(1982 BB )
Incl: 20.93088
Eccent: 0.3541492
Period: 1.6640996341396 years
AU 1.404234
Type: 1803

Discovery Chart

20.1.1982 03:45 Piszkesteto 19e54 47n55 observations 1

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Named for a famous Hungarian city. In 1762 its bishop, Count Karoly Esterhazy, established a university there at his own expense. The university included an observatory, which he furnished on consultation with Maximilian Hell {see planet  (3727)} in Vienna, instruments being made in both Vienna and London. The Eger observations began in 1778, and the results were published in Hell’s annual astronomical ephemerides. The city is also known for the successful stand of its populace against the besieging Turks in 1552. It is situated in an excellent wine-growing area and is known internationally for its hearty red Egri Bikaver (“bull’s blood”). (M 23135)

Avastatud: 20-1-1982 Avastamiskoht: Piszkesteto Avastajad: Lovas, M.

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