sviridova, the wife of Georgij Vasil’evich Sviridov {see planet  (4075)}.
5096Luzin Named in memory of the mathematician Nikolaj Nikolaevich Luzin (1883–1950), professor at Moscow Univ
5156GolantNamed in honor of academician Victor Evgen'evich Golant (b. 1928), director of the department of pla
5218KutsakMariya Romanovna Kutsak (1928-1997) was a schoolteacher of physics and astronomy in the city of Omsk
5219ZemkaNamed in honor of Aleksandr Grigorjevich Zemka (b. 1947), friend of the discoverer, electrotechnics
5220Vika Named in honor of Victoriya Semenovna Vinogradova (1928– ), doctor at the Crimean Astrophysical Obse
5222Ioffe Named in memory of Abram Fedorovich Ioffe (1880–1960), one of the originators of the Soviet physics
5300Sats Named in memory of Nataliya Il’inichna Sats (1903–1993). An outstanding figure in Soviet theatre cul
5303Parijskij Named in honor of Yurij Nikolaevich Parijskij (1932– ), radio astronomer and cosmologist. He was pri
5314Wilkickia Named in memory of Andrej Ippolitovich Wilkitzky (Wilkicki; 1858–1913) and his son Boris Andreevich
5315Bal'mont Named in memory of Konstantin Dmitrievich Bal’mont (1867–1942), a Russian poet who lived in exile af
5385KamenkaKamenka, a small town in the Cherkassian region of Ukraine, is connected with many great persons of
5411Liia Named in honor of Liia Forrer-Tsiganovskaja, wife of a friend of the discoverer, on the occasion of
5412Rou Named in memory of Aleksandr Arturovich Rou (1906–1973), an actor and film producer specializing in
5415LyanzuridiNamed in honor of Konstantin Petrovich Lyanzuridi (b. 1934), engineer in vacuum technology and optic
5419Benua Named in memory of the Russian architect Nikolaj Leont’evich Benua (Benois; 1813–1898), as well as o
5422Hodgkin Named for the famous English chemist and biochemist Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin, 1964 Nobel prize-winne
5456Merman Named in honor of Grigorij (Hirsh) Aronovich Merman (1921– ), staff member of the Institute of Theor
5458Aizman Named in honor of Mikhael Iosifovich Aizman (1947– ), telecommunications specialist and president of
5543Sharaf Named in honor of Shafika Gil’mievna Sharaf (1915– ), well known expert on celestial mechanics and s
5570Kirsan Named in honor of Kirsan Nikolaevich Ilyumzhinov (1962– ), chess grandmaster and president of the In
5717Damir Named in memory of Alim Matveevich Damir (1894–1982), well-known physician, professor at the First a
5794Irmina Named in memory of Irma Mikhailovna Golodyaev-skaya (1931–1956), a student of the Moscow Conservator
5795Roshchina Named in memory of Elena Olegovna Roshchina (1966–1994), a journalist and cinema critic from the Iva
5807Mshatka Named for the country estate of Nikolaj Yakovlevich Danilevskij (1822–1885), thinker, philosopher, s
5808Babel' Named in honor of the outstanding Russian writer and dramatist Isaac Emmanuilovich Babel’ (1894–1940
5857Neglinka Named for a small river that flows into the Moskva river. On Borovitskij {see planet  (5858)} hill,
5859Ostozhenka Named for one of the oldest streets in the center of Moscow. Ostozhenka, derived from the Russian wo
5887Yauza Named for one of Moscow’s little rivers. Between the place where it flows into Moscow river and the
5902Talima Named for Tatiana Alimovna Damir (1923– ), friend of the discoverer, daughter of Alim Matveevich Dam
5944Utesov Named in memory of Leonid Osipovich Utesov (1895–1982), famous Russian singer, musician, actor, foun
5989Sorin Named in memory of Sergej Ivanovich Sorin (1916–1995), astronomer and teacher who participated in th
6032Nobel Named in memory of Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833–1896), Swedish inventor of dynamite. He was founder o
6108GlebovNamed in honor of academician Igor' Alekseevich Glebov (b. 1914), outstanding scientist in the field
6110KazakYurij Ivanovich Kazak (b. 1949), surgeon at Bakhchisaraj district hospital, treated many staff membe
6113TsapTeodor Teodorovich Tsap (b. 1930) and his son Yurij Teodorovich Tsap (b. 1966) are astronomers at th
6121PlachindaAt the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Sergej Ivanovich Plachinda (b. 1951) has contributed to in
6219Demalia Named in memory of Aleksandra Alekseevna Demenko (1930–1983), Ukrainian astronomer, staff member of
6262Javid Named in memory of Hussein Javid (1882–1941), Azerbaijani poet, playwright and historian, author of
