(1980 OG )
Incl: 4.76479
Eccent: 0.1624224
Period: 3.384214095607 years
AU 2.2540238
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

17.7.1980 07:56 Anderson Mesa 111w32 35n5 observations 1

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Named in honor of Franz D. Kahn, professor of astronomy and head of the department of astronomy at the University of Manchester. Kahn has made important contributions to many areas of astrophysics, including studies of H II regions, supernovae and cosmical gas dynamics, and he has shown great interest in and support for research on comets and minor planets at Manchester. (M 19338)

Name proposed and citation prepared by G. J. Hahn.

Avastatud: 17-7-1980 Avastamiskoht: Anderson Mesa Avastajad: Bowell, E.

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