(1994 AG3 )
Incl: 11.92383
Eccent: 0.1861797
Period: 4.2208243218509 years
AU 2.6116689
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

13.1.1994 14:15 Kitami 143e47 43n46 observations 1

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Named in memory of Sachiko Isoda (1912–1993), who joined the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory in 1943 as a computing assistant. After the war she moved to the Department of Astronomy at University of Tokyo and was for many years secretary to Y. Hagihara {see planet  (1971)}. After her formal retirement she stayed on as a part-time employee, and her fine work impressed many astronomers who graduated from the Univerity of Tokyo. (M 30099)

Name proposed by the second discoverer following a suggestion by K. Tomita.

Avastatud: 13-1-1994 Avastamiskoht: Kitami Avastajad: Endate, K., Watanabe, K.

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