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588Achilles Named for the bravest of the Greeks in the Trojan War. As an infant he was plunged in the River Styx
617Patroclus Named for the Greek hero and friend of Achilles slain by Hector (see also planets  (588) and  (624))
624Hektor Named for a son of Priam, husband of Andromache, and Trojan champion slain by Achilles {see also pla
659Nestor Named for the king of Pylos who served in his old age as a counselor to the Greeks at Troy. (LDS; AN
884Priamus Named for the king of Troy during the Trojan War, father of Hector and Paris {see planets  (624) and
911Agamemnon Named for the king of Mycenae who was the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War. (H 88)
1143Odysseus Named after the king of Ithaca and Greek hero in the Trojan War who after the war wandered 10 years
1172Aneas Named for the defender of Troy and hero of Vergil’s Aeneid, son of Anchises {see planet  (1173)} and
1173Anchises Named for the father of Aeneas {see planet  (1172)}, rescued by his son from the burning city of Tro
1208Troilus Named for a son of Priam {see planet  (884)} who in a medieval legend loved Cressida {see planet  (5
1404Ajax Named for the Greek hero in the Trojan War and son of Telamon {see planet  (1749)} who kills himself
1437Diomedes Named for Diomedes, king of Argos, one of the Greek heroes of the Trojan War. (H 129)
1583Antilochus The discoverer has assigned to this Trojan the name Antilochus, who was the youngest son of Nestor,
1647Menelaus The name was selected by the discoverer to enable another of the famous Greek heroes to join the maj
1749Telamon The name for this Trojan planet was selected by the discoverer. (M 3023) Telamon was a son of Aecus
1867Deiphobus Named after the Trojan warrior, son of Priamus {see planet  (884)} and Hecuba {see planet  (108)}. (
1868Thersites Named after a Greek warrior who wanted to stop the siege of Troy and go home. This is a fitting name
1869Philoctetes Named after a Greek archer and armor-bearer of Hercules, wounded and left to die on the way to the T
1870Glaukos Glaukos, king of the Lycians, was an ally of Troy during the Trojan War. (M 3826)
1871Astyanax Named after a son of Hector and Andromache {see planets  (624) and  (175)}, killed after the capture
1872Helenos Named after a son of Priamus and Hecuba {see planets  (884) and  (108)}, who was taken prisoner by t
1873Agenor Named after a Trojan warrior, who fought with and wounded Achilles {see planet  (588)}. Apollo {see
2146Stentor This Trojan planet is named for the Greek warrior with the famous voice as loud as fifty men togethe
2148Epeios This Trojan planet is named for the leader of the troops from Phocis, who also constructed the Woode
2207AntenorThis Trojan planet is named for the Trojan hero and sage who called for peace with the Greeks. He a
2223SarpedonOne of the leaders of the Lycians, Sarpedon was killed by Patroclus in the Trojan War. At the comma
2241Alcathous Alcathous proved himself the noblest suitor in all of Troy by marrying Hippodamia {see planet  (692)
2260NeoptolemusThe son of Achilles and Deidameia, Neoptolemus was brought to Troy by Odysseus in the last year of t
2357PhereclosThis Trojan planet is named for the skilled craftsman and builder of the ships that took Paris to Sp
2363CebrionesThis Trojan planet is named for the charioteer of Hektor, wounded in the conflict between Hektor and
2456Palamedes Named for the most intelligent of all the Greek commanders who fought in the Trojan War. (M 7618)
2594Acamas Named for a commander of the Thracians who allied themselves with the Trojans in order to fight the
2674Pandarus Named for the Lycian warrior whose treacherous wounding of Menelaus {see planet  (1647)} broke the t
