(1989 SU1 )
NOW @ 15 CAN 7
FOUND @ 21 ARI 5
Inclination: 3.659
Eccentricity: 0.11
Period: 3.256 years
AU 2.197
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

26.9.1989 05:03 La Silla 70w44 29s15 observations 1

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Named in memory of the Flemish cartographer Gerard De Kremer (1512–1594), known under the Latinised form of his name Gerardus Mercator. After receiving a master’s degree from the University of Leuven in 1532, he studied mathematics, geography and astronomy and became a skillful engraver. He established himself in that city as an independent scientific-instrument maker and cartographer in 1537 and began to build his reputation as the most important geographer of his time. Appointed court cosmographer to the Duke of Cleve in 1564, he perfected his cylindrical map projection now known as “Mercator projection” in 1569. To him we owe the term “atlas” for a collection of geographical maps. (M 19339) _ _.

Avastatud: 26-9-1989 Avastamiskoht: La Silla Avastajad: Elst, E. W.

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