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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
3176Paolicchi Named in honor of Paolo Paolicchi, planetary scientist, associate professor of astrophysics at the U
3393Stur Named in memory of Ľudovít Velislav Štúr (1815–1856), ideologist and organizer of the Slovak nationa
3730Hurban Named in memory of Jozef Miloslav Hurban (1817–1888), poet, writer, journalist, editor, critic, hist
9543NitraNitra, a historical town in western Slovakia, was a the seat of prince Pribina and center of the Nit
11014SvätoplukSvätopluk (d. 894) was a famous king of the ancient Slavs and prince of Great Moravia from 871 to 89
13916BernolákAnton Bernolák (1762-1813) was a Catholic priest who codified the first form of the Slovak language,
14181KoromháziBeáta Koromházi is the mother of the first discoverer.
19955HollýJán Hollý (1785-1849) was a famous Slovak classical poet, Catholic priest and member of the Slovak r
23718HorgosHorgos is a small town in northern Serbia, near the Hungarian border. The population is mainly Hunga
28196SzegedSzeged, located in southern Hungary on the banks of Tisza river, was founded more than 750 years ago
28492MarikMiklós Marik (1936-1998) was a prominent educator and popularizer of astronomy in Hungary. He taught
31872TerkánLajos Terkán (1887-1940) was a member of the staff of the Konkoly Observatory from 1900 to 1935. He
38442SzilárdHungarian-American physicist Leó Szilárd (1898-1964) conceived the nuclear chain reaction and worked
39971JózsefAttila József (1905-1937), one of the greatest Hungarian poets of the twentieth century, spent his e
44479OláheszterEszter (née Oláh) Kiss (1945-2004) was the beloved mother of the first discoverer.
45300ThewrewkAurél Ponori Thewrewk (b. 1921) was director of Urania Public Observatory and Budapest Planetarium.
64974SavariaSavaria was the Roman name of the Hungarian town Szombathely, the administrative center of Vas count
67308ÖvegesJózsef Öveges (1895-1979) was a teacher of physics who made physics popular to millions of people th
68144MizserAttila Mizser (b. 1958) has been one of the leaders of Hungarian amateur astronomy for more than two
72071GáborHungarian-born Dénes Gábor (1900-1979) won the 1971 Nobel Prize for Physics for his invention and de
73511LovasMiklós Lovas (b. 1931) has been the most successful Hungarian discoverer working in astronomy. He di
75823CsokonaiMihály Csokonai Vitéz (1773-1805) was one of the greatest Hungarian poets. His works reflect great
82071DebrecenDebrecen is the second largest city in Hungary and the regional center and capital of Hajdú-Bihar co
82092KalocsaBirthplace of the second discoverer, Kalocsa, between the Duna and Tisza rivers and having a current
84919KarinthyFrigyes Karinthy (1887-1938) was a Hungarian author, playwright, poet, journalist and translator. H
84921MorkolábMorkoláb (or Markolaáb) is a Hungarian mythical animal that eats the sun or moon during a total ecli
84995ZselicZselic is one of Hungary`s most beautiful wooded regions. The Zselic Landscape Protection Area has
84996HortobágyHortobágy, an 800-square-km national park in eastern Hungary, is Hungary's largest protected area an
86196SpeculaSpecula is the old name for the Observatory of Eger, built in 1774 by count Károly Eszterházy (1725-
89973AranyjánosHungarian writer, poet, journalist and translator János Arany (1817-1882) wrote more than 40 ballads
90370JókaimórHungarian dramatist and novelist Mór Jókai (1825-1904) was an imaginative, humorous and romantic wri
90376KossuthLajos Kossuth (1802-1894) was a Hungarian lawyer, journalist, politician and governor-president of H
91024SzéchenyiCount István Széchenyi (1791-1860), known as “The Greatest Hungarian”, was a writer, reformer and pa
95179BerkóErnő Berkó (b. 1955) is a Hungarian amateur astronomer interested in deep-sky objects and double sta
95954BayzoltánZoltán Lajos Bay (1900-1992) was a Hungarian physicist, university professor and engineer who develo
106869IrinyiJános Irinyi (1817-1895) invented the “noiseless” match. An unsuccessful experiment in 1836 at the