2759Idomeneus Named for a king of Crete, renowned for his valor in the Trojan War, during which he slew many Troja
2797Teucer Named for the son of Telamon {see planet  (1749)} and half-brother of Ajax {see planet  (1404)}. Thi
2893Peiroos Named for the Thracian chief who fought courageously to defend Troy. (M 13608)
2895Memnon Named for a king of Ethiopia, who took 10,000 men to Troy to assist his uncle Priam in the Trojan Wa
2920Automedon Named for the son of Diores and the charioteer of Achilles {see planet  (588)}. Automedon killed the
3063Makhaon Named for the physician to the Greek troops during the Trojan War. (M 10547)
3240Laocoon Named for the priest of Apollo at Troy who warned the Trojans against the Trojan Horse. He and his t
3317Paris Named for one of the numerous sons of Priam {see planet  (884)}, the king of Troy. Paris, considered
3391Sinon Named for an ancient Greek warrior, a hero of the Trojan War. (M 11443)
3451Mentor Named for the father of Imbrius and son of Imbrus at Pedaseus, who allied with the Trojans. (M 22829
3540Protesilaos Named for the first Greek warrior to jump to the shore in the landing at Asia Minor in the Trojan wa
3548Eurybates Eurybates was a herald in the Greek army during the siege of Troy. (M 18138)
3564Talthybius Named for the chief herald of the Greek forces in the Trojan war. (M 12459)
3596Meriones Named for the Greek warrior, who with Idomeneus {see planet  (2759)} was leader of the Cretans, and
3708SocusSocus, defending his brother, wounded Odysseus with a spear throw that would have been fatal had not
3709Polypoites Named after the victor in a contest among the Greeks to see who would win an iron meteorite by throw
3793Leonteus Named for a good fighter who strove in a contest among his fellow Greeks to win a valuable piece of
3794Sthenelos Named for the fighting companion who accompanied Diomedes {see planet  (1437)} during his great rush
3801Thrasymedes Named for the son of Nestor {see planet  (659)} and brother of Antilochus. Thrasymedes commanded a f
4007Euryalos Named for the commander of the troops from Argos during the siege of Troy. (M 16042)
4035ThestorThestor was a grandson of Apollo and the father of Kalchas.
4057Demophon Named for a Greek warrior, the second son of Theseus and Phaedra {see planet  (174)}. After fighting
4060Deipylos Named for the Greek hero ordered by Sthenelos {see planet  (3794)} to bring the horses captured from
4063Euforbo Named for the Trojan hero who wounded the Greek Patroclus in the breast before being killed by the G
4068Menestheus Named for the commander of the troops from Athens during the siege of Troy. (M 16043)
4086Podalirius Named for the Greek physician, son of Aesculapius {see planet  (1027)} and Epione and brother of Hyg
4138Kalchas Named for a prophet on the side of the Greeks during the Trojan war. (M 16043)
4348Poulydamas Named for Hektor’s {see planet  (624)} most trusted advisor and strategist, Poulydamas, who was born
4489DraciusDracius was one of the commanders of the Epeans who fought to protect the Argive ships from Hektor’s
4501Eurypylos Named for the legendary king of Thessalon, who directed forty vessels at the siege of Troy. He was h
4543Phoinix Named for a wise old commander of the Greeks in the Trojan war. Phoinix, who had no sons, raised Ach
4707Khryses Named for the priest of Apollo whose daughter, Khryseïs, was abducted by Agamemnon {see planets  (18
4708Polydoros Named for the brother of Lykaon {see planet  (4792)} and the youngest son of Priam {see planet  (884
4709Ennomos Named for a warrior of Mysia who was a prophet and a seer of birdflight. Ennomos was one of many Tro
4715MedesicasteMedesicaste was a daughter of Priam who was married to Imbrius.
