(1987 SL10 )
Incl: 9.36764
Eccent: 0.241094
Period: 7.9569192683819 years
AU 3.985504
Type: 0008

Discovery Chart

29.9.1987 22:30 Tautenburg 11e43 50n59 observations 1

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Named for a district in northern Germany, characterized by deposits of glacial moraines and hundreds of lakes rich in fishes and birds of many kinds. The towns of Wismar and Rostock are important Baltic Sea ports. The poet F. Reuter {see planet  (8666)}, the archaeologist H. Schliemann {see planet  (3302)} and the sculptor and poet E. Barlach {see planet  (6428)} were born in Mecklenburg. Today Mecklenburg is part of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (M 24919)

Named on the occasion of the thousandth anniversary of Mecklenburg in 1995.

Avastatud: 29-9-1987 Avastamiskoht: Tautenburg Avastajad: Borngen, F.

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