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Incl: 24.25811
Eccent: 0.2997178
Period: 3.6758997862877 years
AU 2.3817475
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

22.12.1891 00:00 Heidelberg 8e43 49n24 observations 0

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Named in honor of Miss Catherine Wolfe Bruce (1816–1900), noted American patroness of astronomy “who presented Dr. Wolf with the means to secure the largest and best photographic telescope that could be made for his especial research in the domain of planet and nebula photography.” (J. A. Brashear, Pop. Astron., Vol. 11, p. 548 (1903)). (H 36)

This is the first numbered minor planet discovered photographically. With the Bruce telescope of the Heidelberg Observatory more now numbered minor planets were discovered than with any other telescope in the world. Miss Bruce is also honored by a lunar crater.

Avastatud: 22-12-1891 Avastamiskoht: Heidelberg Avastajad: Wolf, M. F.

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