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366Vincentina Named by the orbit computer Prof. G. Boccardi to honor the Italian astronomer Vincenzo Cerulli (1859
676Melitta Melitta is the Attic form of the Greek Melissa, daughter of the Cretan king Melissus and sister of A
729Watsonia Named in honor of the American astronomer James Craig Watson (1838–1880), director of the Ann Arbor
768Struveana Named in honor of Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve (1793–1864), Otto Wilhelm Struve (1819–1905), direc
819Barnardiana Named in honor of the American astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard (1857–1923), great observer and sta
827Wolfiana Named in honor of Max {Franz Josef Cornelius} Wolf (1863–1932), professor of astronomy at the Univer
914Palisana Named in honor of the famous Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa (1848–1925), observer at the Marine O
999Zachia Named in honor of the astronomer and mathematician Franz Xaver Freiherr von Zach (1754–1832). He was
1000Piazzia Named in honor of Giuseppe Piazzi (1746–1826), Theatin monk and director of the observatories of Pal
1002Olbersia Named in honor of Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers (1758–1840) who was a physician in Bremen and a k
1111Reinmuthia Named in honor of Karl Reinmuth {1892–1979}, a tireless observer on the staff of the Heidelberg Köni
1129Neujmina Named by the discoverer (RI 369) in honor of Grigory N. Neujmin (1885–1946), astronomer at the Pulko
1134Kepler Named in honor of the famous German astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571–1630) on the occasion of the 30
1164Kobolda Named in honor of Hermann Albert Kobold {1858–942}, astronomer at Kiel and editor of the Astronomisc
1241Dysona Named in honor of Sir Frank Watson Dyson (1868–1939), Astronomer Royal of England, director of the G
1280Baillauda Named in honor of Jules Baillaud (1876–1960), astronomer at the Paris Observatory and director of th
1303Luthera Named in honor of the German astronomer Karl Theodor Robert Luther (1822–1900) who, at the Bilk Obse
1412Lagrula Named in honor of Joanny-Philippe Lagrula (1870–1941), director of the Quito and Algiers Observatori
1440Rostia Named probably in honor of the German amateur astronomer, poet, and popularizer Johann Leonhard Rost
1463Nordenmarkia Named in honor of the Swedish astronomer N. V. E. Nordenmark (1867–1962) whose writings created incr
1477Bonsdorffia Named in honor of Ilmari Bonsdorff {1879–1950}, Finnish astronomer and founder and director of the G
1492Oppolzer Named in honor of Hofrath Professor Theodor Ritter von Oppolzer (1841–1886), professor of astronomy
1501Baade Named in memory of Wilhelm Heinrich Walter Baade (1893–1960), German-born astronomer who joined the
1510Charlois Named in memory of Auguste Charlois (1864–1910), assistant at the Nice Observatory from 1881 and sub
1527Malmquista Named in honor of the Swedish astronomer G. Malmquist (1893–1982), director of the Uppsala Observato
1529Oterma This member of the Hilda Group is named in honor of Liisi Oterma (1915–2001), astronomer at, and sin
1530Rantaseppa Named in memory of Hilkka Rantaseppä-Helenius (1925–1975), astronomer at the Turku Astronomical-Opti
1539Borrelly Named in honor of Alphonse Louis Nicolas Borrelly (1842–1926), astronomer at the Marseilles Observat
1542Schalen Named in honor of Carl Adam Wilhelm Schalén {1902–1993} of the Lund Institute of Astronomy. Sometime
1544Vinterhansenia Named in honor of Miss Julie M. Vinterhansen (1890–1960), astronomer at the Copenhagen Observatory.
1545Thernoe Named in honor of Karl August Thernöe, formerly an astronomer at the Copenhagen Observatory who work
1551Argelander Named in honor of F. W. A. Argelander (1799–1875), director of the ancient observatory of Turku (Abo
1552Bessel Named in honor of the eminent German astronomer F. W. Bessel (1789–1846), who measured the first ste
1558Jarnefelt Named in honor of Gustaf J. Järnefelt, director of the Helsinki Observatory from 1945 to 1969, who h
1563Noel Named in honor of Emanuel Arend, son of the discoverer. (H 138)
1573Vaisala This planet is named in honor of Prof. Yrjö Väisälä {1891–1971}, Director of the Turku Observatory.
