Episode 89 | Aquarius Full Moon: An Epidemic of Muppets!

19 Jul 2021, 04:00 am

Show Notes for Episode 89 (7/19/2021)


089 | Aquarius Full Moon: An Epidemic of Muppets!

April and Jen lament the last of our episodes celebrating the hits of the 1980s! But, as a wise woman once told us, “This is an astrology podcast” – so let’s get to it! In this two-week period, five planets change signs: the Sun and Mercury enter LEEEooo (cue singing!), Venus and Mars enter Virgo and look for things to organize, and Jupiter backs into Aquarius for five bonus months of water-bearer goodness. Also, an Aquarius Full Moon fit for a Muppet, and a Taurus Last Quarter Moon that highlights the magic inside all of us. Plus: the music of 1989, fizzy water, and… where did we put that box of shreddables??

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Podpals: Please note that we are releasing episodes every two weeks for the summer! The next episode will drop on Aug. 2!

But if you find you’re missing us, let us know! Or leave a comment below with your favorite songs from 1989, won’t you?

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00:30 – A reminder: We have a lighter summer schedule and are releasing episodes every 2 weeks! If you’d like weekly updates, sign up for April’s newsletter!

01:11 – Do April & Jen hear a sound in the distance? Is it podpals cheering (or weeping)? Our 1989 songs welcome one more into the Venn diagram of 1980s Musical Overlap: Jen selects “Steady On” by Shawn Colvin (April’s first choice too!). Her other songs include “Ladies First” by Queen Latifah (April had it close – she is a Pisces with a Leo Moon!), and “Closer to Fine” by Indigo Girls. April picks “Nick of Time” by Bonnie Raitt, “Language of the Heart” by David Wilcox, and “Love Shack” by the B-52s! Hear all our 80s picks on our special YouTube playlist! We also post our episodes on YouTube!

05:17 – The Sun enters Leeeoo (July 22), the sign of its rulership! Most notable aspect is its opposition to Saturn at 10.11 Aquarius (Aug. 1).

08:54 – Mercury also enters Leo, the sign of its fall (July 27). On Aug. 1, it also opposes Saturn.

10:10 – Venus enters Virgo on July 21, the sign of its fall. The next day, it makes an opposition to Jupiter in Pisces (July 22).

11:55 – Mars enters Virgo (July 29)! Earlier in the day, at 29.52 Leo, it opposes Jupiter in Aquarius.

15:44 – Jupiter retrograde backs into Aquarius (July 28 – Dec. 28), after being in Pisces since May 13. It turns direct Oct. 17. Revisit late Dec. 2020 – mid-May 2021: What began then that you want to finish up? (To find where this is in your chart, here’s a helpful blog post and video. Or get a reading with April!)

18:18 – *MOONWATCH * We have a Full Moon at 1.26 Aquarius (July 23) on the Sabian symbol “An unexpected thunderstorm.” The Sun is on “An epidemic of the Muppets mumps.” This lunation calls us back to Jan. 24, 2020 and Feb. 11, 2021. It also reveals the progress of what we began at the July 9 New Moon.

21:49 – This Full Moon is near where Jupiter and Saturn met up in Dec. 2020 (review our discuss on Episode 61)!

24:04 – We also have a Last Quarter Moon at 8.33 Taurus (July 31)! This lunation makes a t-square with Saturn/Uranus! The escape route is in Scorpio: alone time, magic time, deep talks with a trusted friend, or transform yourself in some positive way. Venus asks us to be curious, especially related to money, values, and relationships! Approach life with beginner’s mind and rational thought. (For more on the Nodes in Gemini/Sag, revisit Ep. 24.

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