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26.3.1971 00:00 Palomar 116w51 33n21 observations 1

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Named for Giotto di Bondone (c.1266–1337), great Italian painter and architect. Giotto liberated art in general from Byzantine art and painted mainly religious themes. His most famous works are in Assisi and Florence, and he constructed the campanile of the Florence cathedral. Giotto saw comet 1P/Halley in 1301 and is supposed to have incorporated it into his fresco, the Adoration of the Magi, in Padua. For this reason, the European spacecraft that intercepted that same comet at its return in 1986 bore his name. (M 30801) _ _.

Avastatud: 26-3-1971 Avastamiskoht: Palomar Avastajad: van Houten, C. J., van Houten-Groeneveld, I., Gehrels, T.

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