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21.10.1990 00:00 Yatsugatake 138e22 35n53 observations 1

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Named in honor of Elizabeth (1904– ) and Leslie Hilliard (1905– ), who acquired the house in Bath, England, from the garden of which Herschel {see planet  (2000)} discovered Uranus. The Hilliards restored the historic building and gave it to the William Herschel Society. For many years they worked tirelessly for the society following the opening of the Herschel Museum in the house on 1981 Mar. 13, the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the planet. The eighteenth-century house was thus saved from the threat of “development” and continues to please visitors from all over the world. The Hilliards also purchased the Lansdown Tower, which had been built in Bath in 1827 by William Beckford, a famous writer and art connoisseur. (M 25655) _ _.

Avastatud: 21-10-1990 Avastamiskoht: Yatsugatake Avastajad: Kushida, Y., Muramatsu, O.

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