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nr  ↓ name  ↓ Name Source  ↓
153Hilda Named in honor of (probably the eldest) daughter of the Austrian astronomer Theodor von Oppolzer (18
334Chicago Named by the discoverer at an astronomical congress in Chicago to honor this great city. (AN 134, 16
361Bononia This is the Latin name for the city of Bologna {see planet  (2601)} in north central Italy and of Bo
499Venusia Named for the insula Venusia, or Hveen, island in the Sound between Denmark and Sweden, provided by
748Simeisa Named for the Simeis Observatory and the town of Simeis, Crimea, where the planet was first discover
958Asplinda Named in honor of Bror Ansgar Asplind {1890–1954}, the Swedish computer of planetary orbits. (H 92)
1038Tuckia Named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tuck, philantropists. He is the son of the founder of the Repu
1144Oda See the remarks to planet  (913).
1162Larissa Named for the city in eastern Thessaly {see planet  (1161)}, Greece. (H 108) The name Larissa has al
1180Rita Any reference of this name to a person or occurrence is unknown.
1202Marina Named in honor of Mrs. Marina Davidovna Lavrova-Berg (1898–1943), scientific collaborator at the Pul
1212Francette Named in honor of the wife of the discoverer. (H 112)
1256Normannia This planet is probably named for the inhabitants of Normandy. (H 115)
1268Libya Named for the country in northern Africa bordering the Mediterranean sea. (H 116)
1269Rollandia Named in honor of the French writer and 1915 Nobel laureate Romain Rolland (1866–1944). (H 116)
1345Potomac Named for the river on which Washington, D.C. is located. The river flows from West Virginia into th
1439Vogtia Named in honor of the Heidelberg astronomer Heinrich Vogt (1890–1968). In 1929, Vogt became professo
1512Oulu Named in honor of the birthplace of the discoverer, a town in northern Finland. (M 2278)
1529Oterma This member of the Hilda Group is named in honor of Liisi Oterma (1915–2001), astronomer at, and sin
1578Kirkwood This planet has been named in honor of Daniel Kirkwood {1814–1895}, professor of mathematics at Indi
1746Brouwer Named in honor of the late Prof. Dirk Brouwer (1902–1966), Director of the Yale University Observato
1748Mauderli Named by the discoverer in honor of Prof. Sigmund Mauderli (1876–1962) who was Director of the Astro
1754Cunningham Named in honor of Leland E. Cunningham {1904–1989}, a prolific computer of comet orbits with F. L. W
1877Marsden Named in honor of Brian G. Marsden {1937– }, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, in recognition o
1902Shaposhnikov Named in honor of Vladimir Grigorevich Shaposhnikov (1905–1942), an expert in astrometry. Before the
1911Schubart Named in honor of Joachim Schubart {1928– }, Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, who has developed avera
1941Wild Named in honor of Paul Wild, of the Astronomical Institute, Berne University, whose principal work i
2067Aksnes Named in honor of Kaare Aksnes {1938– }, celestial mechanician at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Obse
2246BowellNamed in honor of Edward L. G. Bowell, Lowell Observatory astronomer who has made and who continues
2312Duboshin Named in honor of Georgij Nikolaevich Duboshin {1904–1986}, distinguished authority on celestial mec
2483Guinevere Named for the heroine of the Arthurian legends, the wife of King Arthur {see planet  (2597)}, but th
2624Samitchell Named in memory of Samuel Alfred Mitchell (1874–1960), a faculty member of Columbia University from
2760Kacha Named for the flying school in Kacha, a settlement in the Crimea, where some Soviet cosmonauts recei
2959Scholl Named in honor of Hans Scholl {1942– }, former astronomer at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut, Hei
3134Kostinsky Named in honor of Sergej Konstantinovich Kostinsky (1867–1936), one of the founders of astrophotogra
3202Graff Named in honor of Gareth (Graff) Vaughan Williams {1965– }, of Leighton Buzzard, England, where he h
3254Bus Named in honor of S. J. (“Bobby”) Bus {1956– }, currently a research assistant at Lowell Observatory
3290Azabu Named for the former site of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory. (M 11442) See also the comment for
3415Danby Named in honor of John Michael Anthony Danby {1929– }, celestial mechanician and sometime oboeist in
3514HookeEnglish experimental scientist Robert Hooke (1635-1703) is known for his law of elasticity, the spri
