(1991 GY9 )
NOW @ 25 CAN 31

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13.4.1991 00:00 Siding Spring 149e3 31s16 observations 1

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Named for Harrison Callum Bertram Steel, firstborn child of the discoverer. Harrison, born on 1992 December 16, shares his birth-date with several luminaries, including Christopher P. McKay (space scientist at NASA-Ames Research Center and friend of the discoverer), Arthur C. Clarke and Ludwig van Beethoven {see planets  (4923) and  (1815), respectively}. Their first initials provide the beginning of Harrison’s second name. The ‘Arrius’ name is inspired by the Latin form of ‘Harry’, and in particular the poem ‘Harrius’ by the Roman poet Catullus, concerning a man of that appellation who dropped his h’s. (M 23138) _ _.

Avastatud: 13-4-1991 Avastamiskoht: Siding Spring Avastajad: Steel, D. I.

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