(2005 EF298 )
NOW @ 26 VIR 27

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11.3.2005 00:00 Kitt Peak 111w36 31n57 observations 1

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In the mythology of the ǀXam people of the Karoo region of southern Africa, ǂKá̦gára and ǃHãunu fought an epic battle in the east using thunder and lightning, producing mountainous clouds and rain. The conflict was over ǂKá̦gára returning his younger sister, ǃHãunu's wife, to their parents.[The primary is being named ǂKá̦gára and the satellite is being named ǃHãunu.]

Avastatud: 11-3-2005 Avastamiskoht: Kitt Peak Avastajad: Buie, M. W.

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