(1999 KW4 )
NOW @ 4 LEO 14

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20.5.1999 00:00 Socorro 107W11 33N59 observations 1

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Moshup was a giant who lived in the coastal areas of New England, according to Native American legends, and was responsible for a variety of geologic features. As a way of maintaining balance, he married Granny Squannit, a leader of the Makiawasug, or Little People, who lived nearby. Squannit was a medicine woman of the Makiawasug who married the giant Moshup. Bad weather was attributed to times when the pair would argue. Moshup is the name of the primary, Squannit that for the satellite.

Avastatud: 20-5-1999 Avastamiskoht: Socorro Avastajad: LINEAR

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