6278AmetkhanThe Crimea's famous inhabitant Sultan Amet-khan (1920-1971) was an honored test pilot of the former
6356Tairov Named in honor of Vasilij Egorovich Tairov (1859–1938), Russian viticulturist and oenologist, author
6357Glushko Named in memory of Valentin Petrovich Glushko (1908–1989), Soviet pioneer in liquid-fuel rocket-engi
6358Chertok Named in honor of Boris Evseevich Chertok (1912– ), an authority on automation and control systems f
6359DubininNamed in honor of Yurij Vladimirovich Dubinin (b. 1930), Russian diplomat, scientist, author and tra
6467Prilepina Named in honor of Svetlana Semenovna Prilepina, a graduate of the Astronomical Department at the Ura
6574GvishianiNamed in honor of Jermen Mikhailovich Gvishiani (b. 1928), known for his many works in philosophy, s
6591SabininDmitry Anatolievich Sabinin (1889-1951), a professor at Moscow State University, was an outstanding
6619KolyaNikolaj Stepanovich Chernykh (1931-2004) was chief, beginning in 1965, of the CrAO-ITA group of obse
6621TimchukNamed in honor of neuropathologist Evdokiya Ivanovna Timchuk (b. 1937), a physician at a hospital ne
6679GurzhijAndrej Nikolaevich Gurzhij (b. 1946) is a well-known Ukrainian specialist on the technique of inform
6682Makarij Named in memory of Metropolitan Makarij (1482–1563), who had great influence on education, the churc
6685BoitsovNamed in memory of Vasilij Vasil'evich Boitsov (Bojtsov, 1908-1997), specialist on the technology of
6719Gallaj Named in honor of Mark Lazarevich Gallaj (1914– ), a distinguished Soviet test pilot who tested 125
6763Kochiny Named for Nikolaj Evgrafovich Kochin (1901–1944) and his wife Pelageya Yakovlevna Kochina (1899– ),
6766Kharms Named in honor of the outstanding Russian poet, writer and dramatist Daniil Ivanovich Yuvachev (1905
6767Shirvindt Named in honor of the remarkable actor, People’s Artist of Russia and professor at the Shchukin Thea
6844ShpakNamed in honor of Vladimir Stepanovich Shpak (b. 1909), distinguished technical organic chemist and
6890SavinykhVictor Petrovich Savinykh (b. 1940), a first-class pilot-cosmonaut, was on board the Salyut 6, Salyu
6955Ekaterina Named in honor of the empress Ekaterina Vtoraya (Catherine II; Catherine the Great; 1729–1796), whos
7002BronshtenVitalij Aleksandrovich Bronshten (b. 1918) is a Moscow astronomer and specialist in physics and cosm
7073RudbeliaOl'ga Ivanovna Belyaeva (née Rudneva) is a teacher of English at the Moscow College and Institute of
7074MuckeaHermann Mucke (b. 1935), director of the Urania Sternwarte and planetarium in Vienna, is well known
7216IshkovVitalij Nikitich Ishkov, astrophysicist at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Ra
7222AlikperovVagit Yusupovich Alikperov (b. 1950) is known for his development of economical foundations and orga
7224Vesnina Named in memory of the brothers Leonid Alek-sandrovich Vesnin (1880–1933), Viktor Aleksandrovich Ves
7318DyukovVitalij Petrovich Dyukov (b. 1945), a professor at the Siberian State Geodesy Academy in Novosibirsk
7319Katterfeld Named in honor of Gennadij Nikolaevich Katterfeld (1927– ), geologist and planetologist in St. Peter
7320PotterPulkovo astronomer Kheino Potter (b. 1929) is known for his work on the determination of astronomica
7322LavrentinaSoviet mathematician Mikhail Alekseevich Lavrent'ev (1900-1980) was the first head of the Siberian D
7323RobersommaRoberto Somma (b. 1944), an Italian space engineer at Alenia Spazio, has promoted ideas and organize
7373StashisVladimir Vladimirovich Stashis (b. 1925) is a Ukrainian scholar of jurisprudence, vice-rector of the
7555VenvolkovVeniamin Vasil'evich Volkov (b. 1921), world-renowned ophthalmologist, made significant contribution
7629Foros Named for the health resort on the south coast of the Crimea. (M 34626)
7632Stanislav Named in memory of the Ukrainian writer, poet, literary scholar and public figure Stanislav Volodymy
7633Volodymyr Named in honor of the vice president of the Ukrainian Astronomical Association and director of the K
7869PradunValentin Panteleevich Pradun (b. 1956) is a Ukrainian economist and professor at Tavrichesky Nationa
7910AleksolaAleksandr Anatolievich Solov'ev is a theoretical astrophysicist and solar physicist and a professor
7912LapovokYakov Semenovich Lapovok (b. 1932) is a radio engineer and inventor, scientific secretary of the A.
