7.10.21 Weekend Update – The New Moon continues to blossom today

10 Jul 2021, 11:58 am

Think about a New Moon as being like the bud of a flower which is just ready to open.  The moment of the astrological New Moon, the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, is the pregnant pause just before the bud begins to blossom.  Today the new beginning promised by the New Moon begins to unfold as the Moon completes her journey through her own sign of Cancer.  Today is the perfect day to center our attention on the heart and see what it has to tell us.  Where are the hard edges?  Where are the soft and squish spaces which need to heal?  We have greater access to the heart today than on many days, and our feelings take center stage.

The Moon leaves Cancer for Leo Saturday night (EDT), but Mercury shifts into Cancer on Sunday at 4:35 pm EDT.  After a long journey through Gemini, this movement of the planet of the mind into Cancer helps us to continue the journey into the watery realms of feeling and intuition, something which may have been lost in the Aquarian energies of early 2021 and the chatter of Mercury in Gemini over the past couple of months. Still, with the Moon in Leo on Sunday there will be some need for self-focus and hope for a joyful day. ❤️



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