3557Sokolsky Named in honor of Andrej Georgievich Sokolskij, director of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy i
3561Devine Named in honor of John Devine Hazelton, son-in-law of the discoverer and grandson of Colonel John De
3571Milanstefanik Named in memory of Milan Rastislav Štefánik (1880–1919), astronomer and meteorologist. He worked at
3577Putilin Named in memory of Ivan Ivanovich Putilin (1893–1954), assistant professor at the Kiev State Univers
3655Eupraksia Named for the wife of the thirteenth-century prince Fyodor Ryazansky. She preferred death to being t
3694Sharon Named in honor of Sharon Rachel Vinick, a great source of joy and inspiration to the discoverer. (M
3843OISCA Named for the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement, founded by Yonosuke N
3923Radzievskij Named in honor of Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Radzievskij, professor at the Nizhegorodskij Pedagogical
3990Heimdal Named after the god of dawn and light in Norse mythology, son of Odin {see planet  (3989)}, born of
4196Shuya Named for the discoverer’s birthplace, a town in Central Russia. The discoverer dedicates this name
4230van den Bergh Named in honor of Sidney van den Bergh (1929– ), Dutch-born Canadian astronomer, former director of
4255Spacewatch Named for the Spacewatch program and its many supporters. The program uses a 2048 × 2048 CCD in the
4317Garibaldi Named in memory of Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807–1882), fighter for human rights and hero of many battles
4446Carolyn Named in honor of Carolyn Spellmann Shoemaker, comet and asteroid discoverer. Shoemaker began search
4495DassanowskyAustrian-born film pioneer, Elfi Dassanowsky (1924-2007) co-founded the Belvedere Film studio in Vie
4757Liselotte Named after Elisabeth Charlotte von der Pfalz (1652–1722), known under her penname of Liselotte. A d
5368VitaglianoAldo Vitagliano (b. 1948), of the University of Naples, wrote the software program “Solex” based on
5439CouturierNamed in honor of Pierre Couturier (b. 1942), president of the Observatoire de Paris. An expert in c
5603Rausudake Named for the mountain in the Shiretoko range in Hokkaido {see planets  (3867) and  (3720), respecti
5661Hildebrand This Hilda group member is named in honor of the well-known Canadian geologist Alan R. Hildebrand (1
5711EneevTimur Magometovich Eneev (b. 1924), applied mathematician and celestial mechanician at the Keldysh I
5928Pindarus Named for the Greek lyric poet Pindarus (c. 520–446 B.C.), long the mainstay of Greek poetry. He liv
6124Mecklenburg Named for a district in northern Germany, characterized by deposits of glacial moraines and hundreds
6237ChikushiThis is the old name of the Fukuoka region in northern Kyushu. During 1944--1947 the Chikushi Astron
6984LewiscarrollNamed after English fairy-tale author and mathematician Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, 183
7027ToshihandaToshihiro Handa (b. 1959) is a research associate at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo
7174SemoisThe Semois, a river in Wallonia, rises near the city of Arlon, Luxembourg. It flows from the Ardenne
7394XanthomalitiaLeonid Vasil'evich Xanthomaliti (Ksanfomaliti; b. 1932), radiometrist, photo-metrist, polarimetrist
8086PeterthomasNamed in honor of Peter C. Thomas (b. 1946), planetary scientist at Cornell University. Thomas has b
8130SeebergNamed for the Seeberg Observatory, situated upon a well-marked hill close to the town of Gotha. In
8550HesiodosHesiodos (c. 700 B.C.), an early Greek poet, told the story of Pandora, who out of curiosity opened
8551DaitarabochiAccording to myth, the giant Daitarabochi built Mt. Fuji using nearby soil. The area from which he
8721AMOSNamed for the Air Force Maui Optical Station (AMOS), the research and development arm of the Maui Sp
8743KènekeKèneke is Flemish for “small child”, and it is only from her photographs that the discoverer knows a
8915SawaishujiroShujiro Sawai (b. 1966) is an engineer in charge of the chemical propulsion system of MUSES-C, the J
9121StefanovalentiniStefano Valentini (b. 1955) is an Italian amateur astronomer and able computer programmer well known
9661HohmannWalter Hohmann (1880-1945) was a German civil engineer and member of the Society for Space Travel. H
9829MurilloBartolomé Estéban Murillo (1618-1682) created many religious paintings for churches. The painter fr
10063ErinleeryanErin Lee Ryan (b. 1981) is a research scientist with the SETI Institute whose work includes spectral