4722Agelaos Agelaos was a shepherd, who got the order to expose the baby Paris {see planet  (3317)}, son of Pria
4754Panthoos A member of the Trojan senate, Panthoos warned against a marriage of a Trojan prince and a Greek pri
4791Iphidamas Named for the huge, stalwart son of the Trojan counselor Antenor {see planet  (2207)} and brother of
4792Lykaon Named for the brother of Polydoros and a son of Priam {see planets  (4708) and  (844)}; born of the
4805Asteropaios Named for the leader of the Paionians, among the greatest of the Trojan allies. Spear-throwing Aster
4827Dares Named for one of Aeneas’ {see planet  (1172)} wandering companions at arms after the fall of Troy an
4828Misenus Named for Aeneas’ {see planet  (1172)} herald and trumpeter. As Virgil tells it, Misenus unluckily b
4829Sergestus Named for one of Aeneas’ {see planet  (1172)} Trojan companions after the fall of Troy, commander of
4832Palinurus Named for Aeneas’ {see planet  (1172)} great helmsman and navigator, who led the remnant of the Troj
4833Meges Named for the commander of the Greek islanders who dwelt off Elis, on the west coast of Peloponnese;
4834Thoas Named for Thoas, the commander of the Aitolians, a tough man at spear-throwing, and eloquent in argu
4835AsaeusAsaeus was the first of the Achaeans to be killed by Hector as he joined the battle at the gates of
4836Medon Named for an illegitimate son of Oileus, and half-brother of Ajax Oiliades (also known as Little Aja
4867Polites Polites was a son of Priam, as was Deiphobus {see, respectively, planets  (884) and  (1867)}. They w
4902Thessandrus Thessandrus was one of the Greek captains who hid inside the Trojan horse, which was devised by Epei
4946Askalaphus Askalaphus, a son of the god Ares, became one of the Argonauts, and also participated in the Trojan
5012Eurymedon Eurymedon was servant to the Greek king Nestor {see planet  (659)} during the siege of Troy. (M 2016
5023Agapenor King and leader of the Arcadians {see planet  (1020)} who went with the Greeks to the Trojan War, Ag
5025MecisteusMecisteus was killed alongside his father Echius while defending the Achaean ships. Earlier in the b
5027Androgeos Androgeos was a Greek warrior who led a detachment of Greeks into the burning city of Troy. There he
5028Halaesus Halaesus was a son of Agamemnon {see planet  (911)}. This minor planet is dynamically paired with (2
5041Theotes Theotes was a Greek herald during the siege of Troy. (M 20163)
5119ImbriusImbrius was the son of Mentor and was married to King Priam's daughter, Medesicaste. He fought to de
5120Bitias Bitias was a great Trojan warrior and a companion of Aeneas {see planet  (1172)}. He was the first T
5123CynusCynus was one of the locations from which the Locrians filled forty ships as part of the Greek armad
5126Achaemenides Born in Ithaca, Achaemenides was a Greek warrior who eventually became an ally of Aeneas’ {see plane
5130Ilioneus Ilioneus, a ship commander of Aeneas {see planet  (1172)}, was the official spokesman for Aeneas’ ba
5144Achates Achates was the best friend and companion-at-arms of Aeneas {see planet  (1172)} in Virgil’s {see pl
5209OloossonOloosson, known for its white clay soil, was one of the towns that crewed the forty ships led by Pol
5233NastesNastes was a leader of the Carians with his brother Amphimacus. He went to battle foolishly wearing
5244Amphilochos Like his father Amphiaraos, Amphilochos could foretell the future. As the Greek fleet departed from
5254Ulysses Named for the Latin form of Odysseus {see planet  (1143)}, hero of Homer’s {see planet  (5700)} Ilia
5257LaogonusLaogonus was one of two sons of Bias killed by Achilles after knocking them from their chariot.
5258RhoeoRhoeo was thrown in the ocean locked in a chest after her father learned she was pregnant. She was g
5259Epeigeus A noble Myrmidon fighter, Epeigeus was a son of Agakles. Before the Trojan War, he had ruled in the
5264Telephus Telephus, a son of Heracles {see planet  (5143)} and Auge, was exposed on Mount Parthenius, nursed b
5283Pyrrhus Pyrrhus received his name from the yellow color of his hair. Also known as Neoptolemus {see planet  
5284Orsilocus Orsilocus, one of twin sons of Diokles, was a great man among the Danaans. As he grew up, he and his
5285Krethon Krethon, one of two great Danaans, was one of the twin sons of Diokles. As a very young man he went
5436Eumelos Eumelos was a charioteer who had the swiftest horses in the Greek army. When the riders gathered for
5476MuliusMulius was killed in battle by Achilles who drove his spear from one of Mulius' ears to the other.
5511Cloanthus Racing the sea-blue Scylla {see planet  (155)}, Cloanthus was the winner of the boat race at the fun
5637Gyas A companion of Aeneas {see planet  (1172)}, Gyas took part in the boat race at the funeral games for
5638Deikoon Deikoon was a son of Pergasos and a friend of Aeneas {see planet  (1172)}. He was a spear fighter an
5648AxiusAxius is a river god who was the grandfather of the Trojan ally Asteropaios and father of Pelegon wh
5652Amphimachus Amphimachus was the great-hearted son of Aktorian Kteatos. He had been a suitor of Helen {see planet
5907RhigmusRhigmus, son of Peires from Thrace, was speared while riding in his chariot by Achilles.
