(1994 GO1 )
Incl: 15.14844
Eccent: 0.1706982
Period: 4.2496856738418 years
AU 2.6235609
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

15.4.1994 14:23 Kitami 143e47 43n46 observations 1

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Named in commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa, established by the Japanese government according to a resolution adopted by the International Association of Geodesy in 1899 as one of the six stations of the International Latitude Service, at a latitude of +39° 08′. In 1988 the Observatory was transferred to the Division of Earth Rotation of the National Astronomical Observatory. The observations have never been interrupted, even during the two World Wars. Mizusawa is located about 500 km north of Tokyo, and its citizens show a strong interest in the observatory’s astronomical and geophysical research. (M 34626)

Name proposed by the discoverers following a suggestion by K. Hurukawa, who was an astronomer there during 1960–1969. Citation prepared by K. Yokoyama.

Avastatud: 15-4-1994 Avastamiskoht: Kitami Avastajad: Endate, K., Watanabe, K.

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