(1989 WM )
Incl: 2.5129
Eccent: 0.5241948
Period: 4.4489512425329 years
AU 2.7049446
Type: 1804

Discovery Chart

28.11.1989 11:28 Palomar 116w51 33n21 observations 1

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Named for Cleobulus (fl. c. 560 B.C.), one of the Seven Sages of Greece. A native and tyrant of Lindus in Rhodes, Cleobulus was renowned for the wisdom of his sayings, the beauty of his lyric poetry and his skill with riddles. (M 17467)

Name proposed by the discoverer, following a suggestion by K. Williams, who provided material for the citation, and G. V. Williams, who solved the riddle of the identification involving this object.

Avastatud: 28-11-1989 Avastamiskoht: Palomar Avastajad: Shoemaker, C. S.

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