10296RominadisistoRomina Paula Di Sisto (b. 1970) is an astronomer at the La Plata University of Argentina whose resea
10331PeterbluhmComputer specialist Peter Bluhm (1942-1997) was known for his efforts in electronic communication am
10608MametaKatsuhiko Mameta (b. 1958) is one of Japan's top meteor observers. He is an active amateur astronom
11249EtnaEtna is the stratovolcano mountain above the Sicilian city of Catania. Its height is 3350 meters, an
11274Castillo-RogezJulie Castillo-Rogez (b. 1974) is a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory who has per
11542SolikamskSolikamsk is a city in the Perm region of Russia on the Kama river, well-known for its saltmines. I
11739Baton RougeBaton Rouge, the Louisiana state capital, is located on the banks of the Mississippi river and deriv
12006HruschkaFrantišek Hruschka (1819-1888) invented the centrifugal honey extractor and demonstrated it at an ex
12896GeoffroyEtienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772-1844) established in Philosophie anat-omique (2 volumes,
13897VesuviusNaples' Mount Vesuvius is the famous volcano that destroyed the cities Pompeii and Herculanum in 79
14669BeleticJames William Beletic (b. 1956), a talented physician, led the European Southern Observatory's Optic
14845HegelGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) is a very important philosopher of German idealism. The m
15068WiegertPaul Wiegert (b. 1967) studied at Simon Fraser University, University of Toronto, York University an
15231EhditaEhdita Stanislavovna P'ekha (b. 1937) is a Russian singer. She gave concerts in more than 20 countr
15278PâquetPaul Pâquet (b. 1937) has contributed to earth-rotation studies and interpretation of the earth rota
15417BabylonBabylon, one of the most famous cities of antiquity, was the capital of southern Mesopotamia, the re
15671SuzannedébarbatSuzanne Débarbat (b. 1928) is an astronomer of the Observatory of the Paris. She contributed to the
15783BriancoxBrian Edward Cox (b. 1968), an English particle physicist, is advanced fellow of physics and astrono
16232ChijagerbsJames “Gerbs” Bauer (b. 1968) is a planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory whose resear
16915BredthauerRichard Bredthauer (b. 1946) has been a CCD designer for the last 23 years, providing high-performan
17305CaniffMilton Caniff (1907-1988) was a U.S. master cartoonist who created the comic strips Terry and the
17428CharleroiCharleroi, built in 1666 on both sides of the Sambre river, is the largest city in Wallonia. Traces
19034SantoriniSantorini is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The old name of the island is Thera. The 1950 erupt
20038ArasakiYoshikuni Arasaki (b. 1953) has been chief of the Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki Youth House since 2017
21047HodiernaGiovanni Battista Hodierna (1597-1660) was a catholic priest who taught mathematics and astronomy in
21128ChapuisGrégoire Chapuis (1761-1794) was a surgeon dedicated to educating the poor by establishing evening
21804VáclavneumannVáclav Neumann (1920-1995) was the head conductor of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra during 1968-19
22647Lévi-StraussFrench anthropologist and ethnologist Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-2009) introduced structuralism as th
23405NisyrosNisyros is the easternmost volcano of the Aegean arc of Greece. Active since antiquity, large erupti
24701Elyu-EneElyu-Ene (“Large River”) is the original Evenk name for the Lena River. One of the longest in the w
25800GlukhovskyLisa Doreen Glukhovsky (b. 1986), a 2004 Talent finalist, was awarded first place and Best in Catego
25869JacobyGeorge Jacoby (b. 1948) is currently Deputy DIrector for Technology at Lowell Observatory, responsib
26761StromboliStromboli is a volcanic island off northern Sicily, in the Mediterranean Sea. In antiquity the volc
29053MuskauThe landscaped park at Muskau sits astride the Neisse river on the border between Poland and Germany
31020SkarupaValerie Skarupa (b. 1966) was the AMOS Program Manager for many years, ensuring that funding and sup
31097NucciomulaAlfonso Maria Giovanni Mula (b. 1956), born in Agrigento, Sicily, is a well-known art critic, poet a
31338LipperheyDutch lensmaker Hans Lipperhey (1570-1619), known for his invention of Dutch perspective glass, was
32724WoerlitzThe park at Woerlitz, near Dessau, is an exceptional German example of eighteenth-century landscape
34919ImeldaImelda Gentile is a cousin of Heidelberg astronomer J. Schubart.
