(1894 BA )
Incl: 6.45071
Eccent: 0.0656819
Period: 5.2033849160849 years
AU 3.0026905
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

7.3.1894 00:00 Nice 7e18 43n43 observations 0

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Named for a daughter of Poseidon and Gaea who was thrown into the sea off Sicily by Zeus {see planet  (5731)} where by swallowing and spewing water she created a whirlpool. Odysseus {see planet  (1143)}, concerned with avoiding Charybdis, lost six of his men to the monster Scylla {see planet  (155)}. Charybdis is an island, close to Scylla, where a whirlpool was. A giant woman was spying water in and out three times per day. (H 42)

See also the remarks to planet  (356).

Avastatud: 7-3-1894 Avastamiskoht: Nice Avastajad: Charlois, A.

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