6002EetionEetion was the father of Andromache and the father-in-law of Hector. He was killed by Achilles durin
6090AulisAulis was the port in Boetia where the Greek fleet gathered to set sail for Troy and where Iphigenia
6443HarpalionHarpalion was the son of King Pylaemenes whose spear thrust was deflected by Menelaus' shield. As he
6545LeitusLeitus was one of the Argonauts who later participated in the Trojan war. Poseidon urged him and oth
6997LaomedonNamed for Laomedon, king of Troy and father of Priam and Tithonus.
6998TithonusNamed for Tithonus, son of Laomedon and brother of Priam, kings of Troy.
7119Hiera A famous woman warrior and general of the Mysians, Hiera fought in the Trojan War but was edited fro
7152Euneus Named for the king of Lemnos and a son of Jason {see planet  (6063)}. Euneus supplied the Greek forc
7214Anticlus Houten and I. van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar. Named for one of the Greek heroes during the Trojan
7352HypsenorHypsenor was the son of Hippasus who was killed by Deiphobus' spear throw that first glanced off the
7543Prylis Named for a son of Hermes. Inspired by Athene {see planet  (881)}, Prylis suggested that entry to Tr
7641CteatusCteatus was born a conjoined twin of Eurytus and later was the father of Amphimachus.
7815Dolon Named for the sad Trojan hero who figures in Doloneia, the tenth book of the Iliad. Dolon penetrated
8060AniusNamed after Anius, son and priest to Apollo on the isle of Delos. His three daughters could change a
8125TyndareusNamed for a king of Sparta, father of Clytemnestra and Helena. Often it is said, however, that Tynd
8241AgriusNamed after Agrius, a Greek from Aetolia and father of Thersites. Thersites was the ugliest Greek in
8317EurysacesNamed for the son of Ajax by Tecmessa, known for his enormous shield.
9023MnesthusMnesthus was a Trojan who went to what is present-day Italy to fight the Latins as an officer of Aen
9030OthryoneusOthryoneus promised he would fight for Troy in exchange for being allowed to marry Cassandra, King P
9142RhesusNamed for the king of the Thracians and ally of the Trojans. He and his twelve companions were stea
9430ErichthoniosErichthonios was the son of Dardanos and the father of Tros.
9431PythoPytho was a rocky Phocian towns that contributed to the forty ships in the Greek armada led by Sched
9590HyriaHyria was a location mentioned in the Catalogue of Ships as a place from which the Boetian contribut
9694LycomedesLycomedes was king of Scyros during the Trojan war. At his court Thetis hid her son Achilles, dress
9712NaupliusNauplius, a son of Poseidon and Amymone, was king of Euboea and father of Palamedes. After a false
9713OeaxOeax was the son of Nauplius of Euboea and brother of Palamedes. He traveled with his father from T
9790DeipyrusDeipyrus was one of seven leaders of sentinels sent to guard the Achaean ships. He was later killed
9799ThroniumThronium, near the river Boagrius, was one of the places from which the Locrians joined the Achean f
9807RheneRhene was the mother, by Oileus, of Medon. Medon took over leadership of seven ships of archers afte
9817ThersanderThersander, a son of the Theban Polyneices, was wounded by Telephus and later was one of the heroes
9818EurymachosEurymachos was one of the heroes hidden in the Wooden Horse.
9828AntimachosAntimachos was one of the heroes hidden in the Wooden Horse.
9857HecamedeHecamede was a daughter of Arsinous, held captive as a servant of King Nestor, to whom she served a
9907OileusOileus was the father of Ajax the Little. Next to Achilles, Ajax was the fastest-running Greek hero
10247AmphiaraosThe Greek seer Amphiaraos took part in the campaign of the Argonauts and the “Seven against Thebes”.
10664PhemiosPhemios was a singer with Telemachos, forced to play for Penelope's suitors, spared by Odysseus for
10989DoliosDolios was the faithful servant of Laërtes at Ithaca.
11251IcarionIcarion was the son of Ebalus of Sparta. By the nymph Periboea Icarion was the father of Penelope.