36182MontigianiMontigiani Roberto (1944-2002) lived in Scandicci, near Florence. A friend of the discoverer, he die
37452SpiritSpirit is one of NASA's successful 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers. It explored rocks and minerals in
38046KrasnoyarskThe Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628 as a trading post along the Yenisei river. In
38470DeleflieFlorent Deleflie (b. 1975) is a French astronomer at IMCCE of the Paris Observatory, specializing in
38684VelehradAccording to tradition, Velehrad was the seat of the great Moravian princes and of Archbishop Method
39382OpportunityOpportunity is one of NASA's successful 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers. It explored rock layers in th
39405MosigkauThe castle at Mosigkau near Dessau, with its garden, is a relic of the Rococo period in Germany. It
39415JaneaustenJane Austen (1775-1817) was one of the greatest English novelists. Her novel Pride and Prejudice<
39427CharlottebrontëCharlotte Brontë (1816-1855) was a renowned English novelist and poet, best known for her remarkable
40227TahitiTahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, was discovered by Samuel Wallis in 1767. Bougainvil
41488SindbadSindbad was the legendary sailor from Baghdad who had numerous fantastic adventures during The Se
48529von WrangelBaron Ferdinand von Wrangel (1797-1870), a Baltic German explorer and one of the founders of the Rus
51178GeraintjonesGeraint H. Jones (b. 1970) is head of planetary science at University College London's Mullard Space
51983HönigSebastian F. Hönig (b. 1978) adroitly searched SOHO and NEAT images during 2000-2003 and was credite
55196MarchiniAlessandro Marchini (b. 1965) is a computer scientist in the physics department and director of the
58095OraniensteinOranienstein is a German baroque castle on the Lahn river near Diez.
58279KamerlinghIn 1908 Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (1853-1926) was the first experimental scientist to l
61042NovielloJessica Noviello (b. 1992) completed her Ph.D. research at Arizona State University studying surface
65244IanwongIan Wong (b. 1990) is a postdoctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge,
65821De CurtisAntonio De Curtis (1898-1967), nicknamed “Totò”, was an Italian artist, comedian, film and
65859MädlerGerman astronomer Johann Heinrich von Mädler (1794-1874) succeeded Struve as director of the Dorpat
73769DelphiAccording to myth, the city of Delphi was at the centre of the world. Delphi lies on the south-west
78867IsakowitzMatthew Scott Isakowitz (1987–2017), was a rising star in space commercialization. His path, from Pr
84011Jean-ClaudeJean-Claude George Pelle (b. 1942) is a passionate amateur astronomer who operates an observatory on
89903PostCecil Post (b. 1917) is an amateur astronomer and former engineer in the antenna section of the phys
90502BurattiBonnie J. Buratti (b. 1952), a senior research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, studies p
96086ToscanosToscanos is the site of ruins of a Phoenician colony (first millennium B.C.) on the Mediterranean co

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