(1898 DQ )
Incl: 10.83052
Eccent: 0.222994
Period: 1.7608855723188 years
AU 1.4581673
Type: 1804

Discovery Chart

13.8.1898 00:00 Berlin 24e45 59n26 observations 0

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Named after the Greek god of love (in Latin called Cupido or Amor), son of Mercury and Venus. He protected the beautiful Psyche {see planet  (16)} from the vengeance of his mother and when he later married her she became immortal. See also the citation for planet  (763). (H 47)

This is the first minor planet with a male name. Named by G. Witt (AN 148, 175 (1899)).

14 veebruaril 2001 "maandus" kosmosesond NEAR asteroidil Eros. See on esimene asteroid millele inimese loodud kosmoseaparaat on maandunud. Üldse on Eros viies taevakeha peale Kuud, Marsi, Veenust ja Jupiteri, millel kosmoseaparaat on maandunud.

Avastatud: 13-8-1898 Avastamiskoht: Berlin Avastajad: Witt, G.

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