(1987 WB )
Incl: 9.67616
Eccent: 0.0436602
Period: 5.2091741890666 years
AU 3.0049173
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

18.11.1987 21:31 Chions 24e45 59n26 observations 1

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Named in memory of Giovanni Antonio Licinio (1483–1539), also known as Il Pordenone, from the birthplace, not far from the Chaonis {see planet  (4630)} Observatory. One of the masters of painting of the sixteenth century, Il Pordenone was declared a prince of the Friuli region, and the Pictor Modernus, for his exploits in drawing, chiaroscuro and relief. He invented an original language that was violently dynamic and expressive. A disciple of Bellini and Giorgione, he studied the works of Raffael and Michelangelo {see planet  (3001)}, influenced Tintoretto and was a rival of Titian. (M 14208)

Avastatud: 18-11-1987 Avastamiskoht: Chions Avastajad: Baur, J. M.

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