(1906 TG )
Incl: 10.31981
Eccent: 0.1482778
Period: 11.891415492791 years
AU 5.209655
Type: 0009

Discovery Chart

22.2.1906 00:00 Heidelberg 8e43 49n24 observations 0

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Named for the bravest of the Greeks in the Trojan War. As an infant he was plunged in the River Styx by his mother Thetis {see planet  (17)}, thus rendering his body invulnerable excepting the heel by which he was held. He slew Hector {see planet  (624)}, the greatest Trojan warrior. He was eventually killed by an arrow in the heel by Paris {see planet  (3317)}. Achilles is the central figure in Homer’s Iliad {see planets  (5700),  (6604)}. (H 62)

Name suggested (AN 175, 191 (1907)) by J. Palisa.

This planet oscillates around the leading equilateral libration point formed with the Sun and Jupiter. It is the first known example of the stable solution of the three-body problem worked out by Lagrange {see planet  (1006)} in 1772. Palisa also named planets  (617) and  (624)which have similar orbital characteristics to (588) after heroes from the Trojan War. Henceforth such planets have been known as Trojan asteroids. It might seem...

Avastatud: 22-2-1906 Avastamiskoht: Heidelberg Avastajad: Wolf, M. F.

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