107052AquincumBetween the first and fourth centuries Aquincum was one of the northernmost Roman garrisons in centr
111468Alba RegiaAlba Regia was the Roman name of the Hungarian town Székesfehérvár, the birthplace of the second dis
111570ÁgasvárÁgasvár is a 635-meter peak in the Mátra Mountains. Ágasvár hostel is the mountain station of Hunga
111594RáktanyaRáktanya is a famed hostel in the Bakony Mountains in Hungary. In the 1990s the “Three Thousand Sta
113203SzabóGyula M. Szabó (b. 1979) is a Hungarian astronomer and a founding member of the Szeged Asteroid Prog
113214VinkóHungarian astronomer József Vinkó (b. 1965) is the leader of the Bright Supernova Observing Group at
114659SajnovicsJános Sajnovics (1733-1785) was a Hungarian linguist and Jesuit. He is best known for his pioneerin
114987TittelHungarian astronomer and professor Pál Tittel (1784-1831), director of the Eger and Buda observatori
114990SzeidlBéla Szeidl (b. 1938) was director of the Konkoly Observatory between 1974 and 1996 and president of
114991BalázsLajos G. Balázs (b. 1941) has been the director of the Konkoly Observatory since 1996. His main fie
115058TassantalAntal Tass (1876-1937), Konkoly Observatory director (1916-1936), played a leading role in the devel
115059NagykárolyKároly Nagy (1797-1868) was a Hungarian astronomer, mathematician, chemist and politician. His obse
115254FényiGyula Fényi (1845-1927) was a Hungarian Jesuit and astronomer. A most prolific observer of solar ph
115885GanzSwiss-Hungarian technical engineer Ábrahám Ganz (1814-1867) opened an ironworks in Buda and was fath
117086LóczyLajos Lóczy (1849-1920) is one of the most famous Hungarian geologists. He was the first western geo
117714KiskartalKiskartal Observatory was founded by Baron Géza Podmaniczky in 1884. The main telescope was a 19-cm
121817SzatmáryKároly Szatmáry (b. 1956) is a Hungarian astronomer, initiator of the Szeged Observatory Foundation
126315BláthyHungarian electrical engineer Ottó Bláthy (1860-1939) made significant contributions to the developm
128062SzroghGyörgy Szrogh (1915-1999) was a Hungarian architect and professor of the Hungarian University of Art
129259TapolcaTapolca, a regional center in Hungary since the thirteenth century, is a town near Lake Balaton with
131762CsonkaJános Csonka (1852-1939) is one of the greatest figures of the Hungarian engineering industry. He i
132874LatinovitsOne of the most successful roles of Hungarian actor Zoltán Latinovits (1931-1976) was as Romeo in 19
133161RuttkaiÉva Ruttkai (1927-1986) was a Hungarian actress. During her four-decade career, she became one of t
133250RubikAn architect and professor at the Budapest College of Applied Arts, Ernő Rubik (b. 1944) is internat
134130ApáczaiJános Apáczai Csere (1625-1659) was a Hungarian polyglot and mathematician, famous for his work T
135799RáczmiklósMiklós Rácz (b. 1947) is a Hungarian physicist, the head of the technical department of the Konkoly
136518OpitzNándor Opitz (1922-1995) was a Hungarian engineer, aviator and the first Hungarian FAI Diamond Badge
139028HaynaldLajos Haynald (1816-1891), a Hungarian cardinal and Archbishop of Kalocsa-Bács, was also a botanist
142275SimonyiKároly Simonyi (1916-2001) was a professor of electrical engineering at the Technical University of
143579DérimiksaMiksa Déri (1854-1938) was a Hungarian electrical engineer. He was, with his partners Károly Ziperno
145593XántusJános Xántus (1825-1894) was a Hungarian scientist, traveler, ethnographer and a member of the Hunga
147421GárdonyiGéza Gárdonyi (1863-1922) was a Hungarian writer and journalist. Although he wrote a range of works,
151242HajósHungarian swimmer and architect Alfréd Hajós (1878-1955) was the first modern Olympic swimming champ
151659EgerszegiKrisztina Egerszegi (b. 1974) is a Hungarian swimmer and the only woman to win five gold Olympic med
152454DarnyiTamás Darnyi (b. 1967) is a Hungarian swimmer who won four gold medals at two Olympic Games (1988 an
154493PortischLajos Portisch (b. 1937) is a Hungarian chess Grandmaster, who played in twenty Chess Olympiad and w
157141SopronSopron, a town in Hungary near the Austrian border, is the birthplace of the second discoverer.
