(1978 TW2 )
Incl: 2.46098
Eccent: 0.0988105
Period: 3.3870932093872 years
AU 2.255302
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

3.10.1978 23:26 Nauchnyj 34e1 44n32 observations 1

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Named in honor of Shafika Gil’mievna Sharaf (1915– ), well known expert on celestial mechanics and staff member of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy from 1939 to 1986. She co-developed an analytical theory of Pluto using the Laplace-Newcomb method and determined new orbital elements for the planet. Later she investigated the secular variations of solar radiation incident upon given area of the earth’s surface caused by perturbations of the earth’s orbit. (M 30476)

Name suggested by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy.

Avastatud: 3-10-1978 Avastamiskoht: Nauchnyj Avastajad: Chernykh, N. S.

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