(1980 TF3 )
Incl: 1.91503
Eccent: 0.1271325
Period: 5.3823690147567 years
AU 3.0711587
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

14.10.1980 00:30 Haute Provence 5e43 43n56 observations 1

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Named for a son of Odin and Frigga {see planets  (3989) and  (77)} in Scandinavian mythology. He entered the land of the dead, guarded by Hel {see planet  (949)}, in an attempt to rescue his brother Balder {see planet  (4059)}. Hel agreed on condition that everyone and everything in the world, even the plants, stones, and metals, should mourn for Balder. All did, except for a single giant witch in a cave, Thokk. (M 22495)

Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee following a suggestion by F. Pilcher.

Avastatud: 14-10-1980 Avastamiskoht: Haute Provence Avastajad: Institute d'Astrophysics

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