1578Kirkwood This planet has been named in honor of Daniel Kirkwood {1814–1895}, professor of mathematics at Indi
1600Vyssotsky Named in honor of Prof. Alexander Vyssotsky (1888–1973) who joined the faculty of the University of
1614Goldschmidt Named in memory of Hermann Goldschmidt (1802–1866), German-born astronomer who observed in Paris and
1622Chacornac Named in memory of Jean Chacornac (1823–1873), astronomer at Marseilles and later Paris, co-discover
1655Comas SolaNamed by the Fabra Observatory in memory of Josep Comas Sola (1868-1937), first director of the Fabr
1677Tycho Brahe Named for the great Danish-born astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601). (M 4236) Brahe is also honored b
1686De Sitter Named in honor of the late Prof. Willem de Sitter {1872–1934}, who was director of the Leiden Observ
1693Hertzsprung Named in honor of the late Prof. E. Hertzsprung {1873–1967}, who was Director of the Leiden Observat
1714Sy Named in memory of Frederic Sy, a computer at the Paris Observatory during 1879–1887 and an assistan
1745Ferguson Named in honor of James Ferguson (1797–1867), a civil engineer, member of the Northwest Boundary Sur
1776Kuiper Named in honor of G. P. Kuiper {1905–1973}, former Director of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at
1803Zwicky Named in memory of Fritz Zwicky (1898–1974), a Swiss citizen, who as a professor at Caltech, Pasaden
1830Pogson Named in memory of Norman Robert Pogson (1829–1891), astronomer at Oxford and later at Madras, disco
1831Nicholson Named in memory of Seth Barnes Nicholson (1891–1963), discoverer of four of Jupiter’s satellites and
1850Kohoutek Named in honor of the Czech astronomer, Lubos Kohoutek {1935– }, on the staff of the observatory at
1877Marsden Named in honor of Brian G. Marsden {1937– }, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, in recognition o
1940Whipple Named in honor of Fred L.Whipple {1906– }, Harvard astronomer since 1931, professor since 1950 and d
1995Hajek Named in honor of Tadeas Hajek (Hagecius, 1525–1600), Czech humanist astronomer regarded today as on
1998Titius Named in memory of Johann Daniel Titius (1729–1796), who made the initial formulation of the Titius-
1999Hirayama Named in memory of Kiyotsugu Hirayama (1874–1943), discoverer of the so-called Hirayama families of
2000Herschel Just as (1000) honors Giuseppe Piazzi, the discoverer of the first minor planet, so (2000) honors Wi
2003Harding Named in memory of Karl Ludwig Harding (1765–1834), the discoverer of (3) Juno. (M 4238) Harding is
2005Hencke Named in honor of Karl Ludwig Hencke (1793–1866), postmaster at Driesen, the discoverer of (5) Astra
2018Schuster Named in honor of Hans-Emil Schuster {1934- }, astronomer at the European Southern Observatory, who
2074Shoemaker Named by the discoverer to honor her colleague and friend Eugene M. Shoemaker {1928–1997}. An outsta
2075MartinezNamed in memory of Hugo Arturo Martinez (1890-1976), astronomer at the La Plata Observatory for many
2099Opik Named in honor of Ernst J. Opik {1893–1985} on the occasion of his 85th birthday. Over a career span
2325ChernykhNamed in honor of Ludmila I. Chernykh and Nikolaj S. Chernykh, astronomers at the Crimean Astrophysi
2507Bobone Named in memory of Jorge Bobone (1901–1958), some time director of the Córdoba Observatory, well kno
2602Moore Named in honor of Patrick Moore {1924– }, astronomer, broadcaster, and writer. For some years direct
2635Huggins Named for William Huggins (1824–1910), pioneer in astronomical spectroscopy. Huggins stated that the
2709Sagan Named in honor of Carl Sagan {1934–1996}, planetary scientist at Cornell University. He has been act
2772Dugan Named in memory of the American astronomer Raymond Smith Dugan (1878–1940), perhaps best known as a
2801Huygens Named in memory of Christian Huygens (1629–1695), celebrated Dutch physicist and astronomer, well kn
2813Zappala Named in honor of Vincenzo Zappalà, astronomer at the Pino Torinese Observatory. Zappalà’s work on m
