(1991 JY )
Incl: 48.96595
Eccent: 0.2963379
Period: 0.92231061758079 years
AU 0.947483
Type: 1802

Discovery Chart

14.5.1991 10:28 Palomar 116w51 33n21 observations 1

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The daughter of the Egyptian god Ra and wife of Ptah {see planets  (2100) and  (5011)), respectively}, Sekhmet was a lion-headed sun goddess. Her role was that as defender of the divine order, not as creator of it. Her title was the “Mighty One”, and she was a fierce goddess of war and strife and bringer of destruction to the enemies of Ra. She was considered the Eye of Ra, representing the scorching, destructive power of the sun. (M 24917)

Avastatud: 14-5-1991 Avastamiskoht: Palomar Avastajad: Shoemaker, C. S.

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Kategooriad: Ateenalased, Egiptuse mütoloogia,