(1991 DA )
Incl: 61.68439
Eccent: 0.8658987
Period: 40.896795902714 years
AU 11.8698744
Type: 4005

Discovery Chart

18.2.1991 12:42 Siding Spring 149e3 31s16 observations 1

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Legend has it that Damocles, a courtier of the tyrant Dionysius the Elder of Syracuse, was invited to a feast, where he was seated below a sword suspended by a thread. Intended to demonstrate the impermanence of power, the’ sword of Damocles’ has become a symbol of impending disaster. This minor planet, in an unusual orbit of very high eccentricity and inclination and crossing the orbits of Mars to Uranus, could itself be seen as such a sword during periods of its orbital evolution when it becomes an Earth crosser. (M 22508)

Avastatud: 18-2-1991 Avastamiskoht: Siding Spring Avastajad: McNaught, R. H.

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