11252LaërtesLaërtes, king of Ithaca, was the son of Arcisius, who in turn was a son of Zeus. Laërtes was the hu
11351LeucusLeucus, a character in Homer's Iliad, was an Achaean warrior and companion of Odysseus.
11395IphinousIphinous was killed by Glaukos in hand-to-hand combat.
11428AlcinoösAlcinoös, king of the Phaeacians, gave Odysseus shelter and aid.
11429DemodokusDemodokus who was a blind singer at the court of Alcinoös.
11509ThersilochosThersilochos was a Trojan warrior from the rich valleys of Paeonia. He showed up, together with Hect
11552BoucolionBoucolion was the father of Pedasos and Aesopos. Both sons died near the Scamander river.
11554AsiosAsios was a Trojan warrior and one of the leaders in the assault on the Greek wall. He challenged I
11668BaliosBalios was one of the fast, immortal horses of Achilles, born to the gale or harpy named Podarge and
11887EchemmonThe hero Echemmon, son of the king of Troy Priamos, was killed together with his brother Chromios by
12052AretaonAretaon was a Trojan warrior who was killed by Teucer.
12238ActorActor was the alleged father of Cteatos and Eurytos, two Greek warriors who beat Nestor in the chari
12242KoonKoon, a notable fighter, was the eldest son of Antenor. Grieved by the death of his brother Iphidama
12444ProthoonProthoon was a Trojan warrior who was killed by Teucer.
12649AscaniosAscanios was the son of Aeneas. He is also named Julus and became under this name the ancestor of t
12658PeiraiosPeiraios, son of Klytios, was a friend of Telemachos.
12714AlkimosAkimos was a son of Ares. Together with Automedon, he was in charge of Achilles' horses. After the
12916EteoneusEteoneus, the son of Boethous, was King Menelaus of Sparta's weapon-carrier during the Trojan War.
12929PeriboeaPeriboea was the grandmother of the Trojan ally Asteropaios and mother of Pelegon who she conceived
12972EumaiosEumaios was the pig herder of Odysseus. When Odysseus returned to Ithaca, Eumaios helped him to con
12973MelanthiosMelanthios was a goat herder of Odysseus. He mocked Odysseus when the latter came to Eumaios disgui
12974HalithersesHalitherses was an augur in Ithaca. He went together with Telemachos to search for Odysseus. He wa
13062PodarkesPodarkes, son of Ares and full brother of Protesilaos, led the Achaians and took 40 black ships to t
13181PeneleosPeneleos, leader of Boeotia, killed by Eurypylus, is said to have been one of those inside the woode
13184AugeiasAugeias was the legendary king of Elis, father of Agasthenes and grandfather of Polyxenos. Allusion
13185AgasthenesAgasthenes was the son of legendary king Augeias. During the Third Battle he fell.
13229EchionEchion was one of the Achaean warriors who entered Troy in the wooden horse. He died when he jumped
13387IrusThe mythological Greek beggar Irus defied and, in the presence of Penelope's suitors, was defeated b
13463AntiphosAntiphos was a friend of Telemachos and Odysseus and lived at Ithaca.
13475OrestesOrestes, a son of Agamemnon, was a child at the time of the murder of his father. Electra brought h
13650PerimedesPerimedes was the father of Schedios, the commander of the Phocians on the battlefield of Troy.
13862ElaisElais was a daughter of Anius with the power to change berries into olive oil. She and her two siste
14791AtreusAtreus was the son of Pelops, father of Agamemnon and Menelaos and brother of Thyestes.
14792ThyestesThyestes was the son of Pelops and brother of Atreus. Atreus killed the children of Thyestes and ga
15094PolymelePolymele is identified, according to Gaius Julius Hyginus (c. 64 B.C.E.--17 C.E.), as the wife of Me
15436DexiusDexius was the father of Iphinous.
15440EioneusEioneus was killed by a spear from Hektor.
15651TlepolemosTlepolemos was king of Rhodos, son of Heracles and was one of the first kings to join the army again
15663PeriphasThe Greek hero Periphas from Aetolia was killed by the god Ares. Ares tried to get the armor of Per
15913TelemachusTelemachus, son of Odysseus, was born just before the Trojan war started.
