(1916 ZP )
Incl: 10.88102
Eccent: 0.1785646
Period: 3.6312239985416 years
AU 2.3624101
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

3.4.1916 00:00 Simeis 33e60 44n24 observations 0

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Independently discovered 1916 Apr. 28 by M. F. Wolf at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of the American astronomer Simon Newcomb (1835–1909), professor of astronomy and director of the U.S. Nautical Almanac Office. Newcomb worked on cometary and planetary orbits and on the theory of the orbit of the Earth. He measured the velocity of light and determined the astronomical unit anew. (H 84)

Newcomb is also honored by craters on the Moon and on Mars, respectively.

Avastatud: 3-4-1916 Avastamiskoht: Simeis Avastajad: Beljavskij, S.

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