(1932 CY )
Incl: 1.1766
Eccent: 0.1324005
Period: 5.5205600572287 years
AU 3.1235037
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

14.2.1932 01:43 Heidelberg 8e43 49n24 observations 1

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Named in memory of Naozo Ichinohe (1872–1920), instructor at the University of Tokyo and astronomer at Tokyo Observatory. He was a pioneer of astrophysics in Japan. He studied under E. B. Frost, E. E. Barnard and S. W. Burnham {see respectively planets  (854),  (819), and  (834)} during 1905–07 at the Yerkes Observatory, where he measured the radial velocities of some spectroscopic binaries. He left about 12,000 visual observations of variable stars (including three stars discovered by himself ) that were carried out in the U.S.A. and Japan. He insisted on the necessity of a large telescope in Japan. He was also a pioneer of science journalism in Japan. After he retired from the University of Tokyo, he was the editor of the monthly magazine Gendai no Kagaku, which he founded on the model of Nature. (M 25230)

Name proposed by S. Nakano, one of the identifiers involving this minor planet, following a suggestion by M. Hara and...

Avastatud: 14-2-1932 Avastamiskoht: Heidelberg Avastajad: Reinmuth, K.

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