16070CharopsCharops was a son of Hippasus, and brother to Socus. He was wounded by Odysseus in battle and defend
16560DaitorThe Trojan warrior Daitor was killed by the Greek Teucer during the Trojan debacle.
16974IphthimeIphthime was Penelope's sister who appears to her in a dream and comforts her as she is grieving.
17314AisakosAisakos, a son of Priam from his first marriage, was a seer, as had also been his maternal grandfath
17351PheidipposPheidippos was a hero from Nisyros, in the Kalydnian islands. Son of king Thessalos, brother of Ant
17492HippasosHippasos was one of Priam's many sons. He supported Aeneas in the Trojan war.
18060ZarexZarex, a grandson of Chiron, married Rhoeo after she arrived on Delos and became the step-father of
18228HyperenorHyperenor was one of the sons of Panthoos and a great hero on the Trojan side.
18263AnchialosThe Greek heroes Anchialos and Menestheus were together on their chariot when they were killed by He
18268DardanosDardanos was a son of Zeus and a nymph, mythical ancestor of the Trojans.
18278DrymasDrymas was a king of Phrygia and father of Priam's second wife Hekabe (in Latin, Hecuba).
18281TrosTros was a grandson of Dardanos. His country was named Troas after him, and its principal city was
18282IlosIlos was the oldest son of Tros, and he built the citadel Ilion, also named Ilios. Ilos was the fat
18493DemoleonDemoleon, a Trojan warrior and son of Antenor, was struck in the head by Achilles' spear.
19913AigyptiosAigyptios was the father of Antiphos, who was a hero in Troy and companion of Odysseus.
20947PolyneikesPolyneikes was the father of Thersander, son of Oedipus and friend of Diomedes' father Tydeus. Poly
20952TydeusTydeus was an immortal hero, one of The Seven against Thebes. His son Diomedes was a great h
20961ArkesilaosArkesilaos, who was from Boeotia, was one of the first heroes to join the Greek army.
21284PandionPandion was a Greek fighter who helped Menestheus, the leader of the Athenian soldiers, to escape fr
21602IalmenusIalmenus was one of the Achaean leaders and one of those who entered Troy in the Wooden Horse. He w
21900OrusOrus was an Achaean warrior who was killed by Hektor in Homer's Iliad.
22010KuzminaAnastasia Kuzmina (b. 1984) is a Russian-born Slovak biathlete who has represented Slovakia since De
22199KloniosKlonios was one of the first heroes to join the Greek army against Troy and came from Boeotia, as di
22203ProthoenorProthoenor was also a hero from Boeotia in the fight against Troy, as were Klonios and Arkesilaos.
22222HodiosThe Greek herald Hodios went together with the other Greek herald Eurybates and Odysseus and Phoenix
22227PolyxenosPolyxenos came from Elis and fought against the Trojans.
22503ThalpiusThalpius, son of Eurytus, was leader of the Elean flotilla against Troy and one of those who entered
23135PheidasPheidas was an Athenian warrior who fought to prevent Hektor from reaching the Greek ships.
23355ElephenorElephenor was a king from Euboea. In the last year of the Trojan War he was killed by the Trojan Ag
23382EpistrophosEpistrophos was a hero from Phokis. Together with his brother Schedios he fought against Troy.
23383SchediosSchedios came together with his brother Epistrophos from Phokis to fight against Troy.
23549EpiclesEpicles, a Lycian warrior fighting for the Trojan forces, was killed by Ajax, who hit him on the hea
24380DorippeDorippe was ransomed by Anius from pirates who had kidnapped her. Dorippe had three daughters with A
24420ThasosThasos was one of three sons of Anius. He was devoured by a pack of dogs on his home island of Delos
24426BelovaElena Dmitriyevna Novikova-Belova (b. 1947) is a retired fencer from Belarus who became the first wo
24587KapaneusKapaneus was the father of the Greek hero Sthenelos.
24603MekistheusMekistheus was the father of the Greek hero Euryalos.
25937MalyszAdam Malysz (b. 1977) is a Polish ski jumper who won multiple medals at the Olympic games in Salt La
25938StochKamil Stoch (b. 1987), is a Polish ski jumper, who has won three gold medals at two Olympics (2014 a
26057AnkaiosAnkaios was the father of hero Agapenor from Arkadie.
