Astro Daily: July 21, 2021

21 Jul 2021, 08:30 am

Venus, the planet of love and value, money and relationships, leaves Leo for Virgo. If Leo helped Venus to find its creative spark, then in Virgo it puts that spark into form, paying attention to craft and detail.

In a traditional astrological lens, Venus is not at home in Virgo, a sign that is classically said to be its “fall”. But how can we understand this from a modern perspective?

If Venus rules Libra, the sign of harmony and balance, then in Virgo it’s harder for Venus to find balance. That’s because in Virgo, Venus puts others first. It is the nurse, the caretaker. Relationships tip towards selflessness and service. Or, less helpfully, towards inequity. So it’s a time to help others, but to be mindful of that slippery slope where we’re no longer being of service; we’re being the servant.

That said, Venus in Virgo loves to get into the details. It takes the creative fires of Leo and diligently crafts a vision into reality. It can beautifully build a system, too.

If you are in AUSTRALIA or NZ, this forecast applies approximately for July 22.

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Photo by Rendy Novantino on Unsplash

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