Episode 107 | The Nodes Enter Taurus & Scorpio: Big News!

24 Jan 2022, 05:00 am

Show Notes for Episode 107 (1/24/2022)


107 | The Nodes Enter Taurus & Scorpio: Big News!

April and Jen kick off the show with huge BSA Podcast news, and then hunker down to bring you a one-week forecast! There was an important event in the heavens last week, so we begin with a deep dive into the Lunar Nodes changing signs! Then we catch up on the happenings of the upcoming week: Mars (marching forward) and Mercury (sliding backward) enter Capricorn; a Scorpio Last Quarter Moon calls to mind October 2019; the planet of communication joins Pluto on a mountain pilgrimage for the second time; Venus, briefcase in hand, turns direct; and the Aquarian Sun awakens bull-headed, unpredictable Uranus (cue the music for Saturn to become involved in the ruckus soon!). Plus: the beauty and bounty of National Parks, axe licking, and… can you really fool Mercury by setting up a computer during its retrograde??

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Episode timestamps:

00:30 – April & Jen have big news, podpals! (And remember: You can always find Jen at her site, as well as on IG!) Love and hugs to everyone!

03:23 – The Lunar Nodes entered Taurus and Scorpio last week (Jan. 18)! The Nodes travel backwards through the signs, and so you may recall that the Nodes entered Gemini/Sagittarius in May 2020 (learn more on Episode 24, Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers). The Nodes will be in Taurus and Scorpio through July 17, 2023, and this will trigger eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio as well.

05:15 – What does it mean to have the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio? How will that reflect in the world around us? Hint: The cosmic imperative at this time is to move away from the South Node, and toward the North Node.

07:49 – The Nodes are going to be connecting with the 2021 Saturn/Uranus square! (Lend your ears to Episode 69, Saturn and Uranus: That Escalated Quickly!) Transiting planets that square the Nodal axis are a catalyst for transcendence and growth. In 2022, Mars will square the Nodes (April 5), perhaps bringing up confrontations requiring courage. And Saturn will also square Nodes (April 11), asking you to take responsibility for your growth. Also, transiting planets that conjoin one of the Nodes tip the scales toward one side of the process. On July 31/Aug. 1, Mars, Uranus, and the North Node will join up in Taurus. This can be an unsteady triple conjunction, but the hope is that it moves us in a better direction.

08:58 – The Taurus North Node can also be about noticing simple pleasures, which can often be easily overlooked – the key is in the noticing. The Scorpio South Node can speak to releasing that which doesn’t align with your authentic self.

11:16 – Mars enters Capricorn (Jan. 24 – March 5), leaving no fire in the chart! On the days that the Moon moves through Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo we’ll get that fire – but otherwise, if you find yourself feeling low energy, you might try to do things that are energizing and creative for you.

13:01 – Head’s up: While Mars is in Cap, it will join Pluto on March 3 – and Venus will be near the party, too! Over the next couple of days then, Mars and Venus both enter Aquarius and make a conjunction with each other. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and its energy is restrained and disciplined. It’s a good time for implementing strategy – but wait until Venus turns direct on Jan. 29 and Mercury turns direct on Feb. 3.

15:48 – **MOONWATCH!** On Jan. 25, we have a Last Quarter (LQ) Moon at 5.33 Scorpio on the Sabian symbol, “A gold rush” – appropriate with Uranus involved! We also have a lovely trine to Jupiter at this lunation. LQ Moons always ask us to look back to see what adjustments need to be made – in this case, look to the New Moon in Cap from three weeks ago, as well as the Lunar Phase Family periods from Oct. 2019, July 2020, and April 2021. Eureka!

18:52 – Retrograde (Rx) Mercury re-enters Capricorn (Jan. 25)! It was last at these final degrees of Capricorn on New Year’s Day, so ponder: Do you want to rethink your New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps there is something left unfinished in business or family matters. Remember, Mercury is still Rx through Feb. 3. After it turns direct, will be at this point again on Valentine’s Day. It re-enters Aquarius on Feb. 15. (And it’s always fun to review Episode 12, Mercury Retrograde: Where Are My Pants?)

21:40 – Mercury joins Pluto at 26.51 Capricorn (Jan. 28). And yes, April was right – the Sabian symbol is, indeed, “A mountain pilgrimage”! This is the second of three conjunctions; the first was Dec. 30 and the last will be Feb. 11. Does a story connect for you related to thinking/communication and empowerment or “going deep” with something? (And we did discuss this previously! Listen to Episode 105, The Solstice, a Capricorn New Moon, & Zooming into a New Year!)

23:23 – Venus turns direct at 11.04 Capricorn (Jan. 29)! And there was much rejoicing! This happens on the symbol, “A student of nature lecturing.” Hopefully we’ll now see forward momentum in relationships, in money, and in the things that we enjoy. A reminder that Venus turned Rx on Dec. 19 at 26.29 Cap (Episode 104, Venus Turns Retrograde: Cheez Food Sirens!), and made a conjunction with Pluto on Dec. 11 and Dec. 25 (Episode 105, The Solstice, a Capricorn New Moon, & Zooming into a New Year!) and will join Pluto once more on March 3.

26:03 – The Sun, at 10.52 Aquarius, squares Uranus in Taurus (Jan. 30), on the symbol “Man tête-à-tête with his inspiration.” Uranus is on, “A woman sprinkling flowers.” The propulsive qualities of Uranus might help us see little explosions of growth and inspiration, which sound nice! Note that the next day, we’ll have the Aquarius New Moon on the symbol, “People on stairs graduated upwards.” Blain Bovee suggests this symbol is more of a gradual rise rather than sudden discoveries. So perhaps we’ll feel driven to do something new, something creative – and although the inspiration comes suddenly, it might unfold gradually over time. [Note: Oops! The correct Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A barometer.” More on that in Episode 108!].

28:04 – A few days later, on Feb. 4, the Sun will then join up with Saturn! (Yes, that again! Did you think we were done talking about the Saturn/Uranus square? 😂) Saturn and Uranus will still dance together throughout 2022. And on Oct. 1, 2022, they will come thisclose to an exact square once again. We’ve had our Sun/Uranus inspiration on Jan. 31; now we are being asked, with Sun/Saturn, “How are you going to make that happen, my friend?”.

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