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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
249Ilse Named probably after a legendary princess of the Harz mountains in Germany. It is also the name of a
390Alma This planet is probably named for the river in southwest Russia and Crimea which gives its name to a
732Tjilaki Named for a river in Indonesia. “Tji” means river. The river rises in the mountains where the city o
1603Neva This planet is named after the large river in Russia upon whose banks the city of Leningrad is situa
6522AciNamed for a river southeast of Mount Etna, and also honoring the many towns and villages along it th
7399SommeThe Somme is a river in Northern France in the département of Picardie. The Celtic name means ‘tranq
10038TanaroTanaro is the longest river of Piemonte, Italy. Beginning at the French border, close to the town o
11194MirnaMirna is a river in the Istrian peninsula.
11302RubiconThe Rubicon (Latin “Rubico”) was a small river that separated ancient Cisalpine Gaul from Italy. In
11875RhôneThe Rhône, a major river in France, has been an important highway for the transportation of merchand
11926OrinocoThe Orinoco, a river in the extreme northern part of South America, has its source in the Parima mou
12276IJzerThe IJzer is a river in Flanders. With its source in Northern France and a total length of 78 km, i
12492TanaisThe Don, known to the Greeks as the Tanais, is a major Russian river. From its source near the city
12757YangtzeThe Yangtze in China is the third longest river in the world. With its source at the base of severa
13031DuranceThe Durance, a river in southeastern France, has its source in the Alps. Flowing through the départe
13032TarnThe Tarn, a 375-km-long river in southern France, has its source on the 1550-m-high Lozère montain i
13033GardonThe Gardon (or Gard) is a river in southern France. It rises in the mountains of the Cévennes. Aft
13096TigrisThe Tigris is a river has its source in eastern Turkey and travels southeastward through northern Sy
13121TiszaThe Tisza is a major tributary of the Danube river, with its source in the Carpathian Mountains. Th
13122DravaThe Drava is a major tributary of the Danube river. It flows from its source in the Italian Alps, t
13256MarneThe Marne is a river in France with its source on the Langres plateau. With a length of nearly 525 k
13963EuphratesThe Euphrates river flows through northern Syria and Iraq. At Al Qurnah the Tigris and Euphrates ri
14519UralThe Ural river with its source in the Ural mountains flows from north to south through the Ural regi
14612IrtishThe Irtish river has its source on the icy slopes of the Mongolian Altai Montains in China. About 6
15267KolymaThe Kolyma, a river in northeastern Siberia, has a total length of 2129 km. It rises in the mountai
15804YeniseiRising near the Mongolian border, two headstreams of the Yenisei proceed westward across Siberia and
16481ThamesThe Thames, with a length of nearly 350 km, is the chief river in southern England.
16494OkaThe Oka river has its source in the central Russian Upland. With a total length of 1490 km, it is t
16563ObThe 3700-km-long Ob river has its source in the Altai mountains of central Asia. After passing Novo
16689VistulaThe Vistula river, 1047 km long, rises in the Beskidy mountains of southern Poland and flows to the
17452AmurrekaThe Amour river in Russia flows across northern Asia from the mountains of northeastern China to the
17543SosvaThe Sosva river in western Siberia is one of the many tributaries of the Ob.
23617DunaThe Duna is the ancient name of the Daugava river, upon which the Latvian capital of Riga has been b
26922SamaraThe 580-km Samara river, with its source in the foothills of the Urals, flows northwest and joins th
30773ScheldeThe Schelde river, with its source in Gouy (France), flows gently through Northern France, passes th
37561ChurgymChurgym is a small Siberian river which forms a waterfall close to the site of the 1908 Tunguska exp
40092MemelThe Memel River, whose Couronian-Latvian name means silent, dates back to the most recent gla
110297YellowriverThe Yellow River in China is the sixth-longest river in the world with an estimated length of 5,464
363582FolpotatThe Folpotat is a small river in an isolated Jura valley, Switzerland.

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.