Sunday inspiration for Scorpio Eclipse transformation

23 Oct 2022, 12:23 pm

The Sun and Moon have reached their conjunction today at the first degree of transformational Scorpio, and over the next few days the energies are building for the solar eclipse at the Scorpio New Moon on Tuesday October 25th. We are fully into Scorpio season now, where we dive fearlessly into the depths of passion and Truth and emerge forever changed. 

Unfortunately I have lost the source for this poem and am unable to find it – if you know the writer please let me know!

There’re many stages of transformation in our lives

The strongest are are the ones that can’t be always seen from the outside

These within transformations can sometimes play tricks on our minds by making us think that we’re still standing in the same spaces

But when we keep connecting within and silence daily our mind with meditation or anything that will align us with our higher self

We can then actually see the dance of our soul twirling on the spiral ladder that keeps lifting us.

Looking from the outside can seem like we’re taking the same paths or turning in the same circles

Trust your guidance

You’re constantly being guided towards higher steps

Fear will make you feel like the past scenarios are close by youDon’t let it activate their emotions, they’re past over and so far away from you

Trust that you’re standing in the most beautiful place like you’ve never been before.

Every dark and light that you’ve been through have been weaving a magical dress that you’re wearing right now, in this space where you’re standing

A dress that’s sewed to the night and day

To the moon and sun, the sea and oceans, the sky and stars, rivers, trees, flowers, birds and all the living beings

A beautiful dress sewed tightly to our Mother Earth

So that we can learn compassion

We can learn to come back to love

author unknown?

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