159629BrunszvikCountess Teréz Brunszvik (1775-1861) was the founder, in 1828, of the first nursery school in Hungar
159974BadacsonyBadacsony is the name of a region on the north shore of Lake Balaton in western Hungary and a town i
160001BakonybélThe ancient village of Bakonybél (founded in 1018) is located in the heart of the High Bakony Landsc
161349MecsekMecsek is a mountain range in southern Hungary. The mountains cover an area of approximately 500 km
161975KincsemKincsem was the most successful Thoroughbred race horse ever, having won 54 races for 54 starts. Bo
163819TelekiHungarian explorer Sámuel Teleki (1845-1916) led the first expedition to Northern Kenya. He was the
164268HajmásiJózsef Hajmási (1910-2010) was a Hungarian physicist, teacher and amateur astronomer who founded the
166886YblMiklós Ybl (1814-1891) was one of Hungary's most influential architects. His most well-known work is
167341BörzsönyBörzsöny is a mountain range in northern Hungary. It is the westernmost member of the North Hungari
170900JendrassikThe world's first turboprop was designed by the Hungarian mechanical engineer György Jendrassik (189
171118SzigetközSzigetköz is an beautiful island plain in western Hungary, part of the Little Hungarian Plain. The n
175281KolonicsGyörgy Kolonics (1972-2008) was a very talented, but modest and diligent Hungarian canoeist. Amongs
175566PapplaciLászló “Laci” Papp (1926-2003) was a Hungarian boxer and three-time Olympic gold medalist. He was t
178156BorbálaBorbála Ujhelyi (b. 1982) is the wife of the co-discoverer Zoltán Kuli. The name Borbála is a Hunga
180824KabosGyula Kabos (1887-1941) was a Hungarian actor and comedian, widely known for his comedic movie roles
180857HofigézaGéza Hofi (1936-2002), an actor and comedian, had a strong influence on Hungarian cabaret. He alway
181298LadányiTamás Ladányi (b. 1972) is a Hungarian amateur astronomer and a member of the “The World At Night” g
187125MarxgyörgyGyörgy Marx (1927-2002) was a Hungarian physicist and astrophysicist, a full member of the Hungarian
190504HermanottóOttó Herman (1835-1914) was a Hungarian zoologist, ethnographer, mineralogist, archaeologist, journa
191341LánczosKornél Lánczos (1893-1974) was a Hungarian physicist and mathematician who had a profound impact on
191856AlmárivánIván Almár (b. 1932) is a Hungarian astronomer and space scientist, full member of the IAA, best kno
192155HargittaiMagdolna and István Hargittai are Hungarian chemists and full members of the Hungarian Academy of Sc
194970MáraiSándor Márai (1900-1989) was a Hungarian writer and journalist. He authored forty-six books, mostly
196736MunkácsyMihály Munkácsy (1844-1900) was a Hungarian painter who lived in Paris and gained an international r
209054LombkatóKató Lomb (1909-2003) was a Hungarian interpreter, translator and one of the first simultaneous inte
209791TokajTokaj is a historic town in northern Hungary. It is the centre of the famous Tokaj-Hegyalja wine dis
217398TihanyTihany is a historic village on the northern shore of Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula. The cent
227218RényiAlfréd Rényi (1921-1970) was a Hungarian mathematician, who worked mostly in probability theory, as
230656KovácspálPál Kovács (1912-1995) was a Hungarian Olympic fencer and sports leader, who began as a hurdler, but
231278KárpátiRudolf Kárpáti (1920-1999) was a Hungarian fencer who won six gold medals in sabre at four Olympic G
234294PappsándorSándor Papp (b. 1949) is a Hungarian amateur astronomer, who has made more than 100,000 visual brig
235201LorántffyZsuzsanna Lorántffy (1602-1660) was a Hungarian aristocrat, the wife of György Rákóczi I, prince of
