Wishing you a magical new beginning at this New Year!

01 Jan 2023, 01:26 pm

A magical life is filled with symbols and meaning, and the passage through the doorway into a new year can be a magical time of renewal and discovery. Every moment, of course, offers the potential to discard the things and aspects of our life which no longer suit the person we have become, but there’s something about a brand new year that makes everything seem possible.

Resolutions for the New Year have become a bit of a joke. A resolution is defined as “a decision to do or not to do something.” Resolutions occur completely in the mind, and lack the support of our emotions and will. They are simply a list of things we want to do, and without the power of intention they will always fail. In my work that I call Visioncrafting™ (there’s a book for that!) we begin with the desires and the things we would like to bring in or let go of, and then we dig into the feelings and beliefs that can encourage us or which make these changes more difficult. From there we can craft a powerful image to encourage the creation of a new and more satisfying life.

Gates and doors are both portals from one experience to another. We enter through a gate and leave a part of ourselves behind; we enter the world of the unknown when we transition from one phase to another. Sometimes we seek change, sometimes we embrace it. Other times we fight it – holding on to the past for dear life. However we approach change it is, of course, inevitable. No matter how hard we wish for the day to remain, the night will come – followed by the next day of new beginnings.

I love the African concept of “Sankofa,” which means “return and get it,” or more literally,  “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” The word “Sankofa” comes from the Sankofa bird which flies forward while looking backwards. Sankofa teaches that we must look backwards to look forwards, reclaiming and preserving the past as tools for the future. In this way we can pass through the gateways without losing any part of ourselves in the process, achieving a wholeness and grace of spirit.

To all of my readers and friends, I wish you a happy new year and the gift of magic in the coming year. ❤️

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