26763PeirithoosPeirithoos was a friend of Theseus and the father of Greek hero Polypoites.
28958BinnsHilda May (Torok) Binns (b. 1945) is a retired multi-sport athlete who won Canada’s first Paralympic
29196DiusDius was the brother of Hektor and Paris, sons of Priamus, the king of Troy during the Trojan War.
29314EurydamasEurydamas was a Trojan priest and an interpreter of dreams.
30698HippokoonHippokoon was a friend of king Rhesos, from Thracia. Hippokoon and the other Thracians were fast as
30704PhegeusPhegeus was the oldest son of Dares, a priest of the god Hephaistos. Phegeus was fatally wounded wi
30705IdaiosIdaios was a herald of king Priam who tells Priam that Paris and Menelaos want to start a duel. Ida
30708EchepolosEchepolos was the first hero in the great fight after the duel of Paris against Menelaos, who was ki
30942HelicaonHelicaon, a Trojan warrior, was the son of Antenor and the husband of Laodice, daughter of Priamos,
31037MydonMydon, a Paeonian charioteer fighting for the Trojans, was killed by Achilles near the Skamander riv
31344AgathonAgathon, son of Priam and prince of Troy, is mentioned in Homer's Iliad as being one of the l
32720SimoeisiosSimoeisios was a young Trojan hero who was killed by Ajax.
32726ChromiosChromios, a son of Priam, was killed by Diomedes.
32811ApisaonThe Trojan warrior Apisaon, son of the Phausios, fought against the approaching Aias. But he was dea
34746ThoonThoon was a Trojan warrior killed by Odysseus.
34993EuaimonEuaimon was the father of the Greek hero Eurypylos.
37519AmphiosAmphios, one of the allies of Priam, was killed by Ajax. Ajax killed Amphios mainly to get his beaut
38050BiasBias was an Athenian warrior, described as stalwart, who fought to prevent Hektor from reaching the
39285KipkeinoKipchoge Keino (b. 1940) won the 1500-m event at the 1968 Olympics by a record-setting margin of 20
39463PhyleusPhyleus was the father of the Greek hero Meges.
39795MarsonRoberto Marson (1944–2011) was a multi-sport athlete who competed in four Paralympics from 1964 to 1
42403AndraimonAndraimon was the father of the Greek hero Thoas.
43212KatosawaoSawao Kato (b. 1946) competed in three Olympics from 1968 to 1976 winning twelve medals in gymnastic
43436AnsschutJohanna “Ans” Boekema-Schut (b. 1944) set an Olympic record in speed skating at the 1968 Olympics as
43706IphiklosIphiklos was the father of the Greek hero Podarkes from Phylake.
48373GorgythionGorgythion, a bastard son of Priam, was killed by Teucer, who had tried to kill Hector, but the arro
48767SkamanderSkamander (Skamandros), a son of Zeus, fought on the side of the Trojans in the Trojan War and tried
52767OphelestesOphelestes, a Trojan warrior, was killed by an arrow of Teucer, who was causing much havoc with his
55676KlythiosKlythios was one of the old Trojan heroes and a member of the senate.
55678LamposLampos was one of the members of the Trojan senate.
55701UkalegonUkalegon was an old hero and a member of the Trojan senate.
55702ThymoitosThymoitos was one of the wisest old men and a member of the Trojan senate.
58084HiketaonHiketaon was one of the old wise Trojan men and a member of the senate.
58096OineusOineus was the grandfather of the Greek hero Diomedes. Diomedes met the Lykier Glaukos, and they fo
58931PalmysPalmys, a Trojan fighting for the relief of the city of Troy set off for the centre of the battlefie
65210StichiusStichius was a Greek warrior at Troy, who together with Menestheus, carried the body of Amphimachus
65583TheoklymenosThe seer Theoklymenos was the son of Mantios and grandson of Melampus. He was on the ship of Telemac
65590ArcheptolemosArcheptolemos, the charioteer of Hector, was killed by Teucer with the help of the god Apollo.
73637GuneusGuneus was a Greek warrior from Kyphos during the Trojan war.
85030AdmetosAdmetos was the father of Eumelos, the best charioteer in the Greek army.

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