(1955 GA )
NOW @ 3 CAP 18
FOUND @ 0 SCO 36
Inclination: 11.196
Eccentricity: 0.063
Period: 5.237 years
AU 3.016
Type: 0000

Discovery Chart

1.4.1955 08:38 Brooklyn 24e45 59n26 observations 1

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Named in memory of Edwin F. Carpenter (1898-1963), second director of the Steward Observatory and a director-at-large on the AURA board. His primary research interests were spectroscopic binaries, photometry and interacting galaxies. Despite extremely limited financial resources he succeeded in keeping Steward Observatory an active research center during the nearly three decades of his directorship, and he played a major role in persuading the Papago Tribal Council to lease the top of Kitt Peak to the AURA Board, thereby enabling the construction of the National Observatory on Kitt Peak. Name proposed by F. K. Edmondson and E. Roemer. Citation written by W. S. Fitch.

Avastatud: 1-4-1955 Avastamiskoht: Brooklyn Avastajad: Indiana University

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