( )
Incl: 3.60033
Eccent: 0.1849689
Period: 3.7009735523233 years
AU 2.392566
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

14.9.1860 00:00 Washington 24e45 59n26 observations 0

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Named for an Oread, daughter of the Air and Tellus, condemned by Juno {see planet  (3)} for her chattering to the loss of voice except for purposes of reply. She subsequently fell in love with Narcissus who was driven away by her manner of speech. Gradually she faded away till nothing was left but her voice. (H 9)

The planet was called Titania at first without knowledge of the previous appropriation of the name for a satellite of Uranus by J. Herschel.

Avastatud: 14-9-1860 Avastamiskoht: Washington Avastajad: Ferguson, J.

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