7976PiniginGennadij Ivanovich Pinigin (b. 1943) is the director of the Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory. A pro
8064LisitsaPhysicist Mikhail Pavlovich Lisitsa (b. 1921) is a professor at Kiev University and department head
8065NakhodkinNikolaj Grigorievich Nakhodkin (b. 1925), a faculty head at Kiev University, works in the areas of p
8134MininKuz'ma Minich Zakhar'ev Sukhorukij (Kuz'ma Minin, d. 1616) was one of the organizers of the second p
8145ValujkiThe small Russian town of Valujki, founded in 1593 as a southern fortress of the Moscow State, is th
8150KalugaKaluga, a town in the Russian Federation and the focus of the Kalugian region, is a prominent indust
8151AndranadaAndrej Vladimirovich Shakhov (b. 1954) works in the faculty of diseases of the ear, nose and throat
8248GurzufGurzuf is small town near Yalta at the south coast of the Crimea, praised by A. S. Pushkin, who visi
8321AkimEfraim Lazarevich Akim (b. 1929), deputy director at the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, i
8446TazieffGarun Tazieff (Taziev; 1914-1998), Polish-born Belgian geologist, volcanologist and writer, was the
8451GaidaiLeonid Iovich Gaidai (1923-1993) was a prominent Soviet film producer and Peoples' Artist of the U.S
8471ObrantThe ballet-master, producer and teacher-humanist Arkadij Efimovich Obrant (1906-1974) organized and
8498UfaThe city of Ufa is a large industrial and cultural center in the south Urals. Founded in 1574, it i
8608ChelomeyVladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey (1914-1984), an outstanding designer of space technology, created spac
8612BurovAndrej Konstantinovich Burov (1900-1957) was a Russian architect and inventor who developed projects
8635YuriosipovYurij Aleksandrovich Osipov (b. 1965) is a physician at the Bakhchisaraj regional hospital in the Cr
8781YurkaYuri Sergeevich Efimov (b. 1935) is an astrophysicist who has worked at the Crimean Astrophysical Ob
8782BakhrakhLev Davidovich Bakhrakh (b. 1921), a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is the
8785BoltwoodPaul Boltwood (b. 1943) is a Canadian specialist in computer systems and outstanding amateur astrono
8805PetrpetrovPetr Petrovich Petrov (b. 1945), a leading scientist at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, is wi
8816GamowNamed in memory of the scientist George (Georgij Antonovich) Gamow (1904-1968). His main scientific
8822Shuryanka Named in honor of Aleksandra Semenova Morozova (1917– ), mother of the discoverer. Shuryanka is a pe
8982OreshekOreshek is an ancient Russian fortress built in 1323. From 1612 to 1702 it was in the possession of
8985TulaTula is a city in Russian Federation, the administrative focus of the region and prominent industria
9034OleyuriaHusband and wife piano duettists, Yurij Viktorovich Shcherbakov (b. 1957) and Ol'ga Konstantinovna S
9156Malanin Named in honor of Ivan Ivanovich Malanin (1897–1969), talented Russian accordionist, well known for
9158PlatèNikolaj Alfredovich Platè (b. 1934), chief scientific secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences a
9297MarchukGurij Ivanovich Marchuk (b. 1925), director of the Institute of Numerical Mathematics of the Russian
9514DeinekaAleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka (1899-1969) was a Russian painter known for his monumental works an
9516InasanThe Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, abbreviated as INASAN from its Russi
9549AkplatonovAleksandr Konstantinovich Platonov (b. 1931), a researcher in astrodynamics and robotics at the Keld
9567SurgutFounded in 1593, Surgut is one of the main administrative and supply centers for the vast oil and na
9838Falz-FeinBaron Eduard Aleksandrovich von Falz-Fein (b. 1912) is an outstanding collector of works of art and
9848YugraYugra is the historical name, used in Russia in medieval times, of the vast area to the east of the
9915PotaninGrigorij Nikolaevich Potanin (1835-1920) was a Russian geographer, ethnographer and publicist, an ex
10001PalermoPalermo is the capital of Sicily. It was at the Palermo Observatory, on the evening of 1801 Jan. 1,
10005ChernegaNikolaj Akimovich Chernega (b. 1923) is a specialist in astrometry and the compilation of catalogues