2845Franklinken Named in honor of Kenneth Linn Franklin, astronomer at the Hayden Planetarium-American Museum in New
2917Sawyer Hogg Named in honor of Helen Sawyer Hogg {1905–1993}, professor emeritus of astronomy at the University o
3022Dobermann Named in honor of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann (1834–1894), German zoologist and amateur astronome
3070Aitken he Lick Observatory (1930–1935), and as associate director under W. W. Campbell {see planet  (2751)}
3131Mason-Dixon Named for Charles Mason (1730–1787) and Jeremiah Dixon (1773–1779), British astronomers who observed
3169Ostro Named in honor of Steven J. Ostro, planetary scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the Calif
3171Wangshouguan Named in honor of Wang Shouguan, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an unfailing friend o
3174Alcock Named in honor of the outstanding British amateur astronomer George E. D. Alcock {1912–2000}, visual
3216Harrington Named in honor of Robert S. Harrington {1942–1993}, astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Wash
3269Vibert-Douglas Named in memory of Alice Vibert Douglas (1894–1988), the pioneer in the teaching of astronomy at McG
3277Aaronson Named in memory of Marc Aaronson (1950–1987), associate professor of astronomy at the University of
3282Spencer Jones Named in memory of Harold Spencer Jones (1890–1960), successively astronomical assistant at the Roya
3673Levy Named in honor of David H. Levy {1948– }, comet discoverer and observer, recognized for his persever
3722Urata Named in honor of Takeshi Urata (1947– ), one of the most active amateur astronomers in Japan and th
3808Tempel Named in memory of Wilhelm Ernst Tempel (1821–1889), discoverer of sixteen comets, five minor planet
3936Elst Named in honor of Eric W. Elst (1936– ), Belgian astronomer at the Observatory at Uccle. For many ye
3999Aristarchus Named by the Minor Planet Names Committee for one of the earliest (3rd century B.C.) astronomers of
4037Ikeya Named in honor of Kaoru Ikeya, one of the most eminent Japanese amateur astronomers. Since 1963 he h
4062Schiaparelli Named in memory of Giovanni Virgilio Schiaparelli (1835–1910), discoverer of the connection between
4279De Gasparis Named in memory of Annibale De Gasparis (1819–1892), Italian astronomer, director of the Observatory
4364Shkodrov Named for Vladimir Shkodrov, professor at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and an astronomer at the
4593Reipurth Named in honor of Bo Reipurth, staff astronomer at the European Southern Observatory in charge of th
4987FlamsteedJohn Flamsteed (1646-1719), the first Astronomer Royal, is renowned for his systematic telescopic po
5035Swift Named in memory of Lewis Swift (1820–1913), famous U.S. comet hunter. The first of his 13 discoverie
5036Tuttle Named for Horace P. Tuttle (1837–1923), astronomer at Harvard and — after serving in the U.S. Navy d
5757Ticha Named in honor of Jana Tichá, Czech astronomer, director of the Kleť Observatory since 1992. Under h
6006Anaximandros Named for the great Greek philosopher Anaximander of Miletus (610–546 B.C.). A pupil of Thales {see
7291HyakutakeYuji Hyakutake (b. 1950) discovered comets C/1995 Y1 and C/1996 B2 visually from the town of Aira, i
7359Messier Named in memory of Charles Messier (1730–1817), French astronomer and first “comet hunter”. He found
9133d'ArrestNamed in memory of Heinrich Louis d'Arrest (1822-1875), German astronomer. As an assistant astronom
9134EnckeNamed in memory of Johann Franz Encke (1791-1865), eminent German astronomer. Beginning in 1816, En
9307RegiomontanusNamed for the German mathematician and astronomer Johannes Regiomontanus (1436-1476), originally cal
9936Al-BiruniThe Persian scientist Al-Biruni (973-1048) made important contributions to anthropology, mathematics
10478AlsabtiAbdul Athem Alsabti (b. 1945) introduced astronomy teaching into Iraq in 1970, was project leader in
213771JohndeeJohn Dee (1527-1608), English mathematician, astronomer, navigation expert, the author of Mathema

download list of asteroids in this group in Zet act format.