(1992 YE )
Incl: 6.81458
Eccent: 0.1118914
Period: 3.4740590846558 years
AU 2.2937429
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

18.12.1992 13:52 Yakiimo 138e28 34n57 observations 1

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Named in memory of Kiyohira Fujiwara (1056–1128), founder of the Fujiwara clan in the northern part of Japan. He built a castle in Esashi {see planet  (9368)}, near Mizusawa {see planet  (7530)}, and accumulated the means to reign over the wider area. He then moved to Hiraizumi, about 30 km south of Esashi, which rapidly became one of the most prosperous independent realms in Japan during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Unburnt temples and remains tell us that the cultural level of the realm was comparable with that of Kyoto {see planet  (4352)}. (M 34626)

Name proposed by the second discoverer following a suggestion by the citizens of Esashi City, where there is a geophysical station operated by the Mizusawa Observatory. Citation prepared by K. Yokoyama.

Avastatud: 18-12-1992 Avastamiskoht: Yakiimo Avastajad: Natori, A., Urata, T.

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