(1987 QA )
Incl: 40.71242
Eccent: 0.4683921
Period: 2.11395027995 years
AU 1.6470867
Type: 1803

Discovery Chart

23.8.1987 10:32 Palomar 116w51 33n21 observations 1

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Ubasti, also called Bastet or Bast, was an ancient Egyptian goddess worshipped in the form of a cat. Originally a goddess of the home, in the New Kingdom Ubasti was equated with the lioness war goddess. This name is being dedicated to observatory cats throughout the world. (M 19336)

Name suggested and citation prepared by G. V. Williams at the request of the discoverer.

This name is particularly dedicated to the discoverer’s beloved companion for the past ten years, Pepper Cat (1974–1991).

Avastatud: 23-8-1987 Avastamiskoht: Palomar Avastajad: Mueller, J. E.

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