(1980 TB12 )
Incl: 9.19377
Eccent: 0.0236194
Period: 5.6480485722162 years
AU 3.1714088
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

10.10.1980 23:00 Nauchnyj 34e1 44n32 observations 1

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Named in honor of Mikhael Iosifovich Aizman (1947– ), telecommunications specialist and president of MTU-INFORM. One of the largest systems for telephone communication and data transfer in Russia, this company was developed under his supervision in Moscow. Support from MTU-INFORM enabled ITA to create a communication channel allowing the integration of the ITA computer system in the World Wide Web. (M 31023)

Name proposed by the discoverer following a suggestion by ITA.

Avastatud: 10-10-1980 Avastamiskoht: Nauchnyj Avastajad: Chernykh, N. S.

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