236170CholnokyJenő Cholnoky (1870-1950) was one of the greatest Hungarian geographers and professor of geography a
238710HalassyOlivér Halassy (1909-1946) was a Hungarian water polo player and freestyle swimmer, who won two gold
240364KozmutzaFlóra Kozmutza (1905-1995) was a Hungarian educator, psychologist and high school teacher. She was a
240697GemencGemenc is a forest and the only remaining tidal area of the Danube in Hungary. The native stag popu
241363ÉrdibálintBálint Érdi (b. 1945) is a Hungarian astronomer and full professor at the Eötvös University (Budapes
242523KreszgézaGéza Kresz (1846-1901), a Hungarian physician, founded the Budapest Voluntary Ambulance Society in 1
247542RipplrónaiJózsef Rippl-Rónai (1861-1927) was a Post-Impressionist avant-garde Hungarian painter, known for wor
253412RáskayleaLea Ráskay was a Hungarian nun and scholar of the 16th century. She was a member of the Dominican mo
254846CsontváryTivadar Kosztka Csontváry (1853-1919) was a Hungarian painter who was part of the avant-garde moveme
254876StrommerGyula Strommer (1920-1995) was a Hungarian mechanical engineer and mathematician, and a full profess
255257MechwartAndrás Mechwart (1834-1907) was a Hungarian industrialist who headed the Ganz factory as managing di
265490SzabadosLászló Szabados (b. 1948) is a Hungarian astronomer and leader of the Hungarian Gaia group. His mai
266622MálnaSzofia Málna Sárneczky (b. 2010) is the daughter of the discoverer.
269232TahinSzilvia Tahin (b. 1975) is the wife of the discoverer, who has shared the frugal situation and the l
274302AbaháziHungarian engineer Richard Abaházi (1907-1977) worked at Konkoly Observatory between 1935 and 1940.
274810FedáksáriSári Fedák (1879-1955) was a Hungarian actress and singer, one of the most well-known prima donnas o
276975HellerHeller László (1907-1980) was a Hungarian professor, mechanical engineer, full member of the Hungari
277106ForgóForgó László (1907-1985) was a Hungarian mechanical engineer, inventor, full member of the Hungarian
287787KarádyKatalin Karády (1910-1990) was a leading actress in Hungarian movies made between 1939-1945. Her fir
290129RátzlászlóLászló Rátz (1863-1930) was a Hungarian mathematics teacher best known for educating John von Neuman
303648MikszáthKálmán Mikszáth (1847-1910) was a Hungarian novelist and journalist, whose novels contained social c
304368MóriczZsigmond Móricz (1879-1942) was a Hungarian novelist, journalist and one of the most prominent figur
318547FidrichRóbert Fidrich (b. 1969) is a Hungarian amateur astronomer, variable star observer and the leader of
318694KeszthelyiSándor Keszthelyi (b. 1952) is a Hungarian architect and amateur astronomer. He is interested in var
322912JedlikÁnyos Jedlik (1800-1895) was a Hungarian inventor, engineer, physicist and Benedictine priest. He wa
327512BíróLászló József Bíró (1899-1985), Hungarian inventor of the easy-to-use writing implement generally k
338373FonóalbertAlbert Fonó (1881-1972) was a Hungarian mechanical engineer. He was one of the early pioneers of tu
351785RegulyAntal Reguly (1819-1858) was a Hungarian linguist and ethnographer notable for his contribution to t
376694KassákLajos Kassák (1887-1967) was a Hungarian poet, novelist, painter, essayist, editor and occasional tr
391988IllmártonMárton Ill (1930-2015) was a Hungarian astronomer and space scientist. He established the first Hung
418891ViziSzilveszter E. Vizi (b. 1936) is a Hungarian physician, neuroscientist, pharmacologist and universit

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