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Incl: 5.36013
Eccent: 0.1879237
Period: 4.1411483414091 years
AU 2.5786979
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

8.12.1845 00:00 Driesen 24e45 59n26 observations 0

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This is the Latin name for the Greek Astraia. This was the goddess of justice, daughter of Zeus and Themis {see planets  (5731) and  (24)}. Astraea lived on earth during the Golden Age, but the wickedness and impiety of mankind during the Brazen and Iron ages drove her to heaven, where she was placed among the constellations of the zodiac under the name Virgo. (H 2; Z 34)

Named by J. F. Encke (Am. J. Sci., Vol. 2, p. 435 (1846)). The symbol used for Astraea in Open image in new window

Avastatud: 8-12-1845 Avastamiskoht: Driesen Avastajad: Hencke, K. L.

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