10010RudrunaRUDruNa, or Rossijskij Universitet Druzhby Narodov, is the Russian University of Friendship of Natio
10011AvidzbaAnatolij Mkanovich Avidzba (b. 1951), orchardist and viticulturist, is a member of the International
10014ShaimShaim is a town in the Tyumen province of the Russian Federation. In its environs the first oil fiel
10016YuganYugan is the shortened name of Nefteyugansk, a town in western Siberia that is the center of the dri
10054SolominYurij Mefodievich Solomin (b. 1935), People's artist of the U.S.S.R, is a Russian actor who is espec
10269TusiNasir ad-Din at-Tusi Abu Djafar Mukhammed ibn Mukhammed (1201-1274) was an outstanding Azerbaijanian
10286ShnolliaSimon Elievich Shnoll (b. 1930) is a biophysicist and biochemist at Moscow University and at the Ins
10287SmaleAmerican mathematician Stephen Smale (b. 1930) is a member of National Academy of Sciences. He conc
10456AnechkaDaughter of a friend of the discoverer in the town of Cherkassy, Anya (Anechka) Ivanchenko (1987-199
10481EsipovValentin Feodorovich Esipov (b. 1933) is head of the radioastronomy department at the Sternberg Astr
10504DogaRussian composer Eugenij Dmitrievich Doga (b. 1937) has written music for many popular movies.
10681KhtureThe Kharkiv Technical University of Radioelectronics, founded in 1930, is a recognized school of spe
10684BabkinaNadezhda Georgievna Babkina (b. 1950) is a People's artist of Russia and the artistic director of th
10718Samus'Nikolaj Nikolaevich Samus' (b. 1949) is a scientist in stellar astrophysics at the Institute of Astr
11011KIAMKIAM is the English abbreviation for the Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Russian Aca
11253MesyatsRussian physicist Gennadij Andreevich Mesyats (b. 1936) is known for his work on the physics of elec
11257RodiontaTatiana Vladimirovna Rodionova (b. 1964) is an engineer in Orenburg, wife of Igor' Victorovich Rodio
11269KnyrEngineer Igor' Ivanovich Knyr (b. 1963) is a specialist on the introduction of new techniques in ind
11446BetankurAvgustin Avgustinovich Betankur (1758-1824) was a civil engineer who built a gun foundry in Kazan, m
11785MigaicMoscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (formerly Moscow Institute of Geodesy, Air-Photog
11787BaumankaBauman Moscow Technical University, founded in 1830, is a well-known higher education and research i
11788NauchnyjThe birth of the settlement of Nauchnyj coincides with the construction of the Crimean Astrophysical
11790GoodePhilip R. Goode (b. 1943), a professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and director of Big
11824AlpaidzeGalaktion Eliseevich Alpaidze (1916-2006) was chief of the cosmodrome in Plesetsk from 1963 to 1975.
12189DovgyjStanislav Alekseevich Dovgyj (b. 1954), a corresponding member of the Ukrainian National Academy of
12199SohlmanMichael Sohlman (b. 1944) is a well-known Swedish specialist in economics and finance, executive dir
12220SemenchurSemen Ivanovich Churyumov (b. 1934), doctor of philosophy and socionics, was for many years senior l
12664SoniseniaSonya (Sofiya) and Senya (Semen) are charming and talented children of Mark Ziselevich Orlovskij, Ki
12670PassargeaMichael Paul Oskar Passarge (b. 1950) is a prominent German amateur astronomer. He built a private o
12674RybalkaAnatolij Nikolaevich Rybalka (b. 1939) is an obstetrician and gynaecologist, professor at the Crimea
12686BezuglyjMichail Yur'evich Bezuglyj (b. 1963) is a Ukrainian surgeon who introduced mammography services in S
13046AlievShamil' Gimbatovich Aliev (b. 1943) is a Russian specialist in the field of applied mathematics and
13474V'yusYurij Sergeevich Vasil'ev (b. 1929), rector of St. Petersburg State Technical University, is a promi
13479VetThe mathematician Vladimir Evgen'evich Tretyakov (“VET”, b. 1936) is a co-author of the Repin-Tretya
13906ShundaMathematician Nikifor Nikolaevich Shunda (b. 1932) has been a professor and since 1975 rector of Vin
13922KremeniaVasilij Grigorievich Kremen' (b. 1947), a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and president
13923PeterhofPeterhof, celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2005, was founded near St. Petersburg as a royal seas
