(1992 AD )
NOW @ 8 CAP 9
FOUND @ 0 LEO 34
Inclination: 24.666
Eccentricity: 0.572
Period: 91.482 years
AU 20.302
Type: 000A

Discovery Chart

9.1.1992 09:01 Kitt Peak 111w36 31n57 observations 1

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This Chiron-type object is being named by the Minor Planet Names Committee for a centaur who, like Chiron {see planet  (2060)}, was hospitable, charitable and shunned violence. Pholus entertained Heracles {see planet  (5143)} and gave him wine, the smell of which attracted and maddened the other centaurs, who were known for their brutal behavior and who began to fight with Heracles. Heracles used his poisoned arrows and killed many of them. As Pholus buried them, he wounded himself in extracting one of the arrows. Heracles tried to save him, but the poison was too deadly. Heracles buried Pholus on a mountain that he named Pholoe. (M 20523) _ _.

Avastatud: 9-1-1992 Avastamiskoht: Kitt Peak Avastajad: Spacewatch

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