(1981 DE1 )
Incl: 6.37457
Eccent: 0.0953105
Period: 3.3959214730203 years
AU 2.2592192
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

28.2.1981 13:18 Siding Spring 149e3 31s16 observations 1

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Named for the native North Americans who originally settled in the subarctic region that is now Northwestern Canada and central Alaska. The Athabascan hunter-gatherers comprise a diverse group whose influence spread, about a thousand years ago, as far as the southwestern United States. They are the ancestors of the Navajo {see planet  (3688)} and Apache peoples. (M 18644)

Name suggested and citation prepared by J. J. Klavetter.

Avastatud: 28-2-1981 Avastamiskoht: Siding Spring Avastajad: Bus, S. J.

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