14322ShakuraNikolai Ivanovich Shakura (b. 1945) is the head of the relativistic astrophysics department at the S
14339KnorreErnest Khristov Knorre (1759-1810) was the first astronomer at Tartu University. His son Karl Khris
14789GAISHMoscow University's Sternberg Astronomical Institute (GAISh) is a leading astronomical institute in
14814GurijGurij Timofeevich Petrovsky (b. 1931), director of the Vavilov State Optical Institute and president
14815RutbergFilipp Grigor'evich Rutberg (b. 1931), a prominent expert in electrophysics, is director of the Inst
14818MindeliElisbar Mindeli (1910-1980), a noted expert in coal mining, was the director of the Institute of Mou
15203GrishaninKirill Vladimirovich Grishanin (1909-2002), an eminent specialist in the field of hydrometeorology,
15220SumerkinYurij Vasil'evich Sumerkin (b. 1935) is a well-known Russian scientist in the field of ship mechanic
15691MaslovVladimir Anatol'evich Maslov (b. 1965), an engineer in Simferopol and an inventor in the area of sto
16358PlesetskThe Plesetsk (Plesetzk) cosmodrome was founded in 1957. By the end of the 1960s it had become the m
16407OiunskijPlaton Alekseevich Sleptsov-Oiunskij (1893-1939) was a prominent Yakut writer, philosopher, scientis
16515Usman'gradUsman' is an old town in Russia, founded in 1645, and birth place of a number of notable people: fam
18284TsereteliZurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli (b.1934), world-renown Russian sculptor, was the president of the Ru
18287VerkinBoris Ieremievich Verkin (1919-1990), a Ukrainian Soviet physicist and creator of the scientific sch
19082VikchernovViktor Mikhailovich Chernov (1902-1984), a librarian at Zaporozhie in Ukraine, was a prominent astro
19119DimpnaThe Dictionary of Minor Planet Names (DiMPNa) is a catalogue edited by Lutz D. Schmade
19994TresiniDominico Tresini (c. 1670-1734), architect and engineer, worked in St. Petersburg beginning in 1703
22253SiversYakov Efimovich Sivers (1731-1808) was an outstanding Russian statesman, governor of Novgorod provin
22254VladbarminVladimir Pavlovich Barmin (1909-1993) was the general designer of the ground-based and launching sys
22276BelkinAnatoly Pavlovich Belkin (b. 1953) is a prominent modern Russian painter. His pictures are shown in
24607SevnatuSevastopol National Technical University, founded in 1951, is a large higher-education institution i
24609EvgenijEvgenij Borisovich Aleksandrov (b. 1936), senior scientific worker at the Ioffe Physical and Technic
24637Ol'gushaOl'ga Anatol'evna Sazonova (b. 1975), youngest daughter of the discoverer, graduated from Simferopol
24641EnverEnver Elimdarovich Abduraimov (b. 1973) is a physician in Crimea famous for his selfless help to the
24697RastrelliCarlo Bartolomeo and Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli were father (c. 1670-1744) and son (1700-1771),
26075LevitsvetLev Ivanovich Tsvetkov (b. 1938), head of the laboratory of radio astronomy of the Crimean Astrophys
26793BolshoiLocated in the center of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater of opera and ballet is the largest in Russia an
27659DolskyAlexandr Alexandrovich Dolsky (b. 1938) is an Honoured Artist of Russia, a Bulat Okudzhava State lit
29122VasadzeTariel Shakrovich Vasadze (b. 1947) is an inventor in the automotive industry. He received the titl
30722BiblioranBibliotheka (Rossijskoj) Akademii Nauk (BAN) is the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Fou
32807QuarenghiJacomo Quarenghi (1744-1817) is regarded as one of the best architects in the history of St. Petersb
37556SvyaztieFrom Russian and English words meaning “connection”, Svyaztie honors the enduring astronomical colla
42479TolikAnatolij (Tolik) Leonidovich Zhuravlev (1941-2007), husband of the discoverer, was a computer expert
52231SitnikGrigorij Fedorovich Sitnik (1911-1996), professor of the Moscow State University, was one of the lea
65637TsniimashTsNIIMash is an acronym for the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, which is an in
69261PhilaretPhilaret (Vasily Mikhailovich Drozdov, 1783-1867), metropolitan bishop of Moscow and Kolomna, was an

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