(1982 VX3 )
Incl: 2.00711
Eccent: 0.1026988
Period: 5.5840976772426 years
AU 3.1474242
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

14.11.1982 15:04 Kiso 137e38 35n48 observations 1

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Named in honor of Larry Dunlap, research assistant at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory who has published lightcurves of asteroids and is now teaching high-school and other students the beauty of astronomy at the Flandrau planetarium. (M 11161)

Named in accordance with a proposal by T. Gehrels that naming rights for (3291) and the Palomar discovery (3290) be interchanged, so that this and the following three names can be in sequence.

Avastatud: 14-11-1982 Avastamiskoht: Kiso Avastajad: Kosai, H., Hurukawa, K.

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